Never thought I'd be saying this myself...

Discussion in 'Departures' started by «Ŝẗệɍᶀḝɳ», Sep 19, 2016.

  1. «Ŝẗệɍᶀḝɳ»

    «Ŝẗệɍᶀḝɳ» Guess who's back.

    It's been fun guys and gals but CSi. just isn't fun for me anymore nothing has changed on the server in months, no new guns, Xavier's edits to the map haven't been put in yet... plus, I don't ever see people on during weekdays, Its only during the weekend.

    I'll be coming on sometime to give away my stash of loot, it's first come first serve.

    If you wanna pop in and blow my head off... you'll find me on DG DayZ

    so... yeah, bye... I guess.
  2. TeddyBears

    TeddyBears The Head Bear Staff Member Council Member Lovely Supporter

    See ya, 'twas nice having you here.
  3. Azure

    Azure #1 Lovely Supporter Veteran Member

    Hurr durr make me admin.

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  4. HippoIppo

    HippoIppo The Hippo Named Ippo

    Well said
  5. Lich

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