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  2. Player Name: PFC Bull [29ID] Steam ID (STEAM_0:0:00000000): STEAM_0:0:121686490 Discord username (user#1234): Hugo Stiglitz #0151 Age: 21 Which server do you play the most: DayZ How long have you been playing on our server(s): A few years now, first joined when the server used to be only Chernobyl. Have you ever been banned? If so, tell us why: Nope What are you able to bring to the CSi community: A helper to friendly Bambi's and killer of Ruski's. Will most definitely give you a hand if you are a fresh-spawn or say hello. Purveyo
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  4. Membership Application denied due to lack of replies. Please feel free to re-apply in the future should you make more of a place for yourself in the community.
  5. George

    Ban Appel

    Appeal Denied since you cheated then evaded twice.
  6. Apologies for your appeal since I see it never got replied to by Phoon, with the time now being up. Going to go ahead and just delete the ban since after looking through logs I see no traces of you actually committing the offence stated.
  7. Yes, that is how an IP ban works. Not really much else to this case, your brother cheated then evaded the ban losing his chance at an appeal, which in turn squashes your chances of playing due to his actions. We have had this case many a time and the only conclusion is that the original ban-e is to appeal, and if it is accepted then any other account under the same ban/ip ban is unbanned also. Appeal Denied since your brother can't appeal.
  8. Let's do this, if you give me at least 1 demo of how I cheat from my account (крибчег))), then I close this question. until then, I only see how you throw me demos of another player who played from another account of another hardware on the same IP. according to this logic, what will happen to the computer club if someone comes there and cheaters there? the whole club will be banned?
  9. We've done this before, it would be down to your brother to appeal and allow you to play again, but he evaded and has now lost his chances of doing so. Yes You are very mistaken, many cheaters lie and evade their bans so they can cheat again. The original ban on your "brother" is the IP ban, which is why your account got blocked and I then banned your account. I'll attach this answer to my second one, clearly you're really living the true embodiment of a brick wall.
  10. have you run out of arguments to justify my unjustified ban? I wonder what other admins will say after seeing this trial
  11. I was not online at 2 o'clock in the night when I was banned. It was issued separately specifically by you
  12. An IP ban is applied with the ban if the user is online when the ban is put in place, as he was. Ok now this is my last post
  13. Do you think I'm stupid ? For I do not understand what should be in the head of a person so that he sees how a person with other data is just being banned for nothing and without proof of the ban spent 2 days of his life to appeal against it.do you think if I really cheated, I would spend 2 days of my life in the case of unban, I went to the server and started cheating again? A cheater would score and go to play on another server and it's not fair to play there. as you can see instead I sit and spend 2 days on this
  14. I repeat again, the ban of my account did not occur on my IP, and not automatically. It happened separately, according to steam ID at a completely different time, after the ban of my brother's account, I still calmly played on the server for a couple of hours, and the ban of my account occurred at a completely different time
  15. Evasion accounts have the original ban reason put there as that is the reason they were banned. An IP ban puts restrictions on an entire household, go confront your brother about it. I'm done posting on this since it's like conversing with a brick wall.
  16. here's a proof what is different accounts. and also why if we are the same person, then the reason for the ban of my account is not specified (evasion of the ban). And also what is the new rule? "If a person is banished, then everyone who lives with him is banished." In the rules, I did not see this, apparently it was invented in a hurry
  17. I think you're failing to comprehend what I say, your brother hacked, therefore anyone in his household is under the same restrictions. That is his fault for hacking and then evading.
  18. Can I go to obsujdenie other admin, this weird. I accept that my account (Крибчег)) and my brother's account are completely unrelated, as are we with him. our accounts have different steam IDs, different hardware IDs. So its demo for another account/ We didn't even play in team on the server. So how then can his actions affect a completely different person? if to argue in this way, you can ban anyone, even you George. This is considering the fact that if you look at the online time of our accounts with him, you will see that we very often played on the server at the same time. how do you imagi
  19. That's unfortunate. Also, when did you brother start typing here, unless you forgot about the whole brother lie. Some clips of you hacking: https://gyazo.com/07a50905ca345466c498dfa6d95ea824 https://gyazo.com/aba559882406125b8793a73d5022d17a So that racks up to Aim Assistance + Evasion x2
  20. moreover, if you are trying to convict me of cheating, then you must have some proofs, such as those that you gave bray in his case. I haven't seen anything like this in my case, and I doubt you have anything on me.
  21. so it is, but the ban on my account is issued separately, and not on the linked ip address. this is evident from the ban logs. it seems that the ban was issued rather because of personal hostility
  22. As I said in the discord, your brother's actions have consequences. Your account wasn't the only one to be linked via IP as another tried to evade prior to that, which means if that account is your brothers and not yours, he not only cheated but attempted to evade the ban put in place. Therefore due to his actions you are to remain banned since there's nothing to say that your brother isn't you. You showing us your PC or your brothers passport isn't proof of anything, not only can your pc be easily tampered with to remove any traces of cheats, but proving you have a brother doesn't mean he was
  23. Fixed incorrect filling of the unban request.
  24. George

    My ban appeal

    Appeal is now denied since you decided to not only evade the ban, but did so whilst using a VPN, clearly you only had malicious intent when you initially hacked. To be clear, you won't get a chance at a further appeal.
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