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  2. Honestly after some thought a while ago i think printers actually could be cool
  3. Last week
  4. Dan

    Money Printers

    To be clear the money printers are a side job that I was doing live on stream. The printers are NOT going to be on the server.
  5. my balls escaped into my body first thing as i saw this
  6. Im neutral on this I have issues with him in rp but outside of it I dont have a problem and I dont feel he should be getting a negative because of rp reasons, but he is sort of active from what I have seen he hops on some times when there is like 5-10 people but doesnt stay for long, lastly from what I have seen you dont really help people on the server from what I have seen, since I joined you get on try raiding the sinclairs and lose your guns and get off, and if you dont raid us you just go to scrap yard and sit there farming.
  7. Earlier
  8. Was that you with that raccoon? JK But for real, this is a serious issue with a lot of darkrp servers. There used to be a lot more when I started playing 3 years ago. They follow the same formula and fail.
  9. *dick sucking noises* Nah but for real i love you harry
  10. I feel happy for bringing this server to the attention of a lot of people from servers like Monolith and Superior Servers. They felt disenfranchised due to the rude treatment of their staff and developers from both communities. It is imperative to understand the playerbase and improve upon the server to satisfy the community. Communities like Superior Servers take advantage of their playerbase as piggybanks and make minuscule efforts to satisfy their community. After realizing the meta that I have been blind to for 3 years, I left and tried to bring some friends with me to this server, but most of my efforts were futile. I see this server as a means of improving upon darkrp, and I would be glad to contribute ideas that enhance the players' experience. Coding wise now, I am limited.
  11. Arghmenuts

    Name change

    I don't know where to put this, but I want to change my name to Harry on the forums.
  12. Hey guys. I appreciate the support. You helped me a long ways in terms of coding. I used to be timid, still to an extent, but I made my first hud, and there is a lot of progress to be made so thank you.
  13. +1 has shown dedication to the community since day 1. He has helped a lot in bringing players into our community as well. I think he would make a great addition.
  14. I'm neutral on this due to the skid history
  15. Your staff status overrides the veteran rank. Furthermore, veteran status is automatically given to retired staff as long as we're on good terms
  16. biggest bully of 2019
  17. what's the point of saying you're neutral, if you can't state the reason why you're neutral it's not gonna effect his app.
  18. You're going neutral because of the situation in the discord channel a previous night. I was 1v1ing Rolchax on csgo and you were watching through the new streaming feature. Everytime I died (keep in mind I have 400 hrs and he has 5000) you'd make a witty little comment or laugh about it. I asked you to stop many times before and I finally told you to shut up, in a fairly aggressive manner, you then called me toxic for it. I don't understand why this can't be told here. @Rolchaxwas present and as he said in PMs, he had never seen me "break character" so hard. I won't apologise for what I said since what you were doing was irritating, nor do I regret it.
  19. I am going to remain neutral for reasons that cannot be told here.
  20. Dan

    Jeffy App

    Gonna go ahead and deny this application. Not what we’re looking for in a member.
  21. +1 great guy, lovley admin, help whenever he can even when he is busy, greatly appreciated all round the community deserves this
  22. Ew no #demotegeorge +1
  23. kjm

    Jeffy App

    dont really agree with everything here but yeah take this down still this process is stupid and im not waiting 6 months for a role on a gmod server
  24. George

    Jeffy App

    1 - Member applications have always taken time to go through, people such as @phoon waited around 6 months to get accepted, given the dayz server was pretty dead for that time frame. 2 - Got updated a week ago, with more than just a cinema edition, since Xavier spent a fucking week+ changing the cars so people would stop complaining, which he has successfully done, although some tweaks may be needed. 3 - I agree, the whole dumb rating things as of recent have been stupid and pretty annoying, and I'm assuming that the ones who have -1'd have an idea of what you are like. 4 - In all fairness I should've put those 2 bans as "toxic behaviour" since what you were doing was just that, I should've also contacted you and been more lenient although from what I had seen days prior to the situation I wanted to make a point. I apologies for not being clear beforehand. 5 - Dan is going to balance stuff, he is working hard to push out new editions, and peoples constant messages of complete entitlement just hurts the morale. 6 - You've literally been around a couple weeks, not saying that that's a bad thing, but you need to get into the community first before rushing for an admin position. 7 - Yeah that's pretty stupid. Dan expects it to get players when he has properly done what he plans on doing. If bugs appear, he aims to fix them and that can take time which delays things. The constant complaining and blatant entitlement from players new to the community who understand nothing of how hard Dan and Xavier have been working is frankly annoying. Dan dismisses ideas as to which he disagrees with, not to mention him and Xavier are starting on the gang system earlier than they intended due to the whining from players.
  25. kjm

    Jeffy App

    I know I would be able to do what I needed to do if I was a member but 1. This shit has taken weeks to go through 2. server hasnt been updated in weeks 3. People who I dont even know are responding to my thing with no pretense of knowing me completley bombing my app with dumb ratings and -1's cus I rated a post of theirs dumb 4. Community is already taking a terrible stance on ban requests/harassment for banning people for it for literally following someone around for three minutes 5. Servers too grindy/hard to begin with and dans only making it harder by not listening to the community and what they want but instead adding something that got a minuscule amount of upvotes like the "cinema" 6. What the fuck is even the point of these membership applications, Should be able to apply straight to admin instead of wasting ur time here 7. Ban requests literally allow people to bombard with +1's or -1's if they arent even involved hahahaha All im saying is that Dan expects this shit too get 2 servers at 64 people but the community is already non functioning community with staff members from dayz who know nothing of DarkRP rules and come on and just farm (atleast when I played for 2 weeks), with the content Dan is adding in it is turning into a glorified VR chat where only people who pour their hearts out onto the server will have good guns and will lose them to beefy cops who have them.. Cant even roll around in gangs cus its to hard to get people to play for the Crime RP when it takes like 4 years to get a gun and even when you have a gun you cant Mug more than one person per 24 hours????? Like if u wanted the server to be VR chat just let people know... No disrespect to Dan and Xavier since they damn well know how to code and shit but they need to listen better if they want a successful server, Dan seems way to quick to dismiss good ideas that have worked on other popular servers that are either gone or still up....
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