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  1. Yesterday
  2. Here is the evidence, posted as I said I would.
  3. Hello there! I am a player of your project in the game Garrys ' Mod. Not long ago (3-4 hours) I was banned: ( Reason: spinbot Although I just killed the squad because I was with a good weapon. There are 1100 hours in the game, only 3 days on the server I really want to go back to work and do PIU-PIU xd steamid64 = 76561198211542617 steamid = STEAM_0:1:125638444 steam = https://steamcommunity.com/id/ghj1337/
  4. Yes he told me to do it.
  5. @IckyNickyI am unable to see any ban correlating with that STEAMID. Add me on discord so I can talk to you further about it. Geørge#0001
  6. GLHF boys (Discord: BoBoThyMonkey#0344)
  7. Application Accepted. Congratulations.
  8. +1 You seem like a really chill and cool guy. I know @Nathansaid the age thing concerns him but age doesn't matter to become a homie. Wish you the best. ~Vebnei
  9. count me in and let me win lmao also my dc is Dani is dope#9931
  10. Good luck to everyone. Discord: Keiro#6164 ~Vebnei
  11. Volt and Zerg Giveaway Things that are in the giveaway: Perk of every kind (5 winners) 50 BMG (2 winners) Barrett M82 (1 winner) 500 Sniper Bullets (5 winners 2 M249's (1 winner) M24 with 50 bullets (1 winner) 100k in-game cash (5 winners) To enter the giveaway you must comment on this post with your discord 20 people will win, you can't win twice ( if enough people join ill throw in gold vip too )
  12. +1 Cool kid, i've played on the server with him tons of times
  13. Got a reasoning behind your -1? Additional info is needed to back up your response.
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