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  1. Today
  2. Neutral, dont have many problems with him, if his attitude changes then I'll +1, basically just what dan said.
  3. +1 Been playing with him for years. He's chill , cool and i would like to see him as a member of the community.
  4. +1 bring a lot of fun to the server and would be a great member
  5. I’m really excited for this
  6. Imagine wanting to play on the server and seeing other peoples post getting activity.
  7. Yesterday
  8. +1 very nice and brings alot of fun to the server
  9. +1 Hippo was active a lot before hand, people take breaks and get bored.
  10. The server was basically dead for a few months so obviously I am not going to hop on when it is dead. It is just how it is. And before it started to die down, I was on all the time, way more than most people that are veterans and even admins (not throwing shade but saying it how it is). And to add on, when I wasn't "active" on server, I was pretty active on discord, reading whatever news there is and some conversations. Sorry to seem rude, but if anything I need to be less active in the community and get a life. So that point is kinda dumb.
  11. -1, disappeared, if he returns its a +1, was an active person and friendly toward everyone
  12. Neutral, you just started playing on the server again less than a week ago, id give it some more time so other players can get an insight on your character.
  13. Player Name: HippoIppo Steam ID (STEAM_0:0:00000000): STEAM_0:0:89708443 Age: 18 Which server do you play the most: ... How long have you been playing on our server(s): 4-5 yrs Have you ever been banned? If so, tell us why: Yessir. For saying N word when it wasn't allowed and then i tried acting like it wasn't me and made an appeal. What are you able to bring to the CSi community: I am an active member in the server, discord, forums and everywhere else. I think most people would consider me pretty cool and I feel that I know basically everyone pretty well, so I can make pretty good judgments when it comes to discussions. And I consider myself an experienced player on the DayZ server so I always try to help out new players when it comes to quick questions. I also try and give new players loot to fill up their banks every once in a while. Also, I tried to set up a family game night type of thing a while and I want to bring it back. We played games such as scribble.io and other silly games. There is a thread for anyone who is interested. (Linked on bottom) Who (if anyone) referred you to apply: Any other information you want to include is welcome: I made a vet app a while back and it got declined because I technically didn't fill the requirements. Anyway, whoeverTeddy approves/denies this app please keep this in mind. Here is old app Here is random game night thread thingy
  14. I will go ahead and lift this ban due to lack of concrete evidence, but your account will remain flagged for manual review.
  15. +1 Idk who this person is nor was I ever online or noticed him. But since there is a debate, it proves that there is not 100% proof about him cheating. So I say unban him and if there is any more proof then he can get banned agane. I don't see a point in banning him with this proof because of the textures issue.
  16. Last week
  17. -1 Without missing textures the player simply isn't visible.
  18. Player Name: Lunar Steam ID (STEAM_0:0:00000000): STEAM_0:0:63468576 Age: 14 Which server do you play the most: CSI Dayz How long have you been playing on our server(s): Since Bows And arrows were a thing. So like 2015 or someone around there. But i got back to playing it a year ago and im still playing it today Have you ever been banned? If so, tell us why: Nope What are you able to bring to the CSi community: Universalizability to the players and Creativity to the server Who (if anyone) referred you to apply: None ( I Think) Any other information you want to include is welcome: Uh i probably did something wrong here so if someone could fix it then thanks. Not to really sure tho
  19. +1 This guy is pretty calm and cool
  20. +1 Johnny! Johnny!.....YES Papa!!
  21. +1, He is awesome and when I team with him he helps me alot
  22. +1 hes became a great friend of my friends and hes became generally active
  23. If I notice a change between now and the decision of this application I will surely +1. I understand you should be allowed to say whatever you want whenever you want, however when you wear the tag of Can't Stand Idiots and are representing the community, we can't have ties to such language. It's unacceptable.
  24. I can see that the word "******" has offended people and I'm going to change and as you can see I said that last Wednesday and haven't said the word up to this point and am truly sorry for my language and take full responsibility for my actions.
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