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    Unban Appeal

    I know Freezy very well and this is nowhere near harassment. In my opinion I feel like 1 week is very unreasonable for someone who is dedicated to the server, and has played daily for nearly 8 hours straight since the server release. I do feel like the 1 week ban was very impulsive and should be lifted, as he already served the original ban. This ban extension seems more like a childish move, more than a righteous ban. This should definitely be lifted, it looks very bad on the community's end.
  2. Work in Progress-Beginners Guide to CityRP-Work in Progress Welcome to CSI CityRP, we will be going over the best tips, tricks and things you should know before you dive right into the madness. You will be given $2,500 to start out your journey, use this wisely! The Map First thing you need to know is this server is based in Florida. Here is the map right below. To open the map just hold the ‘M’ button. To place a waypoint press the LMB, to remove it press the RMB. Jobs To get started, you have the choice of joining one of the various jobs found within the City. Here are the current jobs you can find within the city. Firefighter Police Officer Delivery Driver Emergency Medical Service These are the main jobs you can find throughout the city, you could also own your own company, small business, become a self-contracted miner, a farmer, and more. The opportunities are endless. Best Way to Start Out In The City At the start of your journey it will be very tough, here are 2 of the best ways to start out in the city. Mining: Mining can be a great source of income, to start out mining, you’ll need to first buy a pickaxe from the marketplace, the marketplace will be your main source of income for a while. Getting your mining level up enough may even interest other players to purchase your goods, for even more profit. Farming: Farming can also be a great source of income. To start out your journey as a farmer, you will first need to pick up 3 plots from the marketplace, a watering can, a hoe tool, and some tomato seeds to start out. Similar to mining, getting your level up may grant you access to some strange items, others may call VERY profitable… How to Mine Mining is pretty self explanatory, if you look at your map, the mine will be at the very top left, set your waypoint, get in there, and start mining. You will only be able to mine stone, until you can level up your mining. Once you level up your mining, at level 20, you will have access to the factory, which is across the street from the mining area. In here you are able to process Copper, Iron, Silver, Gold, and Diamond, into bars. Mining Levels Level 1: Stone Level 6: Coal Level 20: Copper Ore, can be smelted into Copper Bar Level 22: Access to Polished Pickaxe (Must Craft) Level 32: Iron Ore, can be smelted into Iron Bar Level 40: Silver Ore, can be smelted into Silver Bar Level 44: Access to Refined Pickaxe (Must Craft) Level 50: Access to an Extra Furnace (Must Craft) Access to a new pickaxe skin (Must Retrieve From a Mailbox) Level 55: Gold Ore, can be smelted into Gold Bar Level 69: Access to Advanced Pickaxe (Must Craft) Level 70: Diamond Ore, can be smelted into Diamond Bar Access to an AK-47 weapon skin Level 90: Access to Insane Pickaxe (Must Craft) How to Farm Farming can be categorized into two ways, there are drugs, and then the legal farming. We will be speaking mainly about legal farming, since this is what you’ll be doing mostly at the start of your journey. To farm, make sure you have your plots in your inventory ready to be used. Pull out your hoe tool to place down the plots, make sure to find a safe place to put these down as people can steal your plants. Look at each plot and hold Q, press the LMB on the seed you want to use to place them in the plot. Make sure to have a watering can on you at all times, your plants can die if they aren’t watered frequently. You must keep an eye on your plants at all times, try to keep your plants at 80% or above. Give it time and your plants will be ready to harvest, harvest the plants and you will see an XP bar at the top of your screen go up, this is your farming level. Increasing your farming level gives you access to more seeds, which are worth more when harvested. When you are finished, and you have your harvested goods with you, head over to the marketplace and sell your goods to the NPC. Keep leveling up to gain access to better seeds and even getting access to drugs, we will not dive too deep into that one in this guide. Keybinds General Keys: Q - Open/Close Inventory E - Pick up items/Interact Hold E - Lock Doors/Unlock Doors/Give Door Ownership/Exit Vehicle/ Mug or Pickpocket/Trade (Trade is Disabled) ALT + E - Pick up items/entities (Can also be used to drag suspects) F - Turn on flashlight (If you have one) TAB - Scoreboard Chat Keys: Y - Proximity Chat U - Gang Chat @<message> - Send out a message to all the administrators that are currently online // - OOC (Out of Character) chat /pm <steam name> <message> - Sends a private message to a player /911 <message> - Sends a message to emergency services /advert <message> - Advertisement to all players online, costs $150 /r <message> - Sends a message to people on your radio frequency (Radio Must Be On) Weapon Keys: E+R - Change weapon fire rate C - Open Weapon Stats
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