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  1. Tango

    Unban Appeal

    I know Freezy very well and this is nowhere near harassment. In my opinion I feel like 1 week is very unreasonable for someone who is dedicated to the server, and has played daily for nearly 8 hours straight since the server release. I do feel like the 1 week ban was very impulsive and should be lifted, as he already served the original ban. This ban extension seems more like a childish move, more than a righteous ban. This should definitely be lifted, it looks very bad on the community's end.
  2. Work in Progress-Beginners Guide to CityRP-Work in Progress Welcome to CSI CityRP, we will be going over the best tips, tricks and things you should know before you dive right into the madness. You will be given $2,500 to start out your journey, use this wisely! The Map First thing you need to know is this server is based in Florida. Here is the map right below. To open the map just hold the ‘M’ button. To place a waypoint press the LMB, to remove it press the RMB. Jobs To get started, you have the choice of joining one of the vario

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