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  1. +1 chatted with him a few times. Seems like a cool enough guy. Best of luck man. :)
  2. had a few play & chats with ryu so far. I have yet to bear witness to any kind of behaviors that would give me reason to believe him becoming a member wouldn't go well. +1
  3. if your steam name was shushyo before you changed it then you have called me it on both maps.
  4. assuming this is in regards to the account of ShushYo. if you do end up coming back are you going to call me the n word multiple times whenever i kill you?
  5. hello mech. while your application does seem to come off as mature people who get accepted into being a member are usually around for a good bit of time and are fairly consistently active. while im not in a position to accept nor deny membership applications i would advise that you stick around for awhile and get to know the other members of the community before applying. and im certain that the honesty you have shown in admitting to being banned previously is definitely a good sigh and the community appreciates it. with that being said. best of luck and hopefully we will cross paths and get t
  6. ive never referred you to apply... (edit, he misinterpreted the question as who can vouch for you as reputable member): my response, ive had very ittle interaction with you and with that being said im going to be neutral on this.
  7. the server is currently experiencing a bug, just attempt to reconnect a few times and you should get through eventually. if you continue to experience the problem you can contact the developer through our discord server. https://discord.com/invite/cSuQC93 the developer is xavier#1337
  8. this entry is for the player known an brendan.
  9. How To Enter: Leave You're Discord Contact Info In The Comments! (winners will be selected via google random number generator and i will be posting evidence that it is entirely random) everyone is welcome to enter. however i am reserving the right to "POSSIBLY" exclude players from the contest for any of the following reasons! (i am supposed to be including my reasons here but read the following comment and to why i didn't post them) To Be honest i cant be bothered to go in depth about every restriction and possible exemption for those restrictions to ensure only legitimate play
  10. +1 because of the recommendations.
  11. im hoping man man is found innocent. he seems like a really cool guy, even though he always f's me up in game 😛 and id hate to have to come to know that he was playing illegitimately. best of luck man man. hoping to see you back soon. 😕
  12. Black

    ni's ban appeal

    so in other words it looks like you were attempting to see if whether or not you could get away with it? of course its evasion... grab a dictionary. 😕

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