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Trading of in-game items for Donation store purchases


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Seeing as there's no official stance on this and quite a few people have been asking, I figured I would write up about it

Donating in exchange for in-game currency is a bit of a gray area, but it is not against the rules. While it is permitted, please keep in mind that it is not something we endorse and that this type of trade comes with no warranty whatsoever. If you get scammed, you're on your own. If you do somehow end up getting scammed, the outcome will be up to the discretion of the staff member who handles it. However, do keep in mind that we are unable to return any lost items regardless of the situation.

Because of that, here are a few important things to consider and to keep in mind if you plan on performing such a trade:

  1. Perform the trade with a trusted middleman to make sure you do not get scammed (Council member, Developer or Administrator). This middleman will act as a trustee to ensure both parties of the trade respect their end of the deal. It should play out as the following:
    1. Person A gives the in-game items to the middleman
    2. The middleman shows these items to person B, who can confirm or deny whether he agrees with the trade
    3. If person B denies the trade offer, they can either negotiate with person A or the middleman will return the items to person A
    4. If person B accepts the trade offer, they may proceed with the payment. They will need to input Person A's Steam ID on the donation page. This can be found by using the status console command.
    5. Once the payment has been successfully processed on person A's account, the middleman hands the items over to person B
    6. However, if person B does not proceed with the payment, the middleman can safely return the items to person A
  2. Make sure the person donating is someone that is trustworthy or a well-established member in the community.
    • If the person who made the purchase initiates a chargeback with their credit card company not only will they be permanently banned but additionally, any donation benefits will be revoked from your account. Items traded will not be refunded either, as that would become a logistical nightmare.


Additionally, you may use this thread as a means to advertise your desire to trade.

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