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  1. +1: I think this would be a great addition to the server and would help newer players get to safezone without dying a 1000 times EDIT: just realized that this would be only beneficial to older players because its a perk -1
  2. Zerg 萧条

    Server mods

    not exactly sure what you mean by that but I'm sure if you hop in a discord vc we could help you fix this.
  3. Zerg 萧条

    Server mods

    if you need more help i made this small guide a while back:
  4. Zerg 萧条


    Welcome to the community, i think I'm a bit late...
  5. +1: I think you would make for a great staff member, from reading all the scenarios I'm pretty sure you would do great, also I've had nothing but good interactions with you in-game
  6. +1: I think you would be a great addition to the community, as for the little thing u said in chat i think you should try and encourage players to keep playing but we all have our slip ups ~ZERG
  7.                                     KIDS SEE GHOSTS

  8. NEUTRAL I'm going to have to be Neutral on this one just because of the simple fact that I have never seen you on the server but if i start to see you on i will 100% change it to a +1 also i love the fact that your profile pic is Ozzy Osbourne, hope to see you soon.
  9. +1: I've seen a bit in-game i would love to see you become a member of CSi.
  10. +1: I think this would bring loads of fun, and just something to do other than dying and killing 🙂
  11. +1: I always see you on all the time, and you seem to be very friendly, all of the interactions i have had with you were pretty nice, Good Luck 🙂
  12. Great to see that this is finally being added, i'm really glad the community is moving forward this way!
  13. +1: I have been playing with Lush for the past couple of days, and I think I have gotten to really know him, he is a overall great guy, i never seen him get to angry or upset, and he is usually resentful with newer players. I believe he would make a great new addition to the CSi. community. ~zerg
  14. 8:51 Here in California
  15. Neutral: I personally have never seen you on the server, i think you should've waited just a bit longer before applying but if i see some activity i will change mine to a +1

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