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Hello everyone!

Previously, we only had two tiers of staff hierarchy; council members and administrators. Without going into too much detail, my philosophy has always been you either trust someone or you don't. As of late, I don't have as much time to dedicate on playing on our servers as much as I used to when I was a young teenager. This means I don't have time to build trust in most staff applicants, and consequently don't have time to manage every aspect of the community either. In order to lighten the load on myself, a change in staff structure was desperately needed. This is something I have been considering for a long time now, but am only getting around to it now.

Some of you may have noticed the newly-titled Community Managers on the forums as well as Discord! This new rank has been attributed to @phoon , @George and @Rolchax. We will also be also slowly introducing the Moderator rank.

The role of a community manager isn't very different from that of an administrator. They don't have any special rights on the servers that administrators don't have and no, they still can't spawn any items on any of our servers which is a feature restricted solely to developers in order to maintain the economy's integrity. Where community managers differ from administrators is that community managers each have a loosely dedicated role. For example: George is primarily in charge of the forums and applications, Phoon is in charge of gameplay / feedback and Rolchax is in charge of community interaction. Note that while they have these "roles" in place, they are more of a guide than anything. Every community manager is capable of and has the right to perform any duty as they see fit. They will also be the go-to mentors for staff in training.

The role of a moderator differs greatly from an administrator. Following the principle of least privilege, moderators will serve to act as a trustworthy figure to the rest of the community while being the first point of contact for any disputes. Moderators will have the ability to mute, kick, temporarily ban players in-game as well as perform basic moderation tasks on the forums.

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