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  1. Would be cool if you added zip ties to tie down the unarmed players. So they cant pull out a weapon or call 911 as there hands are tied. The choice should be up to the raider which ever decision is safer for them as they are risking their weapon.
  2. Jonathan


    my ign is Bagobeans, A league 5v5 sounds like fun
  3. What I am taking from this is that you guys are going to implement a way for us to not kill new people in the server or fresh spawns. Sounds like a good direction to be heading, However what happens if a new player gets fully geared and starts running at you but does not shoot. If we kill him we get penalized if we do not then the other person has the upper hand. Curious to what the goal of the game is going to be now if its not just pointlessly killing each other. Is it going to be somewhat of an RP?

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