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  1. I will go ahead and lift this ban due to lack of concrete evidence, but your account will remain flagged for manual review.
  2. Danny and I have been wanting to do this forever! When we get time 😄
  3. I can confirm without a doubt that your textures did not look like that at the time the ban occurred. This screenshot was taken moments before you were banned:
  4. Can confirm Is there more evidence against this case?
  5. Xavier


    Welcome! I hope we can deliver a memorable playing experience soon enough. Join our discord if you haven't already - https://csiservers.com/discord we only @everyone for important announcements such as server releases / major updates.
  6. It's already back! mc.csiservers.com
  7. Your ban has been removed but if you try to use a cheat again you will not be given a second chance. Take care until then, see you soon!
  8. Considering your honesty and cooperativeness, I am willing to lift this ban if you're still around.
  9. Xavier


    While the evidence at play isn't compelling enough on its own to warrant a ban, we trust and stand by our administrator's decision at the time. Our policy is to only ban when an infraction is being committed without any doubt. AKA we would rather let highly suspicious behavior slide until more evidence is gathered than to punish innocent players. I will therefore let the administrator who issued the ban once again make use of his best judgement. Here's my personal point of view regarding those two clips; In the first clip, a proper "pro" crosshair placement would be where the head is most likely to pop up upon the first point of engagement-- the stairs; not the floor. As for the second clip, sure you may very well have somehow managed to predict his velocity running behind the concrete slabs which would require a ton of mental processing power to execute so perfectly. Then you turn around, reload for an eternity and a half and come back just to shoot precisely in his chest. Sure, this could be explained as a random shot in the dark in hope to wallbang someone. Nothing uncommon. But then, how would you explain managing to predict exactly at what point in time he would start moving (if he was there) and where he would go? This all seems highly unlikely.
  10. Feel you on that money grind
  11. It's what we agreed on being a good idea in the silencer suggestion thread isn't it?

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