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  1. I have nothing against you making another appeal. The main reason I'm denying this one is because you really need to be more patient. Waiting patiently shouldn't be that hard, but you had to post 4 replies in a row in the span of 4 hours (and insulted me in the process). My best suggestion is for you to keep a close eye on your temper and don't take things so personal so quickly.
  2. Considering the fact that you were given multiple chances and still continued to go out of your way to tease players by bypassing your mute by changing your name, I'm going to deny this request. Please wait two weeks before appealing again.
  3. Hello everyone! Previously, we only had two tiers of staff hierarchy; council members and administrators. Without going into too much detail, my philosophy has always been you either trust someone or you don't. As of late, I don't have as much time to dedicate on playing on our servers as much as I used to when I was a young teenager. This means I don't have time to build trust in most staff applicants, and consequently don't have time to manage every aspect of the community either. In order to lighten the load on myself, a change in staff structure was desperately needed. This is somethi
  4. Seeing as there's no official stance on this and quite a few people have been asking, I figured I would write up about it Donating in exchange for in-game currency is a bit of a gray area, but it is not against the rules. While it is permitted, please keep in mind that it is not something we endorse and that this type of trade comes with no warranty whatsoever. If you get scammed, you're on your own. If you do somehow end up getting scammed, the outcome will be up to the discretion of the staff member who handles it. However, do keep in mind that we are unable to return any lost items reg
  5. Going forward with situations such as these, let's ensure we use the !slay command rather than physically killing players as it can be easily misinterpreted
  6. I have added the american dream skill which loosely resembles rolchax's suggestion to the matter
  7. It is very disheartening to see a familiar name get caught doing something like this. Where is the enjoyment in it? You should have been well aware of our lack of tolerance for such things by now, having spent several hours playing on the server. Although this ban appeal seems sincere on the surface, your true intentions were revealed the moment you denied it talking with Phoon. As it would be unfair to other players to even consider this in the first place, I'm going to deny this appeal. You may re-attempt at a later date if you so desire.
  8. Welcome to the community! You may now add the CSi. tag to your steam username!
  9. Try subscribing to this addon: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2074602016
  10. I do have to admit delicate fingers was poorly tested, the 30/70% values are on a Db scale and not a linear scale so I'll remedy that
  11. Hello everyone, today sees an update to Garry's Mod DayZ! I will be posting updates as I code them to the #day-devlogs channel in our discord server: https://csiservers.com/discord Make sure to follow that channel to be aware of updates before they go live! - Fixed random loot spawns in the middle of the road - Added loot to a building that had not been set up - Added item: Flare Single-use item that attracts an airdrop. Limited to once every 5 minutes. Cannot have more than one airdrop active at a time. This item spawns as part of the weapons l
  12. What seems to be other people's stance on this?
  13. You get my vote, up to the other council members
  14. Xavier

    Unban appeal.

    You are unfortunately not entitled to a refund as your account has been suspended for being in violation of our ToS. I understand you may be a little heated right now and I would appreciate if you took a few moments to come back to your senses. Insulting our staff and/or community members is a very immature thing to do.

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