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everyone is faster it seems

negev man

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i wish at least a part of me wanted to live out my life as long as possible, but i do not want that, i only fear the divine consequences of not doing it. Yet i feel as if i am myself indispensable, at least to myself. And if all i am is what i have inside me, than i truly am. The problem is, i, whatever that word really constitutes exactly anymore i do not know, just am driving on a desolate road, because everyone was faster. If i was a head, and knew that, i'd just block the road. Can't let someone overtake you in life, if everyone does, they need to go down with you.i don't think of anything anymore, just do stuff i feel compelled to do and forget about it. all i want is to find some people i don't like and batter them, maybe use a nail gun on their body. 

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