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List of tweaks that can change the game mode for good! #MAKEDAYZGREATAGAIN


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hello everyone.

I know everyone right now is excited and just waiting for the damn update to come out so they can have a reason to join back. Although I do believe it is time for the server to receive some type of update again, there are a couple of good changes that can be just as effective as receiving a new update. Below are only a couple of ideas that I can going back to but this list will continue to get updated as I gather more opinions from the community!

This post is also meant to be openly discussed and I encourage people to input their opinions or ideas that way we can have a balanced list from minds all around.

1. The MP5K should be removed from airdrops and be just as common as the other mp5's spawn rates.
Increase spawn rate (again) for the grenade and bouncing betty in normal spawns or better yet, increase them highly for airdrops in exchange of the common ammunitions that spawn in.

3. Increase spawn rate for Airdrop Flare (I'd say to whatever spawn rate the grenades/betty's are right now).


4. Airdrop prices need to be REDUCED heavily from 25k down to at least 5-10k MAX.


My Opinions as to why (tldr in the end of each reasoning):

1. The MP5K admittedly is a good gun, but is it good enough to be airdrop rarity? not even the m249 which is pretty damn good is only found through airdrops... and lets just say that it is good enough to be airdrop only spawn, its rarity does not correlate properly to the shop as it sells for max 100 bucks, you still have to buy a 30 round clip attachment to justify that it is just as good as a mp5a5 or mp5sd, and with how trading is now and days no one is paying top dollar (which is max like 1k if the person likes it) for the mp5k like back then. I know there's literal people that don't even know about the MP5K so adding to the loot pools along with the other mp5's would be like adding a new weapon for people to have access to. Personally I think this is a no brainer addition to the game mode, let me know what you think.

tl;dr: Great gun that not a lot of people have access to and should be just as common as the other mp5's as it doesn't sell for much/ justify it being airdrop rarity only.

2. Ok, so I know we already complained to Xavier like this and I believe it (has?) been increased as I see some people getting access to it, but honestly no one has the balls nor money to use them freely as intended. I feel like when I ever find one of them through a kill or table, I always have to hold on to it because its still too valuable to use and can be better off used to trade off to some dude, who will just hold on to them anyway cause he paid a shit ton for it. I STILL have yet to see it be used in-game more than a handful of times as intended but seen it a lot to be desired for trade, meaning that its still too rare for people to not care about prices/hoarding and to just use it like its meant to be. I don't think it is extremely OP and requires skill to use properly (especially grenades). I can also agree on maybe severely increasing grenade spawns & slightly increasing betties since betties takes less skills to get a kill? idk. but ideally both of them need to not be rare anymore, it would add some diversity to the combat/pvp.

tl;dr: cool weapon/tools in the game that is never utilized cause people like hoarding it as a trophy or to trade for cash due to its rarity still 😕 .

3. Ok, so I have noticed that as of right now the server does not spawn random airdrops on its own enough times, ESPECIALLY when its dead. So an alternative to increasing the amount of times the server automatically spawns in a airdrop, why not make the damn airdrop flares a bit easier to find? Its been quite a minute since I have seen people trade away flares or find them as of recently, and even if people want to trade it instead of using it, not many people around to just buy 20k airdrop flares anymore. so why not make it easier for the PLAYERS to find the airdrop flares and have a choice to either sell for cash or use it with their teammates! it'd bring something new for the newer players to look forward to!

tl;dr: Flares are too damn rare to find or even buy off others that do find it.

4. This is the one that caused me to make this forum post all around. I am not exaggerating when I say its literally impossible to make your money back off of an airdrop. honestly even if you drop it from 25k to 10k, IT STILL is difficult to make your money back, unless if you are stupid lucky and find the right buyers for the rare items, because a lot of the real good stuff that is worth "money" or is "rare" will not correlate to what the shop will pay you for it... and instead of making Xavier recalculate what everything should be worth, why not just lower the airdrop prices. It is a complete waste of money unless if you REALLY want something that only spawns in airdrops, but chances are it is hard as hell to find in spawn and you'd overpay 10's of thousands for it hoping to get what you want (in which at that point look for someone who has it and buy it off them). On top of that, this is another good alternative to having to search for flares and wont necessarily decrease flare prices when it comes to trading because the flares lets you choose where it goes, the 25k option doesn't. And lets be real, unless if you are a damn sweat like me or the other CSI members, chances are you don't have 25k laying around or 6,250 between a max of 4 teammates to split the airdrop with, because you are saving up for other things like the expensive perks and attachments AND cause you know you will never make your money back unless if you got BMG + M82 + insert other rare shit all at the same airdrop and found a buyer to pay top dollar for it! oh and that's considering that you fought off the hoards of people that chased after the same airdrop as you because it is not common to see them at all. I understand airdrops aren't supposed to spawn every damn 10 minutes, but holy crap what I don't understand is how overpriced and un-accessible it is to players who aren't fortunate enough to sweat everyday and spend a lot of IG money for shits and gigs like me and others. 

tl;dr: because it is too damn expensive for the common and newer players to buy and/or to make profit, and it'd bring more fun/pvp to the server (and honestly players too if they knew more airdrops and better loot is spawning).


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, share this with other members or friends within the community, lets get some ideas or arguments going, if you agree! +1 and say why you agree! this is the only way it'd get some attention that it deserves instead of spamming in discord general chat about suggestions. Also if you have any other ideas in addition this list, PLEASE TYPE IT OUT so we can have the list grow! #MAKEDAYZGREATAGAIN

thank you 😛 - JoJ (0101)


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I only disagree on the grenade/bouncing betty part. The grenade will be even more useful after the update so I believe finding them should be as is. As for the betty, it is extremely useful and it should not be something that can be found anymore easily than now, I already own multiple and they can be exploited by users easily. One suggestion I'd add is some sort of radius system with spawning in either for the first time or from leaving safezone. This would make it so anyone in a proximity of a spawn zone would cancel it out so they do not spawn literally right in front of them. I have experienced this many times and I have killed many people from this. If every possible spawn is filled then it should be randomly picked.

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 @GroovusGrenades are not being used for RPG has its separate ammo it was like this on the test server unless they change this then im completely wrong and sorry.

Im going to go down the list from the most important to me and then to the less important 

First Airdrops. Airdrops are buggy and expensive 25k for some basic loot and the chance of some good stuff even if you got 10 bmg and a barret you might be able to get 25k but still those are rare 
the price is just not worth it credits are even worse no one uses credits for airdrops as 400 credits is like 80k in money price the price needs to be changed to 5k-15k in my opinion its reasonable but still pricy. airdrops should naturally spawn (apparently they do but I never see it happen) without a event or a player buying them it should be automated every 40 minutes or hour flares are very rare and are worth even more than an airdrop as you can spawn them where ever you want giving you the advantage also 25k for a thing that might get bugged in the ground doesn't sound very worth it to me and a way i can think to fix that is remove the doors on drops when you push E or even better just removed them completely.

MP5k: This is a very good gun but its not worth putting in a airdrop and just makes the rarity of Barret and any other gun even harder to come by. its not amazing unless you have the 30 round it should be a open world natural spawn maybe a little rare like a AK as its pretty good.

Bouncing Bettys and grenades: These are very rare but i dont think they should be increased for natural spawn only in airdrops as they dont spawn nearly as much in airdrops as they do out in other places as said they arent gonna be used for RPG and if they are its doesnt matter as the RPG itself is already gonna be rare.

The rest i dont really care about the following i do and think should be changed but its not up to me i hope you all have a good day

Sincerely Booted 


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In response to both Groovus & Booted opinions: 
I can see where you both are coming from, I still think nades/betties should be more accessible, but I like Booted's point where they can severely increase the spawn for the airdrops cause it makes the most sense that it is guaranteed from the airdrop just like the mp5k basically is.
As for the MP5K, i agree with their points and like I said is basically a no-brainer to remove it from airdrops and put it in the normal loot pool.

And as for Groovus additions, I agree the spawning near players needs to be fixed or tweaked cause It happens all the time and whether to me or me spawning next to someone.

thank you guys for the responses I will be hoping to add more!

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