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  1. I'd like certain areas to have different types of zombies to add some risk to going to hot spots on the map.
  2. Steam Name: CSi. phoon - csiservers.com Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:110299575 Age: 14 How long have you been playing on our server(s)?: Just over a year. Which server do you play the most?: CSi. Dayz. How often are you available?: I am able to get on most if not all times throughout the week. Have you ever been banned? If so, tell us why: Yes, I was temporarily banned on DarkRP for bug abusing. Wasn't thinking about the consequences at the time, should've informed one of the online developers of the bug. What is your experience as an Administrator?: I've been staffing servers on and off since I originally bought the game around 4 years ago. What are you able to bring to the Administration Team?: I am very experienced, I have an understanding of exploits, how cheaters think, and how to deal with certain situations efficiently and maturely. Reputable names that recommended you as an Administrator: Thunder, Medinator, Kebsr9, Tom Cruise, Rolchax ~ ~ ~ ~ Scenarios ~ ~ ~ ~ What would be the best way to handle this situation? You see a fairly new player go around and begin telling players that RDM is punishable in the server and will lead the player to receive a permanent ban. Answer: I would simply inform the player that Dayz is a PVP based game mode, and that players are allowed to kill each other as they please. What would be the best way to handle this situation? You witness a fellow admin abusing his/her powers by noclipping for loot multiple times. Not only does he/her noclip for loot, but kills people while being noclipped as well. Answer: I would record footage of the staff member abusing his/her powers and send it directly to a council member along with some explanation of the situation. What would be the best way to handle this situation? A player begins stating that he's going to grab another player's IP address after being killed in-game. That's all the information that is provided. Answer: I would tell the player that grabbing players' IP addresses is a bannable offense and he/she should not joke about grabbing a players IP. And if he/she is not joking I would ban them and tell the player that was threatened by the other player to let me know if anything else happens. What would be the best way to handle this situation? You see a CSi. member harassing players and being an overall toxic player to other players within the DayZ server and Discord Answer: I would tell the player that as a CSi. Member you are representing the community at all times, It is a privilege to be a CSi. Member and that privilege can be revoked if he/she is misbehaving and representing the community poorly. If circumstances worsen I would send chat logs along with a explanation to a council member.
  3. Yeah that would be cool, you could also add more cosmetics along with that, they'd would probably need some resemblance of military gear just so it doesn't look out of place or put you at a disadvantage. Only thing is they'd have to be optimized or limited to a certain amount per-player so frames aren't destroyed by cosmetics.
  4. I like the idea of special backpacks/pouches. I think if the bag dropped could be replaceable with other backpacks that would be pretty cool, although they'd have to be the same size, so if this were to ever be accepted it would probably just be reskins of the current backpack. As for the armor, I think dayz is built around a hard punishable style of pvp, you have to think, if we were to add vests which would give the player a clear advantage over another I don't think that would settle to well with anyone. Currently there are no pvp advantages that players can't earn, and the ones that you can earn for the most part don't play a big role in pvp. Personally I would not like to see armor added into dayz but reskins for the backpacks is a really good idea.
  5. 50 BMG can sell anywhere from $1,000-$10,000 might want to adjust your price
  6. Personally, I don't see a need. It just comes with knowledge of possible airdrop locations and where the helicopter is lined up with. Also the big thud helps to know if its near when it lands.
  7. Don't think you're trying to prove anything just starting a nonsense argument, if you have suggestions you can leave some, not a need for a never ending argument.
  8. Can be a little bit special at times but other than that I think he'd make a great fit for a member, he is always willing to get on to play and majority of the time helpful and friendly. +1
  9. phoon

    Unban appeal

    Seems that you enjoyed the server enough to appeal twice now, if you end up getting accepted I hope you can enjoy the server without cheating. +1
  10. +1 Seeing that you were banned on what I think was the first or second day of launch you've waited more than long enough and probably deserve a second chance, although running people over with a firetruck isn't necessarily a good thing to do I can see where your're coming from.
  11. It would be really funny driving around shooting peoples doors who have alarms just to set them off
  12. Zip ties or not, the player already could be armed, they can call 911 through console which isn't visable above their head, they can transfer information via third party comms, and they can equip weapons. Only way zipties would ever work is disabling chat while ziptied and having very strict rules when it comes to fearrp, and even if you do all that they can still transfer information on discord or ts so you can only do so much
  13. I think special models for playtime, maybe like level 40 when you get all perks maxed, or even just purchasable models for a couple 100k would be cool. Personally I don't think they should be as cool as the staff models maybe some citizen reskin or something else from HL2 would be something to consider, but I dont think it should be anything to crazy like Varme's Model
  14. phoon

    Jeffy App

    Going to change to a -1, I'm having my regrets seeing that you have been banned for harassment which is very hard to do without intentionally targeting a player. I don't think that's how we want to represent the community considering all the new players joining the community.
  15. +1 Genuinely a nice guy. Never have had any problems with George, super chill guy. You would make a perfect Admin.

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