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  1. Lower all your settings, but on trillnear filtering mode, enable multicore rendering via console, change your launch setting to 64 tick, and if you can get a stretched resolution. All this will boost your FPS
  2. ugly fatty xd

    1. phoon


      imagine getting caught sneaking out

  3. Neutral, haven't seen you on much. You seem pretty chill in game but I'd like to see you on more.
  4. Does that mean its soon???
  5. I can't speak for others but I don't dislike you I just think you wouldn't be fit for the role of a member
  6. +1 Very friendly, i've seen you on a lot recently and I think you'd be great to have as a member.
  7. phoon

    Unbann request

    +1 In my opinion the evidence provided isn't enough to 100% say you were cheating. I watched the clip over and over in HD and I can't be 100% that your using aimlock, the way you aim for the most part looks natural. I don't think there is enough evidence to justify him staying banned. Personally I think he should be unbanned since evidence is lacking.
  8. -1 Haven't seen you on since you've made this application, you only play every once in a while when the server hits upper 30s. I also don't see you helping newer players or regular players in general. I'd be willing to change if I saw a change in your activity and effort towards the community.
  9. +1 Very active player, very helpful, non toxic.
  10. +1, Kebs is probably one of the most genuinely friendly person I've had the pleasure meeting on CSi. In the short couple weeks I've been playing with this guy he has never been aggressive towards anybody, hes always willing to help, very friendly and outgoing person. I would go as far to say you are one of the most deserving people in this community to receive member.
  11. They're ranked on DPS, Accuracy, Range, and Rarity. My list would be very different if I based it on what I use and prefer.
  12. If you read what I said I was ranking them on how good the weapon is not how much I liked the certain weapon
  13. Tried to make this as unbiased as possible
  14. Decided to make a list of my own, it includes all weapons in the game. When creating this list I took into consideration the strength of the weapon, range, practicality, and rarity. If you see a weapon lower than you believe it should be ( Example the M82 ) it is most likely because the weapon is A). So rare and expensive its not worth using. B). Has a very expensive ammo type. C). Has bad hit registration or, D). Just isn't a very good weapon. The reason I made this list was to help newer players figure out which weapons are worth picking up and which weapons aren't. If you have any suggestions please leave them below and I'll take them into consideration. ( All Weapons are in Order from Best to Worst in each section ) ( Credits go out to Hippo and Varme ) Weapon Categorization Tier S: Weapon is all good all around, reliable, and can be used in most if not all ranges. Tier A: Weapon is good, weapons in this category are less common than regular weapons. Tier B: These weapons are still good when trying to get obtain loot but tend to be less consistent compared to others, certain weapon's ammo types may be less frequently found. Tier C : Weapons in this category can be very inconsistent, and in most cases they require you to see your target before they see you if you want a chance. Tier D: These weapons deal very low amounts of damage and require close to medium range to be effective, ammo for these weapons can be a pain to find. Tier F: These weapons are hard to find, they deal low damage, have very short ranges, and have uncommon ammo. Tier S AK-47 RK-95 M21 KS-23 Raging Bull AK-12 Tier A TOZ-34 M4A1 RPK-47 M14 Tier B AK-74 FAMAS-F1 G36C Benelli M3 Super 90 Desert Eagle M24 SR-25 G36C AN-94 SKS Tier C M82 Remington IMI GALIL Tier D G3A3 PP-Bizon SG-552 SG-550 Glock-20 Tier E MAC-11 MP5A5 MP5SD6 Uzi Tier F Uzi P226 OTS-33 Pernach M1911
  15. You forgot a lot of guns, not all rare weapons only come from drops

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