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  1. After some thinking and a lot of waiting I have decided to accept this appeal. Your ban will be reduced to 2 weeks if you are still interested in playing just know you will be watched very closely. There are second chances given but never third chances. Hope you can enjoy the server like everyone else.
  2. 26 years old. Made a joke on the internet that he didn't know when to discontinue. Anyone who disagrees with him is wrong. He is always right! Doesn't know when to stop when it comes to anything. Extremely immature. Would not make a good member whatsoever -1
  3. Ban appeal denied without a chance at another appeal. You direct messaged every staff member and left rude messages after them directing you to the forums. Trying to argue your innocence when you were banned by our anticheat is just embarrassing. Feel free to take your immaturity elsewhere.
  4. You were banned for cheating.
  5. All the things people complain about would become even worse, rooftops and camping. It would be awful players would just fortify high positions centered in the map and just rain down hell. -1
  6. phoon


    You also put it in the wrong category.
  7. phoon


    You put forth absolutely no effort and you didn't even fill out the part where you were supposed to explain the story. -1
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  10. phoon

    unban rec

    I banned your for aim assistance. You also might have had some sort of visual assistance but I am not 100% sure about that. I have three different clips in all three you seem to have some pretty unnatural aiming and have a decent idea about the location of players around you. It is blatantly obvious in the third clip when slowed down to 0.25 speed that you're using some sort of aim assistance with the random snapping and lack of recoil. In the first clip you basically have inhuman reactions and flick to him within milliseconds. When you slow down the second clip you are already aiming at the players head before peaking. Sadly I don't think Hiko plays Garry's Mod and you are definitely cheating.
  11. +1 On frequently and friendly.
  12. I see you on almost everyday you from what I can tell are pretty friendly and would make a good member 😄 +1
  13. Denied. You can have your chance at honesty in 2 weeks. Don't expect complete forgiveness from anyone.
  14. Kind of sad to see you cheating seems you didn't learn from your friend who was just recently unbanned for the exact same offense. Lying in appeals will never get you unbanned which you should know first hand from your friend Dream. My resolution in the clip I am about to post bellow has blackbars since my recording software had an issue. It is still extremely blatant so it really doesn't matter. Basically you have a really trash aimlock which is easily seen by your crosshair flicking in all directions but constantly centralizing the player you are trying to kill.

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