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  1. Can be a little bit special at times but other than that I think he'd make a great fit for a member, he is always willing to get on to play and majority of the time helpful and friendly. +1
  2. phoon

    Unban appeal

    Seems that you enjoyed the server enough to appeal twice now, if you end up getting accepted I hope you can enjoy the server without cheating. +1
  3. +1 Seeing that you were banned on what I think was the first or second day of launch you've waited more than long enough and probably deserve a second chance, although running people over with a firetruck isn't necessarily a good thing to do I can see where your're coming from.
  4. It would be really funny driving around shooting peoples doors who have alarms just to set them off
  5. Zip ties or not, the player already could be armed, they can call 911 through console which isn't visable above their head, they can transfer information via third party comms, and they can equip weapons. Only way zipties would ever work is disabling chat while ziptied and having very strict rules when it comes to fearrp, and even if you do all that they can still transfer information on discord or ts so you can only do so much
  6. I think special models for playtime, maybe like level 40 when you get all perks maxed, or even just purchasable models for a couple 100k would be cool. Personally I don't think they should be as cool as the staff models maybe some citizen reskin or something else from HL2 would be something to consider, but I dont think it should be anything to crazy like Varme's Model
  7. phoon

    Jeffy App

    Going to change to a -1, I'm having my regrets seeing that you have been banned for harassment which is very hard to do without intentionally targeting a player. I don't think that's how we want to represent the community considering all the new players joining the community.
  8. +1 Genuinely a nice guy. Never have had any problems with George, super chill guy. You would make a perfect Admin.
  9. Lower all your settings, but on trillnear filtering mode, enable multicore rendering via console, change your launch setting to 64 tick, and if you can get a stretched resolution. All this will boost your FPS
  10. ugly fatty xd

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    2. Medinator


      imagine pooping ur pants 

    3. phoon


      imagine thinking for 17 hours and then making an insult like that 

    4. Medinator


      Imagine having no good insult so you have to resort to that lame insult you have just insulted 

  11. Neutral, haven't seen you on much. You seem pretty chill in game but I'd like to see you on more. Edit: I have seen you on a lot since you posted this app +1
  12. Does that mean its soon???
  13. I can't speak for others but I don't dislike you I just think you wouldn't be fit for the role of a member
  14. +1 Very friendly, i've seen you on a lot recently and I think you'd be great to have as a member. Going to change to a neutral, you were really cool on DayZ, always friendly, but as of DarkRP I've seen a change in you and its really surprising cause you feel like a complete different person and can get very agressive quickly.
  15. phoon

    Unbann request

    +1 In my opinion the evidence provided isn't enough to 100% say you were cheating. I watched the clip over and over in HD and I can't be 100% that your using aimlock, the way you aim for the most part looks natural. I don't think there is enough evidence to justify him staying banned. Personally I think he should be unbanned since evidence is lacking.

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