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  1. In your occasion, it was determined that there was no error. So Appeal Denied.
  2. As said above the conclusion is that your intentions were to stop us from screengrabbing you, therefore the ban is legitimate and a mistake was not made.
  3. George

    Air's Ban Appeal

    These are the two accounts you were banned on, but you already know that. Appeal Denied.
  4. George

    Unban Request

    Unbans can not be bought. If the circumstances were that you just cheated and didn't make any evasion attempts, I'd have more than likely accepted this appeal due to the time that has passed, but sadly that is not the case. You attempted to evade the ban with an alt account, initially being blocked due to have the same IP, but after that the account you attempted to evade with is banned under a different IP, so clearly you caught on. With all that said, this appeal is denied.
  5. You've been around a long time and I saw you countless times throughout 2020. You've also been pretty friendly and I don't recall having any issues with you aside from you sitting in worldcorp. Application Accepted.
  6. Membership Application denied due to lack of replies. Please feel free to re-apply in the future should you make more of a place for yourself in the community.
  7. George

    Ban Appel

    Appeal Denied since you cheated then evaded twice.
  8. Apologies for your appeal since I see it never got replied to by Phoon, with the time now being up. Going to go ahead and just delete the ban since after looking through logs I see no traces of you actually committing the offence stated.
  9. Yes, that is how an IP ban works. Not really much else to this case, your brother cheated then evaded the ban losing his chance at an appeal, which in turn squashes your chances of playing due to his actions. We have had this case many a time and the only conclusion is that the original ban-e is to appeal, and if it is accepted then any other account under the same ban/ip ban is unbanned also. Appeal Denied since your brother can't appeal.
  10. We've done this before, it would be down to your brother to appeal and allow you to play again, but he evaded and has now lost his chances of doing so. Yes You are very mistaken, many cheaters lie and evade their bans so they can cheat again. The original ban on your "brother" is the IP ban, which is why your account got blocked and I then banned your account. I'll attach this answer to my second one, clearly you're really living the true embodiment of a brick wall.
  11. An IP ban is applied with the ban if the user is online when the ban is put in place, as he was. Ok now this is my last post
  12. Evasion accounts have the original ban reason put there as that is the reason they were banned. An IP ban puts restrictions on an entire household, go confront your brother about it. I'm done posting on this since it's like conversing with a brick wall.
  13. I think you're failing to comprehend what I say, your brother hacked, therefore anyone in his household is under the same restrictions. That is his fault for hacking and then evading.

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