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  1. George


    Anything to say/defend yourself? I'll give you till Monday.
  2. I have attached the evidence of you cheating, I assure you no mistake was made though your suggestion is appreciated. Apologies for the audio in the background, I was watching a movie. Clips 1, 3 and 4 are aim assist, clip 2 is a bit sus but just thought I'd throw it in. clip1.mp4 1648210678_clip2.mp4 clip3.mp4 clip4.mp4
  3. George


    In the clips below you'll see the evidence of your cheating, although in clip 2 due to my recording software freaking out, you can't see the illustrations for other players, though you can clearly see the dead body of the second guy you shot through a tree as well as @TeddyBears also seeing the exact same thing as myself. grub1.mp4 grub2.mp4 I'll give you the chance to be honest from here.
  4. I warned you to stop it literally the same day.. Appeal Denied, I agree with @TeddyBears
  5. George


    Appeal Accepted.
  6. George

    Unban appeal

    actually nvm, just did a bit of digging and you were banned in 2020, unbanned then cheated again on a different account (this one) the following year. soooooo ban reinstated since we don't give third chances 🤷‍♂️
  7. George

    Unban appeal

    Since you've been honest I'll accept the appeal, just don't do it again 🙂 Appeal Accepted
  8. George

    Unban Request

    It's the same IP
  9. George

    Unban Request

    pay attention the the blocked window, specifically the name "anthinycollier22" Soooooooo, has this re-jogged your memory of the attempt at evading or?
  10. George

    Unban Request

    STEAM_0:0:172471517 @phoon your ban, also tried to evade a few days ago after making the appeal, seems very innocent
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