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  1. Just so this is stated here, if this offer is taken up, scamming on either end is not allowed and punishments will be issued respective to the context.
  2. Please follow the template here: and here is your STEAMID incase you wondered: STEAM_0:1:546349806
  3. There will never not be hackers on the server. We have to sleep, we like to spend our lives doing something else other than watching people hack on a 2004 game. No number of admins will ever eliminate the amount of people that like to hack on a game that gives no steam ban.
  4. Whilst evading a ban is never acceptable, and it's even more unusual that you'd attempt to do it with such a small ban time, I'm going to lower your ban to 1 month. I believe this to be very generous although let it be noted that we will be keeping an eye on you once the ban ends. Appeal Accepted
  5. User hasn't been on the forums since 13th of June, showing a lack of interest in being unbanned, although that does not mean they can't appeal in the future. Appeal Denied
  6. George

    ban request

    This alone is enough for me to determine your appeals result. You are no different to any other cheater who is to appeal afterwards. Whether or not those alts are yours (we don't have to disclose how we know they are), you've already attempted to evade your ban without taking the proper process. Appeal Denied.
  7. I was going to give you a chance to show some honesty, which is more than I've done for others, but it seems you're sticking with pleading innocence. Appeal Denied.
  8. Your ban was issued when our anticheat caught you with ESP.
  9. Just looking through the logs any other admin can see all you did with your time on the server was spurt out toxic shit. Now of course, this did not carry a heavy ban time. Instead of waiting out that time you tried to evade your ban, so I made it permanent. -1
  10. It truly amuses me that a 26 year old man can not keep control of his temper, instead choosing to lash out at admins because he wants to post his bike shit posts. I told you to stop posting it because all it was doing was causing disorganisation. Xavier and Dan had heard it, Xavier said it wasn't going to be done and so that is final, it does not matter if people agree with your idea or not, it was denied. The way you reacted afterwards truly cements what kind of person you are, and exactly why you're not a fit for member. I would also like to pick at your statement of being around here for "8 years". The earliest date you connected was the 04/13/2020, of course that being since late 2018 when the server relaunched. No one else on the staff team, people who have been around for just about as long, recognise you in the slightest. Now of course I only have logs that trace back to Q4 2018, so prior to that for all I know, you could've played. -1
  11. George

    Zjex unban post

    Thread Locked
  12. +1 Active and friendly. Also kinda cool
  13. +1 Active and kinda cool I guess, only had positive experiences with him.
  14. We are sorry you have ever had to interact with Medinator, you have our fullest sympathies server wide.
  15. Also George is bald.

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