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  1. This guy is one of my bans prior to resigning. He waited a good minute to appeal and has been honest so I'm all for it.
  2. Pirate is a really nice guy, I've had a lot of interactions with him since I first saw him on the server 3 or 4 months ago. From my time as Administrator I didn't have a single issue with him, although I can't say I'm entirely for him getting Administrator, but for sure Moderator to possibly work his way up should he prove himself. Neutral
  3. Personally I have had few interactions with Knightly, although I agree with Bobo that the application is lackluster and I'm on the edge anyway due to your past in hacking. I don't think I could see you as an Administrator, which is the way I feel about most people, although I could see you as a Moderator. Neutral
  4. George

    Unban me pls ;3 ?

    In all the clips shown below (clips you've already seen) show aim assist. No normal player's aim will jitter like that, it is clear workings of a trash aim assistance. https://streamable.com/okz4az https://streamable.com/619vjh https://streamable.com/f3e7y9 EDIT: Forgot to add this from today lmao
  5. +1 active and interacts with the community a bunch
  6. George

    Ethan Ban Appeal

    You very clearly snapped to the guy, why be so dishonest. (-1 ofc)
  7. The anticheat is not mistaken, your lack of honesty is kind of a yikes considering you seemed like a cool guy lmao. -1
  8. The evasion is a yikes but Oscar is a pretty cool guy +1
  9. George

    Ban appeal );

    All the kills you got, your aim assist is extremely blatant. Oh, and the snap at the end is snapping off the guy you killed, not onto an entity.
  10. +1 good guy active, friendly, decent past experiences
  11. I think you forgot to talk about that attempted evasion with steam family sharing, must've slipped your mind 🙂

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