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  1. George

    Unban request

    aaaaand u decided to evade, appeal denied...
  2. George

    Unban request

    2 years and you're still denying it? 01a38f34da12b54ac70da6c6137ce711.mp4 454216be3c645694f159b9ace4298bb3.mp4 73e4162e8d660d44d158a2a5f40060ba.mp4
  3. Second chance, don't waste. Appeal Accepted.
  4. George

    Unban request

    Since I'm the original banning admin I'll accept this on the normal condition that all bans will be reinstated if you cheat again considering it has been so long and the same has been done for others recently. Appeal Accepted.
  5. Same as @Macey201 since you're the same group, any dumb stuff and the ban is reinstated. Appeal Accepted
  6. George

    Unban Appeal

    Honestly I'm 50/50 on this. Initially you weren't entirely dishonest if you're truthful that you didn't know you were cheating, but you were cocky, which considering the fact that you literally use that account for cheating never-less used it for such earlier in the day blows my mind. With that said you've been here for so long without infringement and that we have given second chances to many before you that it only seems right to do so, therefore you have my support. +1
  7. Ok, just don't do anymore dumb stuff or your ban gets reinstated. Appeal Accepted.
  8. Also you attempted to evade the ban a few days after original ban. Why should we actually unban someone who hasn't actually shown any remorse, just uses time as an excuse?
  9. George

    Unban Appeal

    With the above said, you're a child who was warned multiple times and now you're surprised your actions have consequences. Appeal Denied.
  10. George

    Unban Appeal

    Looking through logs you've been warned several times by the likes of @[email protected] and @TeddyBears... cute u and ur friend and u after evading a mute and when i hopped on
  11. George

    Unban Appeal

    As you can imagine your honesty is appreciated. I can't say when your appeal will receive a verdict as we have plenty to think about. If there's any updates you'll be informed here and we'll attempt to give you a response in reasonable time though we don't have anywhere near as much free time as we did 2 years ago.
  12. George

    Unban request

    Hello??? It literally takes actual effort to bhop without a script, your script lets you do it without any skill whatsoever. With that said you haven't actually been apologetic whatsoever so Appeal Denied, feel free to re-appeal in a few weeks time.
  13. George

    Unban request

    bhopping is allowed, what you were doing is bhop scripting, which is cheating and isn't allowed. Also, in-game it's F1 to see the rules.
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