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  1. George

    Unban Request

    Appeal Denied. Don't make an appeal after attempting to evade twice.
  2. As said in your previous appeal, a discussion had led to the conclusion that you intentionally prevented Josh's attempts to attain screengrabs. Therefore I'll be denying this appeal since you fail to be honest once again. Feel free to re-appeal in 2 weeks should you have a change of heart.
  3. Appeal Accepted, don't spoil your second chance.
  4. A quick search in some logs showed he has been on quite a few times, plus I have noticed him on a consistent basis throughout the last couple weeks. With that said my only quarrel with this application is your age, but from how I've interacted with you in the past you seem mature enough. +1
  5. After 1 year, 5 months and 6 days since your server-side permanent ban, I believe you've had more than enough time to grow from your previous tendencies, with that said you did do a less than subtle dig at Josh on that "admin application" back in March, although once again it has been a long time since then so I am inclined to count that as the past. For the last few months we've been trying out a new perspective on non-cheating bans and therefore I believe you to be eligible for a possible unban depending on the community/staff reception. With that said there's no telling on how long it
  6. The original account you were banned on. The one you were caught evading on. And finally a third account that I've just discovered, and is now banned. Since you evaded your original ban twice, your ban will remain. Appeal Denied.
  7. After some consideration, you've been banned a good couple months now, plus we hold a more lenient perspective with non-cheating related bans. Keep in mind we now enforce a new Permanent Mute system which will stop you from interacting whatsoever with other players, should you go back to your old habits, this could be considered as an option. Appeal Accepted.
  8. George

    Unban Request

    VIP does not make you innocent, and you fail to be honest about it. To be clear, any chargeback issued on your behalf will result in you never being unbanned. Appeal Denied, feel free to appeal again in 2 weeks time should you have a change of heart. Update: Your viability for an unban will be unlikely since you attempted to evade the ban with an alt account.
  9. George

    Unban Request

    What is there to not understand, you are using aimbot. Feel free to be honest at any time.
  10. George

    Unban Request

    Below is a clip of your aim assistance at work. https://gyazo.com/ed4893f80bfc32bf332174b4e223cb55
  11. +1 Application Accepted, welcome to CSi.
  12. George

    Unban Appeal

    You are held accountable for anything done on your account and I can assure you, this evidence is very incriminating. Your ban will remain, and since you fail to be honest, I'm not too for you being able to appeal in the future, but should you have a change of heart feel free to try again in 2 weeks. Appeal Denied.
  13. Incorrect, as this is American, and American courts do not recognize the right to be forgotten act, there will be no need to comply. With that said this appeal is denied, and since you clearly threatened to evade, you won't be eligible for any future appeals.

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