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  1. The evidence posted was from my POV. At the beginning of the clip, immediately after typing, you take a shot into the fog at Russkipaul. This shot is extremely suspicious and clear to myself and Rolchax at the time that it just wasn't legit. As I had said in chat I claimed you weren't playing well, and that's because you weren't. You were missing most of your shots and overall had poor awareness apart from moments like this where you suddenly could see someone in thick fog. Rolchax only mentioned it so I thought I'd just point it out, and possibly you could defend it although I see no way of doing so.
  2. You're a 23 year old man, this is a 14 year old boy. Grow the fuck up, I told you to shut up. With that stated, -1 because of what Harry posted.
  3. +1 dumbest guy I know but been around a long time
  4. -1 You wish for a "non-toxic" environment yet when someone says your last name you decide to insult the owner of a discord server because he can't do anything about it..?
  5. You're going neutral because of the situation in the discord channel a previous night. I was 1v1ing Rolchax on csgo and you were watching through the new streaming feature. Everytime I died (keep in mind I have 400 hrs and he has 5000) you'd make a witty little comment or laugh about it. I asked you to stop many times before and I finally told you to shut up, in a fairly aggressive manner, you then called me toxic for it. I don't understand why this can't be told here. @Rolchaxwas present and as he said in PMs, he had never seen me "break character" so hard. I won't apologise for what I said since what you were doing was irritating, nor do I regret it.
  6. George

    Jeffy App

    1 - Member applications have always taken time to go through, people such as @phoon waited around 6 months to get accepted, given the dayz server was pretty dead for that time frame. 2 - Got updated a week ago, with more than just a cinema edition, since Xavier spent a fucking week+ changing the cars so people would stop complaining, which he has successfully done, although some tweaks may be needed. 3 - I agree, the whole dumb rating things as of recent have been stupid and pretty annoying, and I'm assuming that the ones who have -1'd have an idea of what you are like. 4 - In all fairness I should've put those 2 bans as "toxic behaviour" since what you were doing was just that, I should've also contacted you and been more lenient although from what I had seen days prior to the situation I wanted to make a point. I apologies for not being clear beforehand. 5 - Dan is going to balance stuff, he is working hard to push out new editions, and peoples constant messages of complete entitlement just hurts the morale. 6 - You've literally been around a couple weeks, not saying that that's a bad thing, but you need to get into the community first before rushing for an admin position. 7 - Yeah that's pretty stupid. Dan expects it to get players when he has properly done what he plans on doing. If bugs appear, he aims to fix them and that can take time which delays things. The constant complaining and blatant entitlement from players new to the community who understand nothing of how hard Dan and Xavier have been working is frankly annoying. Dan dismisses ideas as to which he disagrees with, not to mention him and Xavier are starting on the gang system earlier than they intended due to the whining from players.
  7. George

    Jeffy App

    Legit your not even a bad guy, why you got to react like this, just ignore Medinator and Phoon if you dislike what they're saying, they're only giving their opinions.
  8. Player Name: CSi. George Steam ID (STEAM_0:0:00000000): STEAM_0:1:50737670 Age: 17 Which server do you play the most: DarkRP How long have you been playing on our server(s): 3 years Have you ever been banned? If so, tell us why: no What are you able to bring to the CSi community: Helping players, good attitude and activity in the community itself Who (if anyone) referred you to apply: Any other information you want to include is welcome:
  9. Thank you for your ser... What's up with your obsession with NSFW and shit chieftain
  10. +1 was stunted with only being 4'11 for his last 7 years of life, definitely deserves this.
  11. Unbanned due to insufficient evidence, I definitely jumped the gun on you.
  12. George

    Peatreat Unban Req

    Your car is no excuse for how clearly you purposefully rammed his car at the start, you then proceed to continue ramming it. Not to mention you have a history of purposefully ramming cars with Calidoso. I also made this decision with Josh.
  13. George

    Jeffy App

    As I said before, I don't believe the incident which resulted in his 2HR ban was that serious. He simply followed around someone even after they asked him to stop, ramming into him many times and it resulted in the RDM of said player. Changing to Neutral for now though.

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