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  1. George

    muba unban appeal

    Appeal Accepted.
  2. You were banned due to having the same IP as this account: Clips below on Phoon's behalf https://giphy.com/gifs/jsa1v8ltoRKsHCBQwI https://giphy.com/gifs/fVJog56ZYNOcskzZV9 Appeal Denied.
  3. Please forgive me:


  4. O hai 😄

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  6. He had already received a ban, but after looking through logs and seeing 3 pages filled with him saying slurs I'm going to impose a longer ban than what was given.
  7. When you use racial slurs, which I have seen you use before, it is racism. What they say is completely against the rules too, it's discrimination and they can be punished. You do not need to react with racial slurs. Although, with that said it has been a while since your ban and the banning admin has agreed that your ban can be lifted. To be perfectly clear, any further racial remarks will result in the ban being reinstated. Appeal Accepted.
  8. Pog Champ has received a ban, but since there is no evidence of Vito saying anything I can't do much.
  9. Since you've been honest your ban will be reduced to 1 month, keep in mind any further infringements when your ban is lifted on the 26th of this month will see the ban reinstated. Appeal Accepted.
  10. That's my bad, didn't realize you had tried evading right before appealing. So I revert my decision, Appeal(s) Denied.
  11. could you help here is a mistake


  12. No you didn't, you attempted to evade the ban before making this appeal. 🙂 https://gyazo.com/23886abd2f7ea28f4ff358d8e924afe2 https://gyazo.com/d7e60e9723214fb16ecf41387b9ff43b Appeal Denied.
  13. The situation was understood perfectly by the banning admin. Two attempts were made to screen grab you, on both of those occasions these are what came through. If you click on the link, nothing appears apart from a small white box, whereas when someone is not using a program of sorts to block it, we get these, a shot of what the player can see. Appeal Denied.
  14. Appeal Denied.



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