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  1. George

    Banks Unban Appeal

    We always appreciate people who chose to admit to their hacks and show remorse for doing so. I'm going to be unbanning you seeming as it has been well over a year now and the banning admin agreed. This is your second chance, you won't get a third. Appeal Accepted
  2. +1 Active and friendly, been around a good amount of time.
  3. Going to go ahead and unban you since this was over a year ago and the banning admin is retired. This is your second chance, we don't give out third chances. Appeal Accepted
  4. Your ban is currently one week. Although, you're a longtime player and you're well aware this just isn't alright. I'm going to be extending your ban to a month. Appeal Denied
  5. George

    angel unban appeal

    You should never hack in response to another person hacking. You've only been banned a week so I'm going to go ahead and deny this. We have been known to give second chances and I'm certain you will receive one, but in this case you can appeal your ban in 2 weeks time. Until then you can reflect on what you did and hopefully not make the same error if you eventually return. Appeal Denied
  6. That's what Phoon said on your last appeal. Feel free to re-apply in 2 weeks time.
  7. He never steps out when you shoot the wall, and thanks for the offer of spectating you 24/7, that's what I'd like to spend my time doing.
  8. At the start of the clip you pre-fire him, granted there's little context so it's viable you already knew he was there, but to shoot at him as he was about to peak from your placement is far too sus. Then further into the video you try 2 bursts through the wall to kill him. mate
  9. My view on this has changed after a nights sleep. I'm somewhat ok with Har being unbanned now, assuming he's under heavy supervision on a tight leash. You also make a valid point, you could've just used an ALT to play but instead you've used the correct method of *possibly* being able to play again. I also apologise for some of the things I've said towards you on here, whilst I stand by how I act, I shouldn't have been acting like so on a ban appeal. (Just to be clear these are my own thoughts, I wasn't spoken to by any higher ups)
  10. I'm a good staff member, your issue with me is how I've treated you, which is less my skills as an admin but rather my personality, which is fair and I couldn't care less what most people think of me apart from peatreat. This should be my last comment here now since this is a ban appeal for you, not my staff report.
  11. That's because I don't respect you, you don't deserve any respect the other staff have showed you. The community is called "Can't Stand Idiots", you were too dimwitted to even discreetly be toxic, instead you jumped in head first and are now upset when someone speaks to you in a way you don't like. This is a gmodz community I'm not going to act like we're running a business here.
  12. Yet you are only sorry because the server is active, you never made these apologies a year ago or even showed an ounce of remorse. I also find it funny how you think you can judge how I act towards you after you spent your time calling people the gamer word.
  13. Here's a serious response. I don't believe I have made the staff team bad, and the only players I've "driven away" are ones who had no intention of playing (at least by the rules), such as you and your friends. Now I'm going to give a proper response instead of the one from my phone in bed. Yes, my attitude is pretty bad, but I only direct it towards people who are deserving of it, such as you in this case. In no way shape or form would I direct it towards a player abiding by the rules and getting along with other people, rather than calling them many derogatory slurs. Granted, you haven't done that in this appeal, but you did it plenty in the past with your only excuse being that it wasn't punishable back then, and therefore it's alright. Har Mar is an idiot at heart, he called people everything under the sun just for the fun of it, no other reason. But now that the server has an active player base he wants to play again, he doesn't deserve to do so. People who followed the rules and treat other players well, deserve that privilege to continue playing without hindrance. I'm British, I like making fun of people. I don't make fun of random people though because I'm an Administrator for CSi, and therefore I only target "idiots", people who deserve to be treated as such because they don't follow the rules, especially people like Har who use every slur in his little book simply because it made him giggle. I don't really know what you said, but me calling someone a "illiterate baboon" and an "ape" (referring to their intelligence of course) I imagine isn't comparable to what made you kicked from the community, but I can say for sure in comparison to Har, I am nowhere near his level. I do in fact love banning rule breakers, I won't lie! The guy who said he would demote me in an instance has clearly never been in any management position, not to mention that is a clear bias, since I imagine he has no view on the situation at hand, just what you painted for him, as if it even matters.
  14. Lmao, if I'm to get punished for being rude to a toxic retard like you so be it. Shit I better bucker up Also I said "illiterate baboon", which I suppose applies to this guy adding his unbiased 2 cents It's just my sense of humour, calling idiots what they are instead of treating them like they had a little slip up saying racist and homophobic shit just because they can. You guys need to lose that extra chromosome and go back to whatever nook you clambered out of.

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