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  1. Unfortunately, you have been caught in a lie in your appeal. Third-person mode has always been disabled and never an option to play with. The ONLY WAY to access third-person is with a third party program AKA a cheat. So, you having admitted to just using it confirms you were cheating. Now, I can understand wanting to play, but it tends to go better for most people when they don't start their appeal with a lie. In most cases, I would have been willing to give you another chance seeing how this was almost two years ago. But, the honesty in your appeal has got me questioning that. I will be
  2. My apologies for taking so long to respond, I'm a very busy IRL and can go weeks without checking up on things. I recently formatted some of my hard drives and it looks like not just yours, but all of my evidence was lost. For that reason, I will be lifting your ban along with your friends. Keep in mind we are always watching so don't blow this chance. Cheers.
  3. TeddyBears


    Welcome, glad you decided to say hello here on the forums!
  4. Sorry, but due to not having many replies or enough playtime/engagement with the community, I'm going to have to deny this application. If you come back, please feel free to re-apply. Hope to see you around. 🙂
  5. From the few times I have seen you on, you've seemed pretty chill. +1
  6. Although you might have had a bit of a history, I like to believe people can change. With that being said, I'm going to accept this application. Welcome to the veteran club. 🙂
  7. I have had only good experiences with you, welcome to CSi.
  8. Seem like you fit in pretty well, welcome to CSi.
  9. Have had good experiences with you on the server. That being said, welcome to CSi.
  10. Accepted, finally. Sorry ❤️
  11. Edit: After discussing this with the staff team some more, we have decided that there is indeed enough evidence here of you aimlocking to warrant a ban. As such, your ban has been re-instated.
  12. Hi there, Here is what you were banned for: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t6FYNinT43g&feature=youtu.be After reviewing the evidence, and the inadequate quality it's in. I have concluded there isn't quite enough evidence to ban you. I will be lifting your ban. Regards, Teddy
  13. After some consideration, I have decided to give you one last chance. Keep in mind you will be on a heavy watch list. Any more rule breaking of ANY kind will result in a permanent ban. Consider this your last shot.
  14. Waiting on group ironman before i start an account. Want to play with the lady. My main is like 1850ish total or something. Haven't played in a few months.
  15. Welcome back. Always good to see old veterans.

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