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  1. At some point, you just say enough chances. The reason you're making this appeal is because you got caught breaking yet another rule. Appeal denied. (P.S - Next time, start with an unban appeal instead of ban evading.)
  2. You sound a bit salty. This is what i bothered quickly digging up. Also, supposedly, you were threatening to DDOS. I didn't get sent the pictures so I won't say IF you did or not, but if I get them, I'll be sure to add them here. End of the day, you were banned for saying stupid shit in global and breaking tons of rules. You've played long enough to know what those are so there is no excuse. EDIT: Yiiiikesssss . Later, dumbass.
  3. In that case, application accepted. Welcome to CSi!
  4. In that case, application accepted! Welcome to CSi. make sure to read the new guidelines posted here. Hope to see you around.
  5. Thanks for your interest in being a veteran member, we hold veteran members to a new set of standards outlined here. One of those is being active within the community and showing interest, As mentioned earlier, I have seen bare minimum from you recently and don't think you are ready to become a veteran member. Application denied.
  6. TeddyBears

    Josh's Vett App

    Accepted, don't make me regret it.
  7. Thank you for your interest in becoming a CSi member. Unfortunately since there have been minimum replies to your thread, I'm going to have to deny this application. I recommend playing more with people, being more involved in discord and re-applying in a little bit.
  8. After some careful thought I've decided to go ahead and accept your membership application. With that being said, please make sure to read the new Community Rules and the Membership Guidelines as they have recently changed and been updated.
  9. I haven't seen almost any activity from you recently, are you still interested in becoming a CSi veteran member?
  10. I'm going to go ahead and deny this application as it looks like the applicant has been inactive and hasn't responded to my question.
  11. As Thunder said, I haven't seen any activity from you on the DayZ server since 7/22/19. Forum and discord activity is also low. So, I typically don't do this but I'll ask one more time; are you interested in becoming a CSi member?
  12. It seems like you haven't logged into your forum account since 7/31/19. Are you still interested in joining?
  13. I've played with you before and also agree that you would fit in well within CSi. With that said, application accepted! Make sure to read the new Community Rules and the Membership Guidelines as they have recently changed and been updated. Cheers!
  14. It's an actual ZL1 with a 6 speed. This one is special as it is 1 of 46 manual ZL1 coupes made in that color (Krypton Green) for the entire planet. RWD, 650 hp / 650 torque, I just got it recently, it's a crazy car and i love it haha Hope to see you around. 🙂

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