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  1. After some consideration, I have decided to give you one last chance. Keep in mind you will be on a heavy watch list. Any more rule breaking of ANY kind will result in a permanent ban. Consider this your last shot.
  2. Waiting on group ironman before i start an account. Want to play with the lady. My main is like 1850ish total or something. Haven't played in a few months.
  3. Welcome back. Always good to see old veterans.
  4. Application accepted, from everyone on the staff team here, I'd like to say, "Welcome"!
  5. Welcome to the forum. I hope to get a chance to play with you and hope to see you become a more involved in CSi. Cheers.
  6. Welcome, it is always nice to see a familiar face pop by.
  7. I will say that I definitely have noticed peat grow up a little bit and I think maybe at one point you probably will be a CSi member. As Xavier has said, he is neutral on this and so am I. With that being said, instead of keeping this thread open, I'm going to deny this application and let you re-apply when you think a better time for it is.
  8. Unfortunately, you aren't currently active in the community so I will have to deny this application. Feel free to reapply once you think is appropriate,
  9. Application denied. Not active enough and not enough community input.
  10. I'm going to have to deny this application. I just don't see you often enough. If you decide to become a more active part of CSi again, please feel free to re-apply.
  11. I'm going to deny this since I don't fully see you being CSi member material quite yet. Make some friends here, get to know some people and if you are still interested in a few months, try again.
  12. Application denied due to inactivity.
  13. TeddyBears

    Unban appeal

    Looks like varme already unbanned you. Accepted.

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