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  1. TeddyBears


    Appeal denied.
  2. Application accepted. Welcome to CSi. Nice to get another bi-lingual Russian/English speaking member. Enjoy your stay.
  3. +1 from me. Very active, I haven't seen much/any drama and always reporting cheaters.
  4. After looking at the evidence, I'm going to agree with George. The third and fourth clips in particular look interesting.
  5. TeddyBears


    That tree one is pretty damning... care to explain?
  6. You initially lied in your appeal by saying you didn't use hacks and then attempted to ban evade. After you realized you couldn't, you sent me a DM admitting to cheating and asking for yet another chance. Appeal denied.
  7. Hey, after some consideration I'm going to lift this ban. I'm not fully convinced in the evidence I have. Please don't give us another reason to watch you.
  8. After some consideration, we have decided to lift this ban. Please use better judgement in the future going forward.
  9. Hey, We are still working on the server. Some backend things broke when gmod updated I believe. Right now, the main dev is on vacation. Once holidays are over, I expect things to go back to normal.
  10. TeddyBears

    unban :(

    Appeal denied as you weren't honest in the fact that you were indeed cheating.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  12. From my time on the server, you seem like a decent fellow. Application accepted, welcome. Denied.
  13. Banned for a day. Didn't find more proof in logs with that name or steamid. Thanks for the report.
  14. Great suggestions. I believe #2 is already coming in some sort of fashion later on (it's on our radar) I feel like #1 could be added in some way as well. Would be interested in hearing thoughts on the other perks.
  15. Thank you for your patience, this is being discussed internally right now. The banning admin @Rolchaxwill post a response as soon as a decision is made.
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