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  1. So it turns out I’m a fucking idiot and messed up my age, I’m not 14 I’m 16.. just now realized that, apologies, and I also forgot to put “Membership” in the title. I’m not sure if I can edit on mobile, so that’s why I’m just replying.
  2. Player Name: Lucy Steam ID (STEAM_0:0:00000000): STEAM_0:0:196410224 Discord username (user#1234): Lucy#8838 Age: 16 Which server do you play the most: Garry's Mod DayZ How long have you been playing on our server(s): Well, around.. maybe 2015, since bows where a thing. I played on a different account for the first year I was there, which, is now gone. Have you ever been banned? If so, tell us why: Yes, i've been banned once, for micspam. What are you able to bring to the CSi community: Well, I'm always active. It's gotten to the point where

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