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  1. Honesty does go a long way, and being upfront about your cheats is enough for me to lift your ban. It's been almost a full month, so I will be unbanning you today. Be aware that there are no 3rd chances, and any future "mistakes" will result with no chance of appeal.
  2. The room size is fairly small all things considered. Spamming is bound to yield some results, and it's possible this was luckier than usual. Near the end of the video, the corner gets spammed once he's coming down and he even walks towards the door to bait more shots on the other side of the house, which prompts a few bullets on the front wall to get spammed (all missing him). I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt, that room is small enough, and if the second kill wasn't even cali's, then it'd be more likely luck than anything else.
  3. No prior evade attempts, has my +1
  4. You connected from the same IP as all 13 reconnect attempts. They may all be different acounts, but since we cannot confirm or deny you are a different player, the account will stay banned. The best route would be to have the person originally banned make an appeal.
  5. With this, I will be locking the thread. Feel free to re-apply after 10/7/2020.
  6. Seeing as this is also you, a 3rd evasion attempt puts you in a really tough spot. You went through 3 accounts and multiple IPs instead of appealing on the first go-round. I'd like to see what that conversation with the staff member looked like and what their input is on this.
  7. You need to use the template for a proper appeal, but seeing as how both accounts joined from the same IP, I don't believe you. Unless you'd like to try and convince the staff that you're playing at his house, you should probably just try and be honest.
  8. this is your comment edit^ You have no impulse control, and your accusations and assumptions are wrong. You called lucy a salty bitch after teamkilling them with your name, dodged your mute acting like your gf, and you continue to insult the staff because you think we have something against you. Your punishment has been extremely generous from Xavier, with most people being permanently banned with no chance of appeals. You've made this claim multiple times before, what makes this different? You even came to me personally asking for a ban reduction on your 3 months saying you woul
  9. Very straightforward, you came back after 2 years without any evasion attemps and were honest about it. Appeal accepted, hope to see you playing!
  10. Rolchax

    Unban Request

    Always best to come clean, this appeal will be denied.
  11. It seems that this ban is about a year old. Is it possible you played the server and forgotten?
  12. George posted your evidence and his reasoning along with some posts you made. These lead me to believe that you 1) cheated and used appeals as a last resort, and 2) you don't have a good attitude towards George because he was the banning admin at the time despite you being in the wrong. This appeal will be denied because of the evasion attempt.
  13. No one should "live in fear" of any administrator. We are not here to terrorize players for things, we are here to uphold a standard so that the server can be a hospitable place for all players. This includes monitoring and filtering chat. Global chat is readable by all online, and even things said to specific people can cause harm to others or reputation. The ban has already been reduced to one week after discussing with other admins and reconsidering on my end. If people avoid rules while admins aren't online, then it's a show of character imho. Intentions will never excuse an end so lo
  14. I went ahead and looked through sourcebans myself to see if you had just forgotten about the server since it had been a year since playing, but I found myself really disappointed when I saw you tried to connect at 16:37 on your banned account before connecting at 17:07 on your steam shared account. I wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt here, but I don't think that using appeals as your last resort should be acceptable. Appeal denied.

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