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  1. You've improved yourself immensely since your last application a few months ago, and I've actually been able to play with you for a little bit. You're overall more friendly, helpful, empathetic, and calm. I think you'll fit in nicely with the tag.
  2. Looking forward to the release
  3. I've actually had multiple people see you on the server and pm me telling me to watch out because they know you from other places. Your influence is bigger than you give credit to.
  4. I know that it's a difficult past to live down, but it also stems from your background in coding cheats that youve personally used in other games/gamemodes and publicly release (albeit with csi in mind). I don't personally have a grudge with you, but I've always opposed you because that's what I believed was fair. I have to give you credit for coming back from previous bans on here and persisting and making a better name for yourself because it's hard to do that and not many people would. You're smart, chill, and helpful. You have more than enough to be a community member, but people know you for less than positive reasons that put you at a serious disadvantage. You have to think about what kind of effects it would have on the csi community and what kind of reputation of csi that would leave in the minds of players who know who you are and what kind of history you have. That's what I'm thinking of, and I'm sure that's what a few of the other players voting are debating at the moment when they're deciding which way to lean. I think you'll have to keep fighting to get it, and I do think you'll eventually get it when more time passes, but this kind of response to people is only going to set you further back. I have no vote either way, but I do wish you all the best. Try and be more professional.
  5. Rolchax

    my CSi app

    +1 if you can get me some free chicken :^) But for real you've been here a long while and show a lot of interest in the community. Best of luck ^^
  6. Plays osu, active, not toxic. Say no more. +1
  7. For the same reason I voted neutral for Med, -1'd Ramelion, and voted to get Dank Scorpion's membership revoked, I have to agree with Dan. There's a time and place for certain behavior, and if you want to represent csi as a whole you have to understand where those are. You're a nice kid and you've grown up a good bit since I last saw you, but there's still room for you to grow ^^
  8. Well I'll be damned https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1804302128 It does make the bars transparent
  9. Post all of your graphics setting here and I'll go take a screenshot of it I'll be extremely surprised if it isn't still a solid black line
  10. Rolchax


    Welcome! See you around if you're active in the discord!
  11. Personally I think you're a bit too edgy in chat and come off as abbrasive to new players. Outside of this I think that you are experienced and I know how active you are in the community, and that you even help people out if given the chance. I'm going to remain neutral and hope that I see more from you.
  12. See, my biggest concern is that you traced him while staring at the black line in the window and shot directly on his person with no real great reason to shoot since no one was on the bag. Good crosshair placement and attention to detail is viable for the other parts of the clip imo though. Through experience, you just don't spray things like that without good reason or it's a waste of ammo. Literally go and watch yourself in slow-mo at 0:21-0:26 and tell me that this is a legit shot. -1 from me.
  13. +1 He's friendly, constantly online, and has been around for too many years. Good luck ^^

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