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  1. lul. All admins are vetted and undergo a long application process. Wrong on all counts here, chief. He has a long list of cheaters and toxic players banned, including yourself. He is involved and plays the game fairly to ensure a pleasant experience for all users, and from what he posted, he's doing his job well imho.
  2. Ah yes, moral superiority from a person who can't play the server fairly and legitimately. My apologies.
  3. If you had researched any of the accepted forum appeals, you'll find the majority are cheaters who admitted to cheating and owned up to it. Say and do what you want, but our process is fair. Players looking for another chance at honest play will get it, and you didn't want that.
  4. Rolchax

    Ban appeal

    Also just adding onto this, I asked if you had even read our community rules before to which you said "no." So there isn't really a whole lot of room to wiggle in the "I wouldnt have done it" route. Just doesnt make sense.
  5. Yes, due to some critical bug abuse, the server is currently down until it can be rolled back and fixed. There should be an announcement in the discord whenever that will be, so keep an eye out!
  6. Personally I think that leaving the safezone loaded and ready to fight is more of an advantage than you might think, so in my opinion a timer on invincibility would be overpowered and provide a much better chance at getting the upper hand on someone nearby. Think of this like the respawn immunity or round start immunity on csgo DM. Those players will always get the first shot off on someone without it, and it's frustrating for everyone. On the flip side of this, for players who are loading in for the first time that day might be able to survive long enough to load a weapon with the timer and possibly fight back, so the idea isn't as far fetched as some might think. If you considered making the feature exclusive to only when you log in and maybe even reducing the amount of time in that state, it could be viable. If you think of any other ways to refine the idea, I'd be interested.
  7. Rolchax

    unban please

    Seeing as it was two years ago and you admitted to cheating then, I'm willing to lift this ban as I was your banning admin. Welcome back.
  8. Rolchax

    ban request

    Normally I would wait for the banning admin to post the evidence that they gathered pertaining to your ban, but it looks as though you tried to ban evade with another account before appealing. This image shows that you tried to join back on your Oef account 3 times before attempting to join via this account: This will be a -1 from me.
  9. I hope you can be more professional in the future, but this is definitely not a becoming reaction to actual critisism.
  10. I gotta be upfront with you here, you do not embody any of the standards set for members aside from time here. You can get a little hot headed and extremely rude towards those who disagree with you or rub you the wrong way for whatever reason. You do not understand the professional boundaries that should be expected in a member and you cause needless drama and fighting. No this is not a personal bias, and is not affected by our conversation earlier. People have complained to the staff, and I've gone through chat logs because I'm interested in seeing what our potential members look like. You simply aren't the kind of person that I would want to represent the community. This isn't to say you couldn't be in the future, because Ramelion is a member that got denied at first due to his behaviors, and now he's become a productive community member. For reference, these conversations were spicy and I'm just tossing in some of my favorites from the list. And when told to chill out by staff: Straight ignoring a staff request from dan and passing the blame instead of dropping the arguement. (which is false btw, presumably you said this just to meme around a little and it got out of hand) After some more pointless name calling and generally being toxic and perplexing to say the least: All in all, I thought you had a lot to offer when you first joined and started creatively utilizing the map as well as doing community work until people didn't agree with everything you said or did and you decided to show a less than appealing side to them. You sit in discord even if it's just you for hours, and you can be nice to players sometimes, but if that means that incidents like these appear every now and then, I'm going to -1. Edit: Your steam ID is STEAM_0:1:19194725 btw.
  11. Welcome! Always happy to have a new face around 😄
  12. Unfortunately that isn't what got you banned as you were caught by our anticheat. This means you wouldn't be unfairly banned and this narrative is false. -1

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