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  1. As long as you understand the severity of cheating and that you will not get a 3rd chance, then I will unban you. You didn't try to justify cheating and you recognize what happened.
  2. Rolchax

    angel unban appeal

    Ideally we'd prefer that no one cheats on the server. On the premise that you go through the proper routes and don't cheat again, I will +1 the appeal. If this does get accepted, remember that there are no more chances after.
  3. Welcome back Mr_Deex! Here's why you were banned initially in late 2019: You forgot to deinitialize your injected cheats! Hopefully this can jog your memory a bit.
  4. Hilariously gonna -1 this now. gl "gamer"
  5. Solo is currently a retired admin, but this is what I was able to find real quick. The timing roughly checks out and I vaguely remember you playing a few years back for a couple of weeks before getting banned. Your appeal is enough for me to give my +1. Straightforward and honest.
  6. Rolchax

    angel unban appeal

    Any time you think that someone is cheating, your first instinct should never be to take it upon yourself to counter it with your own because then you end up being the one using it and getting in trouble for it. I've dealt with a few cases like this and it's always the intention to beat the "cheater" but everyone else they kill with it is just collateral damage, which is not ok in my book. We have so many server messages running in the chat telling you how to use admin chat, players in the community who would help you locate an admin, and the F1 help menu that tells you the command directly. I hate this excuse with a passion. Now that you understand the severity and the speed in which you will get caught, hopefully you'll think twice in any other server you play on. I'm remaining neutral until Phoon posts his evidence.
  7. Just for clarity, the list of bans were not really lifted, more kinda lost after the server was hit by ransomware. Rules were also more or less based around the admin's discretion (determining harassment and alerting/warning players of it) because the population was usually more manageable. The reason that system didn't last long in my opinion is due to the number of issues that it allowed to take place. Either way, players have a better outline to reference when playing. I do want to thank you for keeping the thread professional(ish), and honest statements go a long way with me. I will rescend my -1 and remain neutral for now.
  8. This appeal has started to go off track. I want to point out since I've posted that there still is little to no actual intention of bettering yourself, and every staff member who has responded has given a few valid points towards their opinion, but a majority of your response has been overwhelmingly about the rules way back when. I distinctly remember telling you multiple times to stop, other admins telling me that you didn't deserve as many warnings as you did, and I can promise everyone who has interacted with me in game receives multiple warnings before a mute (which I've muted har mar many times before his ban) before any kind of temporary, much less permanent, action is taken. You were told many times that it was wrong and to stop, with temporary punishments issued nearly any time an admin was online for weeks. Your entire case is leaning hard on whether or not it was "allowed". When admins tell you it is not allowed and you do it anyways and then call hypocracy, that's when people start to take issue. As a staff member, I want what is ultimately best for the entire community. If I have to decide between letting a player with a known history of disrespect and extreme levels of toxicity play again because they think that it's been long enough and believe they should receive another opportunity to enjoy the server and risk a repeat situation where the rules can get constantly stepped around on "technicalities" or potentially preventing further damage to be caused using a bearucratic process with evidence and reason, in my personal opinion it's an easy decision to make. I remember this well. I told you to stop because you weren't making the game enjoyable for anyone else but yourself. As you can see, you were warned, kicked, told to relax and stop harassing, muted, temp banned, and then banned. You cannot say you didn't know better or that it was unreasonable because of the rules at the time. You were well aware way in advance that it was ridiculous and inappropriate. You were one of the only people we've had multiple people report for harassment. You got so many chances, and that's what I think is being missed here. I'm not interested in reading that there were no rules at the time again, I want a valid reason why you think you should come back.
  9. Nice to see you back! I'd love to see/listen to some stuff you've made if you're putting it out there.
  10. Rolchax

    Unban Request

    @phoon Do you have any other video clips of him?
  11. I'm not gonna go much further into this with you past this post, but I do want it to be clear that you did break what most would probably consider our most important rule that has never changed: Don't be an idiot. I personally dislike the idea of considering unbanning you because "ackchyually" you didn't break a written list of rules because you would skirt the edges of them and blatantly ignore what admins told you to do to the point you got banned permanently in the first place. You tried to use slurs and toxicity only over voice and when admins weren't online to avoid punishment. That's not something that a person who isn't doing any wrong would do. You didn't care when you got banned ages ago, you aren't even regretful and defended what you did by saying you didn't break rules, and even still you're completely unsymapthetic towards everyone else and the administration that have received countless reports of harassment and blatant toxicity. That's not a risk I want to expose this community to again, so that's why I'm going to vote no.
  12. The key words in your appeal are "as i see it actually has players again" You don't magically change attitudes because you saw the numbers going up. I've seen plenty of players do the same thing: Aimbot as a prime example. You aren't magically exhonerated from your past actions because you wrote a shoddy 2 sentence minimal effort appeal, and I'm honestly surprised that it's being considered somewhat seriously.
  13. Here are 5 of my favorite examples from 42 pages of text that I chose from so that people can gauge what kind of player you were.
  14. You were constantly causing issues and pushing the limits on the server, and not only were you the opposite of helpful in global chat, you constantly told others to quit/leave/kill themselves. You were rude to everyone, not just a particular case. You got banned for excessive racism and slurs BEFORE we had a rule in place for it because it was so bad. You have 2 bans for toxicity alone, and that is why it wasn't a temp ban. Personally, I think the ban should stay.

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