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  1. Rolchax

    unban me

    Appeal was accepted, locking thread.
  2. Unfortunately we have no way to confirm what is your brother and what is you since all we can see are attempted connections from the same place. We cannot make an exclusion for a specific account due to the high volume of attempts to bypass our system. I'll go ahead and deny this application.
  3. Welcome to the club! Application accepted.
  4. Sorry for the delay, I was waiting to watch back a demo file I have saved from when I banned you a year prior but needed an older map file to view it. Unfortunately I still do not have the map required to view it, but it seems as though you decided to make the ban appeal after attempting to evade the ban using another account. I also vaguely remember you telling me why you were cheating at the time, but your story really doesn't make much sense. I would like to see this video that you're talking about though. Feel free to post it in this thread.
  5. +1 friendly enough :^)
  6. It's been a long time, so I'm open to the idea on the same conditions George put forth. I'm sure most of the admins will agree with that sentiment though, so I guess my two cents on the matter will be focused on mending bridges. I wouldn't mind talking with you over discord and just catching up, and it'll give me a better feel for where you're at with everything. I'd like @phoon to comment on this and then I think we can decide from that point what direction we want to go from there.
  7. Further discussion has led to the conclusion that you were still using software to prevent a screengrab. This thread will be re-locked and you may re-appeal in 2 weeks if you want.
  8. Recent conversation with @Xavierhas revealed that occasionally this will happen to users with extremely slow connections. I'll re-open this for now and see if Xavier has an opinion on this specific case.
  9. Rolchax

    Unban appeal

    I went back and looked at the previous appeal, and @Georgewas the banning admin with a screengrab of your cheats. Honesty does go a long way here, so I'm willing to lift your ban since you waited a few months since your last appeal and came clean about it. Be careful, as there is never a 3rd chance.
  10. You have spammed multiple appeals claiming that you were falsly banned and even started this one off by saying the same thing. In our rules, denied applications must wait a full 2 weeks before applying again. If you feel compelled to appeal again, please wait the appropriate length. Until then, denied.
  11. Rolchax


    We appreciate the honesty in your appeal, and I'm sure @Danwould agree to an unban since he was your banning admin.
  12. Locking this thread because you were dishonest on your appeal and have been previously denied with evidence.
  13. Your previous appeal has already been denied for obvious reasons. You have been caught cheating and had evidence posted on your last appeal here:
  14. Honesty does go a long way, and being upfront about your cheats is enough for me to lift your ban. It's been almost a full month, so I will be unbanning you today. Be aware that there are no 3rd chances, and any future "mistakes" will result with no chance of appeal.



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