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  1. Kevin

    Kevin Supporter Lovely Supporter Veteran Member

    Well, what can I say, its definitely been a hell of a lot of fun being in this community, I've been here longer than i have with any other community and I made some great friends that I will cherish throughout my life. It wasn't my intention to leave the community so prematurely but its becoming more and more obvious that I can't go to school full time, work full time, and hope to have a social life on top of playing gmod for 80+ hrs a week. My priorities are my life and my education so unfortunately the server is lower on my list of priorities, but I think its for the best (for me anyway) Im getting a job working at the university of colorado hospital and going to school full time to get into med school :) . There is so much i could say but for the sake of the reader and out of my own laziness I'm going to keep it short.
    For the staff team: Its been tons of fun not just with the current staff team but with every past staff team I've worked with we may have had our differences and it wasn't easy but it was a great experience nonetheless.
    Xavier: Its been great working with you man I will miss listening to jungle with you, you are a seriously talented developer and I hope everything works out great with you and krystal.
    krystal: you are awesome and fun to talk to, you and xavier are great together, good luck :D
    Teddy: I wish we spoke more you beautiful russian man :^) thanks for helping me out whenever I needed, even if it was 3 am lol. I wish you and jules the best of luck, and keep on keepin on.
    Korbin: You are like a little brother to me, You just get me :') I'm going to miss you, and i wish the best of luck for you and your family I definitely stay in touch with you <3 .
    Aleks: You will forever be my brit. Seriously though I can't even describe how great of a friend you've been i will miss waking up to your beautiful voice my friend. stay in touch with me you beautiful man.
    Michael: You are my bro :) its been a ride man we probably came from one of the most hated groups on the server and ended up being CSi. together lol I will miss you and all the times we had together.
    Ryko/Gucci/ethan/brian/and the squad: I know you guys don't exactly love each other anymore Kappa but thanks for hanging out with me, I probably wouldn't have continued playing on the server if it weren't for you guys.
    Solo Dolo: My man :^) you already know i love ya bro, good luck with the girlfriend.
    Run2die: bruv i love ya, i miss you and hope i get the chance to play with you in the future.
    Chair: You are the most fun person to talk to, you can always make people laugh no matter what its been good amigo. lirikH
    Abyss: u hax0r, thanks for livening the server and making it more competitive, i will miss your estonian connection, see u l8r kevin Kappa.
    Kendra: You are one hell of a 'gal, it was fun talking to your beautiful face thanks for being there to liven the mood, also dont drink too much it will ruin your liver Kappa
    Jackie: thanks for buying me that game, its surprisingly super entertaining, also it was pretty crazy marathoning the GY!BE discography I enjoyed all 6 hours of it :^)
    Moon: You are a wonderful person to talk to and hang out with, thanks for being my bestie, and keep in touch (duk) :^)
    Juan: here is my autograph, thanks for all the ammo you gave me :D "Kevin" <--- lol "autograph"
    argent: je t'aime, bon chance mon ami lirikH
    prospy: my little mexican child I will miss you and your voice and the telemundo playing in the background whenever you speak through your mic, play dayz with me more sometime. <3
    Zimboobwe: its been fun playing with you, good luck in the future and don't camp Kappa
    OJJJ: im sorry i forgot about you i made this at like midnight. thanks for keeping me company it was getting lonely being the only admin, like you said you were like a chill stoner bro to talk to plus you have good taste in music so thats always a plus with me :^) im sure we'll get to hang out in the future sometime.
    ermm im bound to have forgotten people, but don't feel bad i love you and your beautiful faces also i will be editing and adding people
    whom i may have forgotten. Thanks for being here with me through this crazy awesome community and mad props to you if you read the whole thing. I will miss each and every one of you (yes teemo even you) lirikH
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  2. Icy

    Icy Supporter Lovely Supporter Veteran Member

    Kevin i'm holding back tears as I write this ,you will forever be my brother love ya dude, we had already talked,I'm keeping my goal the same in your honor you know what i'm talking about pop in every once in a while. lirikH

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  3. Moonlight

    Moonlight Supporter Lovely Supporter Community Member

    Awh, Kevin bb lirikH I'll miss your wonderful self!
    Still "would bang/10" huehue Be good and you best keep in touch if you know what's good for you!
    I'm not gonna even act like I didn't shed a tear.
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  4. Moon

    Moon The Princess of Love and Joy and Friendship Veteran Member

    Keb Keb! You are my bestie. And my tall big Japanese brother.
    I'm going to miss you in this community. You're one of my favorites. It's always very fun to hang out with you, and you're one of the very few I've trusted enough to open up to about my personal life. But hey, we're going to be Japanese doctors together, right? There's too much for me to say, but we'll keep talking anyway. Keep being the great friend you are, and listen to more music with me. You'll forever be my favorite Asian. <3
    (duk) :^)
  5. Pro Ace

    Pro Ace Kings Never Die Lovely Supporter Veteran Member

    Wow Kevin. It's been a hell of an experience with you as an admin. You've been a great friend and have taught me a lot. I wish you all the luck on your education and the future.
    Thank you for everything bud <3
    Pro Ace
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  6. revynchevy

    revynchevy Goddess of Night and Vampyres Lovely Supporter Community Member

    Goodbye, Kevin! Thanks for your service to the community! Good luck on all your future endeavors! You'll be missed by the community!
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  7. McLovin

    McLovin THE GUY THAT NEED DIP FOR HIS CHIPS!!! Lovely Supporter

    Damn bro....never thought you would ever were always my favorite admins and im not lying bro....thanks for being a good admin. Youll be missed :(
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  8. Skull Kid

    Skull Kid Veteran Member Veteran Member

  9. Azure

    Azure #1 Lovely Supporter Veteran Member

    Thanks for everything, you truly are the best. From yelling Star Wars references to playing the British National anthem on repeat, 7 months really has gone by far too quick. Yet, I wouldn't have had it any other way. We've been through quite a bit in that time, some good, some not so good ;^). Regardless, I'll cherish that time more than anything.

    This thread gets me everytime. Love you with all my heart. <3

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  10. $!l3nT

    $!l3nT The Talkative Staff Member Administrator Lovely Supporter

    Take care Kev. As much as I don't want to see you go I'm glad you got your priorities in line. It's always nice to see someone heading down the right path.

    Best of luck to you my friend.
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  11. xXProSpyXx

    xXProSpyXx Supporter Lovely Supporter

    no what pls no kevin why why lirikThump plssss dont leave lirikH
    u where my favorite admin
    take care kevin
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  12. Zimbabwe

    Zimbabwe Supporter Lovely Supporter Community Member

    Wha Why.
    It's been a hell of a journey with you.
    I'm just letting you know one thing, all these zippe......
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  13. Hannibal Buress

    Hannibal Buress The Man, The Myth, The Legend Veteran Member

    I will never forget the first ever time I played on this server. I saw your name and said, "HEY MY NAME IS KEVIN TOO! DON'T SHOOT MY BROTHER!" .....Then you killed me BibleThump Anyways thank you for your amazing service to the community you will be missed
    ~Hannibal Buress(Kevin)
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  14. TeddyBears

    TeddyBears The Head Bear Staff Member Council Member Lovely Supporter

    It's been a blast, good luck with everything in the future and thank you for your service.
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  15. jackettack

    jackettack Veteran Member Veteran Member

    Good luck with med school Kevin. You're super smart and I'm sure you'll accomplish great things while you're there. It's good to know you have your priorities established. Would have been a shame for you to choose video games over academics.

    Attention, mon ami.
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  16. Lich

    Lich The Reclaimer Lovely Supporter Community Member

    lirikThump buh kev...... good to see your taking school/work a priority over games hope to you succeed in med school lirikH hope too see you on sometime lirikThump
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  17. Teemo

    Teemo Supporter Lovely Supporter Community Member

    GLHF with all dat life stuff. This isn't goodbye, see you on the other side when things normalize for you in the future hopefully! We will always be here.
  18. Derped

    Derped Member

    Had fun while it lasted, hope to see you again one day. :D
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  19. King Vlad

    King Vlad Supporter Lovely Supporter Community Member

    That's a hell of a goodbye :( But ya know life priorities always come first! Many people put their fun and enjoyment on videogames as a priority these days. I hope you get lot of joy in your life mon conchon Kappa . Please take care Kevin ! It was nice to play with you.
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  20. Communist Orange Juice

    Communist Orange Juice Supporter Lovely Supporter Veteran Member

    I sensed this departure thats the funny thing, Why i checked forums today. Kind of hurt i was not in there not gonna lie but i still wish you the best of luck dood <3

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