Final departure.

Discussion in 'Departures' started by Icy, Sep 18, 2015.


Are you glad Icy is gone?

  1. Fuck yeah,fuck him

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  2. I will miss him

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  3. He was alright

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  1. Icy

    Icy Supporter Lovely Supporter Veteran Member

    Because Kendra told me to make it long I will :3

    I've known of this server for over a year,played and enjoyed every fucking minute of it I have made a lot of friends,enemies,rivals it all started last year 4 people on server one of which was none other than Kevin he constantly killed me in hotel but he taught me the ropes,from there on I practiced with Ryko Deadly Gucci OJ Katman and thing went from there I love this place with all my heart and through everything I have nothing but nice things to say.

    LIST PEOPLE IN NO SPECIFIC ORDER (Going to try to name everyone)
    *Xavier-I'm listening to junglelist as I type this,this sever and community was a blast and if you need any assistance you may contact me :D
    *Teddy-I won my first event from you we didn't really talk out side of the forums but you seemed really chill.
    *Kevin-Bro words cant describe how much you had my back yeah I started alot of shit but you stuck with me.My start was with you but it ending here.
    *Moonlight-Favorite person to talk to my best friend,my sister from another mister.We will stay in touch no doubt <3
    Moneybags-You were my right hand when I was alone you had my back always.
    Silent-Jesus you're the calmest mother fucker I know <3 I love ya to death bro you always are there in my time on need.
    Abyss-You got shit from everyone and called a hacker constantly but you kept your chin up showed me what it means to be good at CSGO lol
    Ryko-play more DOTA FAGGOT lmfao nah but seriously you guys were chill af
    Eric Landerson-I know this seems odd but I have nothing against you,are better than me at CSGO and always were lol no hard feelings
    Revyn-Had a great time spending late nights with the crew was always a good time.
    Azure-Even though in the end I found the truth of you disliking me I had a great time gaming with you.
    Korbin-Glad we cleared things up. Great playing with you
    ProAce-Ill forever be your black man.
    Teemo-I hated you then loved you then hated you then loved you,Chin up bro we cool fam.
    Twinkie-All bullshit aside you are a fun dude to be around no hard feelings.
    Chair-Fuck you chair,BUT I LOVE YOU
    Nierm-Probably the nicest person I met.
    Alex-Sorry things went the way they did.
    Juan- l8 m8
    Scooby-Bro you were there for me when I had my surgery and I still love you bro <3
    Varme-Great admin keep doing your thing I glad we could game together I might hop in the ts every here and there.



    I started plenty drama and solved plenty problems but its the end of the line.

    another piece of cancer named "Icy" is out
    love you all
    ~Icy 2014-2015

    “Nothing is ever really lost to us as long as we remember it.”
    "It's sad to know I'm done. But looking back, I've got a lot of great memories."

    Feel free to add me on steam
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  2. Azure

    Azure #1 Lovely Supporter Veteran Member

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  3. Korbin

    Korbin ㅋㅋㅋ Staff Member Administrator Lovely Supporter

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  4. Hannibal Buress

    Hannibal Buress The Man, The Myth, The Legend Veteran Member

    Always remembered you as "The Dude That Likes DBZ". Anyways, see ya and good luck with life!
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  5. Moonlight

    Moonlight Supporter Lovely Supporter Community Member

    *insert Halo game references here and Skype gifs here*
    Cya on the flip side, fucking nerd. lirikH
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  6. Teemo

    Teemo Supporter Lovely Supporter Community Member

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  7. McLovin

    McLovin THE GUY THAT NEED DIP FOR HIS CHIPS!!! Lovely Supporter

    You missed your favorite mexican gardener :(. Ill cya later bro.
  8. Zimbabwe

    Zimbabwe Supporter Lovely Supporter Community Member

    Well fuck you too.
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  9. Kevin

    Kevin Supporter Lovely Supporter Veteran Member

    aww i miss you bud, don't be a stranger you have my kik. P.S the part about me in your departure really touched me, if you know what i mean Peka
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  10. McLovin

    McLovin THE GUY THAT NEED DIP FOR HIS CHIPS!!! Lovely Supporter

    Thats hawt
  11. Moon

    Moon The Princess of Love and Joy and Friendship Veteran Member

    :D <3 B)
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  12. $!l3nT

    $!l3nT The Talkative Staff Member Administrator Lovely Supporter

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  13. Kevin

    Kevin Supporter Lovely Supporter Veteran Member

    i remember that Kappa
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  14. Lich

    Lich The Reclaimer Lovely Supporter Community Member

    Tacos......................... oh wait someone is leaving?
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  15. Pro Ace

    Pro Ace Kings Never Die Lovely Supporter Veteran Member

    Love you long time big black man <3
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  16. revynchevy

    revynchevy Goddess of Night and Vampyres Lovely Supporter Community Member

    Extremely surprised to see me mentioned in a nice way. Thanks. Glad there's no hard feelings. Good luck in life.
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  17. Abyss

    Abyss A deep void of darkness Lovely Supporter Veteran Member

    Good luck with your journey. :)
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  18. Tibetan Twinkie

    Tibetan Twinkie The Solo Artist Lovely Supporter

    yea surprised too lol. we had our rough patches and good patches. cya later
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