Bye Fuckers

Discussion in 'Departures' started by Peaches, Sep 24, 2016.

  1. Peaches

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    This community is shit because of the gay ass people (hippo, abyss)
    So I have finally decided to leave, maybe one day I will comeback. Idk just depends on whether its more pleasent around here. I have decided to actually live a life instead of making CSi. My life like some people (Hippo, Abyss), So unfortunatley I wont be around anymore because I will actually have a life (not saying that mist of you guys dont, just a few in particular(abyss, hippo).

    Thunder: You were always a good friend, but lied half the time, I will still remember you.

    Raizori: Got off to a bad start but we gud now, hopefully one day God will have healed you and you will finally be able to walk, Goodluck my friend.

    Azure: Not my favorite in Particular but meh most the time.

    Varme, the only admin that was the best at leauge.

    Kringle: One hell of an aim

    Jacob: No body likes you

    Korbin: We should play more waw.

    Xavier: thanks for the playermodel but unforunatley may not be able to use it for a while but you will always be my dad

    Tk: He never tk'd.

    So yeah thats it and I dont want any shit comments from shit people, you dont have anything good to say the keep your mouth closed you dirty cunts. Sincerely yours, The Breakfast Club
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  2. Azure

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    Take care lil chub
  3. Korbin

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    I never played waw with you

  4. Värme இڿڰۣ---

    Värme இڿڰۣ--- Väktaren Staff Member Council Member

    That's not a very "good" thing to say though. Neither is titling your thread "Bye Fuckers."

    Goodbye I guess.
  5. Abyss

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    Wants everyone to not criticize him and call him mean words and then proceeds to bash every single member that is active LUL
    Also, on a side note, please make sure you are 100% when you post a departure. It's like your 5th ResidentSleeper
  6. Mckringle™

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  7. Zeo

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    RipptyDippty cya l8r you Can O' Fruits
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  9. York

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    nothing about me, feelsbadman. EleGiggle
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  11. Raizori

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    <3 I'll miss you peaches gl hf on dayz it always seems deserted on ur streams
  12. Korbin

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