Alex's leaving~ <3 Bye Dolls!

Discussion in 'Departures' started by Alex, Jun 19, 2015.

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  1. Alex

    Alex The Chemist~

    It is time for the Fierce to leave the community~ To be really honest, I wont miss anyone. All of you are like a moshpit, and dont treat each other like a family, like Devinity does. Back when CSi was great and active, and not people insulting each other, I loved it. Now it has changed, all of you have. In my midst of being on this server of people.. I have come to know some very geniuine beautiful people.. People I hold close to my heart. I wont forget them either. I will never forget the laughs, the memories.. The good times and the bad. I will forget you all but the few lovebugs below~

    Juan...: Words cant describe how much you mean to me. You are my best friend~through thick and thin.. When I first met you on here, I wanted to be your friend immediately. It took you a little time to even talk to me. But I am glad I get to see that smile atleast once a day. I am happy I get to make that smile on your face. One day~ Steven~ One day I will meet you and I will give you the biggest hug of this world <3 There is no one I trust more with anything on this server, only you. Thanks for being the friend I always needed, and watching out for me when I was down. You are a true friend and always will be. See you on ts always doll~

    Teemo: It was interesting how we became friends. In such a short time, I am glad to see someone else have my back. You were a bunch of fun man: you made this server worth the while and knew how to make everyone laugh. You are a ray of sunshine in all of this. Stay strong okay ? You have someone that has your back. Stick around on ts, JAILBREAK is almost here!

    Varme: Ugh one of my favorite of the pack!! You ALWAYS knew how to make me laugh doll! I loved the life you brought to the party, even if you are quiet, but when you say something... It's well said. Stay in touch~ Goodluck with admin, and congrats. Hope to see you still keep in [email protected]

    Snowy: Girl you are the most beautiful girl that has ever walked this planet. Keep your head up prettygirl<3 You can
    win this fight against anyone. Show your scars, anything. You are still beautiful. I am still thinking about that shopping spree we planned, I love you so much! Stay in touch and maybe one day you will see me face-to-face!

    ProAce: You are the most adorable kid I have ever met in my life. You have such a great smile and a great sense of humor. I am so glad I got to know you in every aspect.. You're a great friend. Thanks for all those nights you helped me to not be scared.. I care about you!

    ProSpy: My little mexican. Your accent made everything the best. I really love having you around. Maybe I can still teach you how to build the boat on Flood. Dont let Rollie lie to you c; I am the best at it.

    Moonlight: Even though we had our doubts and fights.. I am so glad we pulled through being friends. You are a wonderful person and have a great laugh. You are so awesome at L4d2. Always my pick for my team c; See you on Devinity Jailbreak!

    Eric: I love having you around, I am so glad to have met you. You are an adorable person<3 I am forcing you to play L4d2 with me the rest of the summer! You should get to know me more :3

    Derped: I love you, you are my wife. Even though we only played together a week, I am so happy to call you one of my good friends. Goodluck, get a lot of kills for me bb c; Hang around my ts and stuff. Loveyou!

    As for the rest of you people. Goodluck, with whatever you do with your lives. Whatever it is you people do on this server. All of you would rather chase after the next gun and ammo, instead of just enjoying the game and the people around you.
    EDIT: As for the staff application. Screw it. Decline it, I dont want to be apart of a team who treats their members, staff, regulars, and new comers the way they do.

    Chads the best ping pong player

    This Short, Loud, Chemistry geek is leaving the building. Goodbye lovlies <3~

    Eric I love you
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  2. Juan Deag

    Juan Deag Member

    Its sad to see you leave :( hope you have a good and fun time in Devinity.
  3. Zimbabwe

    Zimbabwe Supporter Lovely Supporter Community Member

    Where am i?
    You make me sad.
  4. Moonlight

    Moonlight Supporter Lovely Supporter Community Member

    See you around on TS! Jailbreak and L4D2 awaits! :D
  5. Teemo

    Teemo Supporter Lovely Supporter Community Member

    FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK. Alex is cool.
  6. Värme இڿڰۣ---

    Värme இڿڰۣ--- Väktaren Staff Member Council Member

    Sad to see one of my favorite CSI members and grouping buddies and leave the scene.

    I'll definitely keep talking and playing with you as time rolls on.

    The intro and note about your application was kind of harsh and drama happens, but I can understand your point of view and where you're coming from. I'm sorry to see that it got to your head.
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  7. xXProSpyXx

    xXProSpyXx Supporter Lovely Supporter

    what no why no.please what.WHYYYYYY.lirikThump lirikThump lirikThumpily
  8. Derped

    Derped Member

    Wife please ;w;
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  9. Eric Landerson

    Eric Landerson who dosent like canadian bacon EHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Lovely Supporter Community Member


    and no comments for me BibleThump
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  10. Azure

    Azure #1 Lovely Supporter Veteran Member

    It's nice to see how people really feel about the server when they depart, couldn't imagine yours being any different to this.

    Take care, you're quite the individual. All the best with future life and whatnot, I'll probably see you around anyway.
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  11. Rollie

    Rollie Member

    Time to pop the champagne !!! Jk, <3
  12. Hannibal Buress

    Hannibal Buress The Man, The Myth, The Legend Veteran Member

    Well now im gonna have to find a new person to rek me with a machete BibleThump
    Good luck in life Alex!
  13. $!l3nT

    $!l3nT The Talkative Staff Member Administrator Lovely Supporter

    I want the pony back now. Miss you already. I hope you at least pop in from time to time. No one else ever stands on my head. Best of luck to you and yours.

  14. McLovin

    McLovin THE GUY THAT NEED DIP FOR HIS CHIPS!!! Lovely Supporter

    Ill miss ya alex...and youre right...this place has changed....and i wanna play L4D2 too Kappa
  15. DeathNote - Kun

    DeathNote - Kun Can't spell Poppy without OP

    Damn straight i'm the best ping pong player sad to see you leave tho
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  16. Mr Solo Dolo

    Mr Solo Dolo The Crypt Keeper Lovely Supporter Veteran Member

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  17. Maskkiller93

    Maskkiller93 Supporter Lovely Supporter Community Member

    Welp no Gratz to me... RIP... Bai alex
  18. Kevin

    Kevin Supporter Lovely Supporter Veteran Member

    l8r allig8r.
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  19. Lich

    Lich The Reclaimer Lovely Supporter Community Member

    but but but but but but but but but but but but but but but but but but, Will I still be ur ankylosaurus? lirikThump And Will I still get my Art? lirikH uniLOVE tehLOVE <3
    but but
  20. Icy

    Icy Supporter Lovely Supporter Veteran Member

    Take Care.
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