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  1. +1. Extremely old player and one of my personal favorites from back in the days of old CSi
  2. While I can't remember you specifically, I do remember the name. Im glad you came back to the server! Dedicated and loyal players like you make us thrive and I see no issue with allowing you to rep the CSI name. +1 from me
  3. Kalder is a shining example of the type of player I wish to see be staff. He's energetic, helpful and a well rounded character. Considering he's back online, due to a technological error, He's alive and kicking by engaging our community as if he never left. He's a veteran player who's shown his dedication by helping both new players and even admins alike. He understands the ins and outs of the game mode to a T. His moderating experience is extremely well endowed with years of staffing popular gmod dayz servers. I see no con in allowing him to become a CSi staff member.
  4. Josh definitely has a knack for bringing in a creative perspective to CSi. His most prominent showing was the recent video contest. He is a dedicated player who follows rules and understands the chain of command set in place. I've seen him consistently on and engaging with the community. The only major con I see is his moderating experience. While he does have some moderating experience, he will be a greenhorn to the programs and techniques we use to catch rule breakers on a day to day basis. However, we have given time to teach newer admins how to work with what we do and taught them to be as
  5. Has gumption, have seen him on a decent amount and is usually playing with fellow members or new players. Only quip I have is that Interstellar's experience is lackluster. I typically like to see more administration experience in my colleagues. That being said, we haven't shied away from recruiting greenhorns in the past. Wish you well.
  6. +1. Very involved with the community and well respected.
  7. -1 alts show that he's experienced in these matters and the remorse he shows is simply snake skin
  8. Clearly esp. Nice try -1
  9. Hey xmp plant no. 234 welcome to the forums, try not be a retard
  10. Mr Solo Dolo


    As varme stated. This isnt just normal esp. This is ADVANCED esp -1
  11. I went through the logs based on your ip. CSGOEMPIRE was the only one to log on during that time. Nobody else logged on in that time with the same ip address. We aren't idiots. You changed your name and used shitty cheats. At least own it.

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