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  1. +1 I always see him as Run's sidekick. And run is a very good person to stick with and learn from. He is active on forums and discord, decently active on DayZ server, so far hes been active on DarkRP from what Ive seen. Funny guy and easy to talk to Always gives him opinions/output on topics within the community, which I feel is a really good quality of an admin Never had an issue with him, and never seen anyone have an issue either.
  2. +1 ya that clip doesn't prove that he is cheating nor does it prove that he isn't cheating. On a side note, why does the youtube videos' quality always look trash. Every time there's somesort of evidence, it's always hard to tell because of the quality. Is it because of youtube?
  3. +1 I think Peaches would be a good veteran. He is an old player, so he knows the ropes. He hasn't done anything that bad that would give him a -1. However, I do not feel that your personality fits an admin. I personally feel that admin should be more mature and less hot headed when it comes to certain situations. when An admin should be representing the community, and shouldn't show any sign of toxicity towards others. Veterans, on the other hand, still represent the community but at a lesser extent so veterans should have more leisure. (I don't know if worded this right, I suck at expressing how I think in words.) In other words, he should be a veteran but I wouldn't agree with him staying an admin. Just saying my opinion.
  4. I actually recently asked XXXav bout donating for personal skins (if they have an approved hitbox), and he said that he isn't focusing on making it a thing just yet again (something along those lines). I agree though. As most of you know, I flex the fact that I am gold w/out donating a single penny. But now that I actually have a decent amount of money to my name. I would like to donate to support the server, but I also want an excuse to donate at the same time. And I do not need any credits, so a personal skin would be perfect. Maybe if this post gets enough support, xav might make it a thing so it can generate more money for the server.
  5. Did I give you permission to copy and pasta me? GTFO. My idea. Xavier take this down immediately. YOoOoo. Can we copystrike, this guy.
  6. I didn't want to add any of them cuz I personally don't use any of the care package guns, so I don't have much experience with em.
  7. This list excludes any care package gun because I don't really use em, and I'm guessing, without putting much thought in it, it would be barret at highest and then the rest of the care package exclusives would be the tier right under it. I hope I didn't miss any thing and I feel that this is pretty accurate. I always imagined a mental tier list when picking out my loadout after leaving safe zone, or simply looting a body. Random shoutout to Varme's old post about weapon stats. Let me know your guys' changes and stuff. I would like to know the idiotic changes you guys would do. Tier S Ak-47 M24 SR-25 Tier A Raging Bull Ak-12 RPK-47 RK-95 G3A3 Tier B G36C FAMAS-F1 M4A1 SKS Desert Eagle Benelli M3 Super 90 Tier C AN-94 IMI GALIL AK-74 Remington Tier D SG-552 SG-550 MAC - 11 Tier E MP5A5 MP5SD6 PP-Bizon Uzi Tier F Glock-20 M1911 OTS-33 Pernach P226
  8. +1 Never teamed with ya. But I have talked with ya few times. You seem pretty cool. Not really toxic. You are really great "newer" player when it comes to skill and community interactions. You fit right in. I never knew how young you were until this post, but I always expected you to be a bit older. The way you act is far more mature than most people at any age and I think other people should put a note on that. Keep up the great work. Big +1 from me bois.
  9. +1 Old player. Always active. I think he is one of the most active people in discord and server. He always helps out whenever.
  10. +1 Has enough exp, old player. Only downside is he is too nice.
  11. +1 Had a nice friendly conversation with you discord. I saw u active on the server recently. Keep up the activity and you would get accepted in no time.
  12. +1 I never personally talked to you. But I see you always on, and I've seen you grow throughout your time playing on CSi. It is pretty crazy how 1/2 of us were squeakers when we started playing and now most of us are basically adults and shit. Anyway, I never had a problem with you and I always thought you were chill. Never knew saying the word was unacceptable for members, well guess I will stop saying it when representing CSi. I admit that I have always said the word even when it wasn't allowed on the server for anyone. But ya I will try not to say it any more. ironic...
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