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  1. -1 baby food u should've muted him
  2. what's the point of saying you're neutral, if you can't state the reason why you're neutral it's not gonna effect his app.
  3. +1 i think he would be a great admin and also a funny man
  4. i want my first name to be Maximus and last name Ward
  5. watch the video, you're the cop and i'm the guy holding the phone.
  6. what did i change? oh multiple times? can i see?
  7. im pretty sure you shot chad right when he got out of my car, i asked chad and he said you. then ron mcdong started to run up to us saying that what you guys were doing was illegal and you guys tazed him instantly you ran up to him while he was running to us and tazed him for no reason. not gonna lie funniest thing i ever seen. then you cuffed ron and chad put them in your cop car the you dragged me to the apartment trying to force me to open the door saying you guys have a warrant from the sgt. all though warrants arent even in the game yet and are not allowed yet.
  8. i also apologized for it. It just annoyed me cause he accused someone of FailRP although he does it as well.
  9. ohh right chad did die, I remember chad got into my car and I didn't notice till you put the sirens on and pulled me over then chad got out of the car and that's when you shot him to death for no reason. and chad didn't attack Atur he hit Ron Mcdong with a pickaxe knowing that it dosn't do any damage. And as his persona hes a psycho. sure you could've detained chad but he couldnt detain me and Ron mcdong because we did nothing. and yea maybe you didn't re log maybe you just respawned you car i don't know but all i know is that when i was driving your car it disappeared when i was driving it.

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