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  1. Trying to take my place of the CSI trader man, gross.
  2. Neutral as well I seriously havent even heard of you but ill too keep a lookout for you
  3. Yes, Tom is very retarded but i feel he can make a great improvement on himself and become a great member of CSi since hes been around for so long +1
  4. Yeah i thought that was the case but im a lil retardo ig
  5. Medinator

    Unban appeal

    +1 Phoon pretty much said it all
  6. Neutral but did you buy donator thinking it would save you from a ban or sm because you pretty much got it on the same day you joined lol unless youve been around before and im retarded also you almost got bounty at lv 1 before you got donator but i dont like to persume things
  7. Damn, i never though darkRP was pay to win once lol i didnt think that was a even complaint in the community
  8. I havent had much experience with you but so far from my few encounters, id have to say youre not that bad of a guy and you could make a good fit as a CSi member +1
  9. Honestly after some thought a while ago i think printers actually could be cool
  10. my balls escaped into my body first thing as i saw this
  11. *dick sucking noises* Nah but for real i love you harry
  12. biggest bully of 2019
  13. Medinator

    Jeffy App

    Congratulations, you just proved my point again.

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