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  1. Jesus christ and i thought my FPS were bad...
  2. Pretty active within the community +1
  3. You seem really dedicated to CSi and DarkRP +1
  4. Im pretty sure english isnt his main language
  5. ugly fatty xd

    1. phoon


      imagine getting caught sneaking out

  6. I dont wanna flex or brag buuut heres my lovely beast of a car
  7. +1 is a very active and chill guy i always have a great experience with him
  8. Medinator

    Unbann request

    +1 As phoon said it looks normal and doesnt seem like something too crazy itd really help ALOOOOOOT if there was AT LEAST a crosshair or we could see his gun to kinda base of where hes aiming but im sure other staff can have a better idea and opinion on this evidence
  9. +1 Pretty active and is a reall chill dude
  10. +1 Is a really cool guy and very friendly
  11. +1 Reasons already stated above really great guy

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