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  1. Old pal from garnet, really chill dude so far in the community +1
  2. Hes unbanned now Neutral for now willing to +1 later when i see more of you
  3. yeah man when i hear some sound i just immediately go vietnam veteran and snap onto people too -1
  4. You had the opportunity to be honest in the initial appeal and get unbanned through honesty I wouldnt be surprised to see this also denied with a chance for 2nd appeal next time
  5. Like every other appeal that is straight forward honest with sorry a second chance should be given
  6. Wongus has always been a positive character in the community but hes really tested and broken the trust of everyone But considering cases like this for example: Sterben, i would be support for a ban reduction or no ban at all He was honest throughout his appeal and hasnt given much reason from his past reputation and actions to not give him another chance +1
  7. Haven't seen too many cases like these so I'm not gonna put too much onto it but if the ban is a perm then id say to reduce it to a timed ban of a week or so From looking at the ban listing you were aware of the situation and didn't make an effort on reporting the cheater but I don't know on what happened If he is telling the truth then +1
  8. Congrats to our winners @[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected] Message me on discord or meet me sometime in game Medinator#2828
  9. We've hit 20 entrees therefore the reward will not be up to 6 people of 25k If we hit 30 by today then itll be 8 person reward
  10. Event ends tomorrow at 10 but it might extend to Monday-Tuesday just for any last calls
  11. You've always been around but was just quiet its about time bb ❤️ +1
  12. In celebration of the CSi. CityRP coming out in the past week ive decided to host a giveaway of 100k total to 4 winners which will be split into 25k each If enough people enter this random drawing ill probably buff it up to 6 winners for 25k each or 8 winners 25k each To enter the giveaway you must fill these requirements- - Join the discord so i can contact you https://csiservers.com/discord - Comment your in game name and a cool fact about yourself :^) and bam just like that you're in This giveaway will end next Sunday 10:00 PM Central 10/18/20
  13. Met him a couple days ago from my inactivity, i immediately want to combine my genetics with him. +1 Really good guy :^)
  14. I havent seen much of you, i see you on but you never talk or anything from what ive seen but everyone else has positive experiences with you so i suppose so +1 should be more out there while this app is up

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