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  1. I'm locking this appeal. Please wait for your first thread to be resolved before making a new one. I've reminded the admin who originally banned you to reply when they get the chance.
  2. After discussing with the other staff members, we have decided to reduce your ban to 2 weeks. Use your second chance wisely. Appeal accepted and ban is reduced.
  3. Thanks for making an appeal, here's the evidence as promised in our conversation last night. The first case of an obvious lock on through both the wall and when the other player jumps out into the staircase. Before this, the player had crouched all the way up the stairs and into the open door, then you conveniently ran down after he had done so and you closed the door on him before baiting your friend to open it and die. All of this was done without any vision of the other player whatsoever. Carl the Dolphin_1.mp4 A second case of obvious aimlock when this player ru
  4. Varme

    Unban Request

    Thanks for making an appeal. I looked up your entry on SourceBans and there is a screenshot attached by the banning admin. There is clearly a cheat on your screen, lying is not a good way to get unbanned when there's obvious evidence against you.
  5. We do not disclose how we track accounts. This appeal is denied.
  6. Thanks for making an appeal. You were originally banned on this account and tried to use Steam Family Sharing twice to get around it: Then you logged on yesterday with this account to try and avoid your ban again: Lying on your appeal about not being banned before will not get you anywhere.
  7. Since there's nothing else to say here, your appeal is denied.
  8. If you weren't using alt accounts, then you wouldn't be flagged.
  9. Thanks for making an appeal. Here are all of the accounts that you have used on the server today before they were banned: If the other banning admin @Kalderwould like to post his evidence he's free to do so, but you have tried to skirt around your original ban multiple times today.
  10. You've been a long-time player on the server and have been active and involved with the community during your time here. It would be awesome to have you as an official member. +1
  11. Going to just deny this then. Do not avoid your ban and then lie on your appeal, it doesn't make you credible.
  12. Thanks for making an appeal. You were banned yesterday under this account: Today you tried to evade with this account: Since the original ban is recent I'm sure the other admin still has the evidence for it.
  13. Like I said in our DM, these bans are automatic and are done by the anti-cheat system. If you weren't cheating, then the anti-cheat would have no reason to ban you in the first place. The SteamID for this account hasn't connected to the server in almost an entire year.
  14. Varme


    So then you were in control of all of your accounts when you evaded after this account was banned: Only a day after this original account was banned you tried to get away with this account: More time passes and a different admin has to ban you for another evasion attempt: Two weeks after that you get auto-banned by the console because of steam family sharing with the [Anti-Lox] account: And that brings us to the present day: Two days ago you were blocked from joining on the [Anti-Lox] account which has since been renamed to "kevi," so you
  15. Varme


    When was your account stolen from you?

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