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  1. Varme

    unban Markovka

    Your first appeal was already denied, please wait at least 2 weeks before making another one. We also do not take money in exchange for unbans.
  2. Those are people who have made member applications and been accepted. You can create one by following the template found here: https://csiservers.com/index.php?/forum/8-membership-applications/
  3. Varme

    Unban Appeal

    Thanks for making an appeal, here's what I found last night from reviewing my recorded demo: I'd like to preface this first clip by saying that the MP5's recoil doesn't need to be compensated for in such a severe manner like you'll see in the video, and I'll follow up with another clip of a different player who also uses the MP5 against zombies for comparison. JuJubert_3_zombies.mp4 And the comparison with another player, as promised: Baseline Zombie Comparison_2.mp4 The same erratic behavior can be found in these other two clips, shown at 50% speed for clari
  4. Varme

    Unban BS

    For future reference, this is your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:420632510 Our anti-cheat takes great care with banning people and the system only bans those who it knows for a fact are cheating. I highly doubt that the system is wrong in this case.
  5. The admin who originally banned you will reply soon, it shouldn't take long.
  6. Thanks for making this appeal, for future reference, this is your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:48070997
  7. I'm locking this appeal. Please wait for your first thread to be resolved before making a new one. I've reminded the admin who originally banned you to reply when they get the chance.
  8. After discussing with the other staff members, we have decided to reduce your ban to 2 weeks. Use your second chance wisely. Appeal accepted and ban is reduced.
  9. Thanks for making an appeal, here's the evidence as promised in our conversation last night. The first case of an obvious lock on through both the wall and when the other player jumps out into the staircase. Before this, the player had crouched all the way up the stairs and into the open door, then you conveniently ran down after he had done so and you closed the door on him before baiting your friend to open it and die. All of this was done without any vision of the other player whatsoever. Carl the Dolphin_1.mp4 A second case of obvious aimlock when this player ru
  10. Varme

    Unban Request

    Thanks for making an appeal. I looked up your entry on SourceBans and there is a screenshot attached by the banning admin. There is clearly a cheat on your screen, lying is not a good way to get unbanned when there's obvious evidence against you.
  11. We do not disclose how we track accounts. This appeal is denied.
  12. Thanks for making an appeal. You were originally banned on this account and tried to use Steam Family Sharing twice to get around it: Then you logged on yesterday with this account to try and avoid your ban again: Lying on your appeal about not being banned before will not get you anywhere.
  13. Since there's nothing else to say here, your appeal is denied.
  14. If you weren't using alt accounts, then you wouldn't be flagged.
  15. Thanks for making an appeal. Here are all of the accounts that you have used on the server today before they were banned: If the other banning admin @Kalderwould like to post his evidence he's free to do so, but you have tried to skirt around your original ban multiple times today.

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