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  1. Getting graceful is gonna want to make you kill yourself irl though, agility is such a boring skill to train. The other stuff is fun to do though, I actually enjoyed doing slayer as someone who usually keeps to skilling.
  2. Varme

    Why was i banned???

    Maybe if you try hard enough you'll become grand wizard of the KKK someday buddy. Appeal 110% denied and in fact I took the liberty of changing it to permanent. You can take a shot at being an alt-right basement dweller somewhere else. Edit: You'd fit right in with these guys over on reddit: https://nm.reddit.com/r/The_Donald/
  3. Varme

    unban request

    After discussing with staff we've decided to deny your appeal. You can come back in two weeks to re-appeal if you wish.
  4. Varme

    unban request

    Ignorance does not absolve guilt. If we attempt to take a screenshot multiple times of someone and we don't get anything back it's a strong sign that they're trying to hide something from us.
  5. Yeah I'm down. I'm Gold 3 right now.
  6. When someone is crouching they make no noise, but you know where both of the people in the first clip are at all times.
  7. Did you have a sudden and miraculous case of amnesia? These two statements do not help your case, implying that you're going to avoid your ban regardless if your appeal is accepted or not.
  8. Your respect for staff is non-existent and your reason for cheating is flawed and objectively wrong. You should always use the @ admin chat to notify us if no admins are on, which you might have done, but even then the admins that are online might be pre-occupied with other things. -1
  9. Typical pea-brain plat attitude
  10. The screengrab that we used as evidence (and what you posted in this appeal for some reason) clearly shows that you have an ESP on your screen showing where people are. Then your friends came into discord and adamantly stated that there was no way you were possibly cheating and, when shown the evidence, kept denying that there was no way you were cheating and told us that we had photoshopped the screenshot. -1
  11. Says the guy who's spent over $50 on YU-GI-OH - DUEL LINKS
  12. Varme

    Wallpaper Thread

    More random wallpapers that I have lying around in wallpaper engine that I really like.
  13. Metroid was the first game that I played as a kid that truly captivated me with the amount of world-building that the developers at Retro did for the Prime series. Every region comes alive when you're introduced to it, every enemy has a unique design and its own logbook entry, the lore entries make you invested in learning more, and the soundtrack is still my favorite video game score to this day. And you can't overlook that Samus was the first major playable female protagonist in a video game, which set the scene for having a successful franchise headed by a heroine... ...but we don't like to talk about Other M around these parts :^)
  14. This is the literal embodiment of "JUST GET BETTER AT SHOOTING LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL 4Head" It's a non-answer that doesn't solve the issue at hand. People are leaving because it's the top 1% of players wiping the floor with the bottom 99%. Something has to be done and since a change in behavior towards new players is unlikely to happen, a discussion needs to be had about what should be implemented to improve the server's atmosphere. This attitude breeds the "I'm playing in the MLG GMod DayZ circuit so I need to pad my KDR as much as possible and at any cost." This is not healthy in the long-term.

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