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  1. Recreated the angle again in a sandbox environment on medium graphics, the black bars do become more transparent surprisingly but I'm still not convinced as to how you saw anything in the first place Alyx model placed for reference to the approximate location of the player in the field Angle from the same spot in the pool, Alyx is completely covered by the fog and probably 2 or 3 layers of brush Same angle using the scope of the HL2 crossbow which is comparable to the 8x scope on a Raging Bull but again I still cannot see the model I placed Same angle, standing up without the bar obscuring vision I went back and placed around 10 more Alyx NPCs in different spots in the same area and I can still not see any of them through the black bar, but 3 of them would be at least faintly visible if I stood up and zoomed in. The only other explanation I can think of for you seeing him is that your bushes didn't render so his model was contrasting clearly with the fog at that distance, but that doesn't explain why you sprayed the bushes after seeming to know where he was for the first couple of shots. As for aiming around the corner, I understand that a skilled FPS player would keep their crosshair along the edge of the corner after seeing someone run by, but what you did was move your crosshair past the corner, stick it to the player's model until you rounded the corner, and then attempted to shoot him.
  2. I don't know what kind of epic gamer headset you're using but I'm pretty sure you can't hear footsteps across an entire field. Around 36 seconds you clearly latch onto a player's upper body with your crosshair and hold the lock until you're around the corner, but by then he was already shot by another person down the street. I'm also not sure what you would've seen at 22 seconds that would warrant you to start shooting at the same player in the field who is obscured by both the fog and the black bar in the window texture which is at eye level. I went to roughly the same spot you were at in the video and took a screenshot for reference:
  3. Varme

    Unbann plz

    We try to keep track of people to make sure that when we extend this kind of goodwill you don't go behind our backs and abuse it. Unfortunately you were found to be using a second account between last Saturday and now, which has since been banned along with your main account. I'm going to have to go ahead and deny this, you can still appeal in 2 weeks if you so wish.
  4. Varme

    Unbann plz

    Despite the evidence against you, you seem to be genuinely interested in reforming yourself. I'm willing to unban you on the 3rd of April, which will have been 1 week after your initial ban and will give you time to reinforce your thoughts about playing legitimately on the server again.
  5. Varme


    Here is the evidence that was recorded to warrant your ban: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4vlNm4bKsY First off, you snap your aim to the person who is in hotel, and then after killing the player in this video, you snap to a dude who is clearly in a completely different area of the map based on the distance shown under his name. You also use bhop scripts to move through the parking lot and earlier you used them to move through the bunker in the military base, but this isn't shown in the video.
  6. Getting graceful is gonna want to make you kill yourself irl though, agility is such a boring skill to train. The other stuff is fun to do though, I actually enjoyed doing slayer as someone who usually keeps to skilling.
  7. Varme

    Why was i banned???

    Maybe if you try hard enough you'll become grand wizard of the KKK someday buddy. Appeal 110% denied and in fact I took the liberty of changing it to permanent. You can take a shot at being an alt-right basement dweller somewhere else. Edit: You'd fit right in with these guys over on reddit: https://nm.reddit.com/r/The_Donald/
  8. Varme

    unban request

    After discussing with staff we've decided to deny your appeal. You can come back in two weeks to re-appeal if you wish.
  9. Varme

    unban request

    Ignorance does not absolve guilt. If we attempt to take a screenshot multiple times of someone and we don't get anything back it's a strong sign that they're trying to hide something from us.
  10. Yeah I'm down. I'm Gold 3 right now.
  11. When someone is crouching they make no noise, but you know where both of the people in the first clip are at all times.
  12. Did you have a sudden and miraculous case of amnesia? These two statements do not help your case, implying that you're going to avoid your ban regardless if your appeal is accepted or not.
  13. Your respect for staff is non-existent and your reason for cheating is flawed and objectively wrong. You should always use the @ admin chat to notify us if no admins are on, which you might have done, but even then the admins that are online might be pre-occupied with other things. -1
  14. Typical pea-brain plat attitude
  15. The screengrab that we used as evidence (and what you posted in this appeal for some reason) clearly shows that you have an ESP on your screen showing where people are. Then your friends came into discord and adamantly stated that there was no way you were possibly cheating and, when shown the evidence, kept denying that there was no way you were cheating and told us that we had photoshopped the screenshot. -1

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