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  1. Varme

    ban request

    I appreciate the honesty in the appeal, but another account was flagged this morning and yesterday that matched the other accounts you have tried to use to evade your ban. Before this you have also used at least 5 other accounts to try and avoid your ban: STEAM_0:0:62807032 STEAM_0:0:166392598 STEAM_0:1:69762653 STEAM_0:1:150306024 STEAM_0:1:164703599
  2. @angelAre you still interested in this appeal?
  3. Varme

    Zjex unban post remake

    We do not disclose how we track accounts. I am going to deny this appeal, but if you want to come back and make another appeal after 2 weeks have passed feel free to do so.
  4. Varme

    Zjex unban post remake

    You were found to be evading a previous ban on other accounts. My understanding is that you talked to an admin already about this but I am not sure what resolution the two of you reached when you had that discussion.
  5. I'm glad you finally decided to make an appeal, so let's start from the beginning. STEAM_0:1:554173660 This is the first account you used to play on our servers and you were promptly banned by a different administrator. Then you tried to avoid the ban by using this account: STEAM_0:1:553898736 Then, in no particular order, you used the following 6 accounts to try and avoid your ban again: STEAM_0:1:553771484 STEAM_0:1:553913484 STEAM_0:0:553601681 STEAM_0:0:553509769 You even tried to dodge with family sharing with this one! STEAM_0:1:455842119 STEAM_0:0:553235943 Finally you tried once again here: STEAM_0:0:470346125 It doesn't help either when you send this as your first DM to me on Discord: You should also probably not send an admin a screenshot of the accounts you plan to use to ban evade in DMs, but I was too perplexed to take a screenshot of that. You had plenty of chances to make an appeal before trying to avoid your ban. In your own words: Appeal denied, don't bother coming back and making another one once you exhaust your few remaining accounts, you ran out of any potential goodwill a long time ago.
  6. Varme

    Unban Request

    We don't disclose how we track accounts, and another one was flagged this afternoon so that brings the total up to 4 evasions. Appeal denied.
  7. Varme

    Unban Request

    Your first account was detected by our anti-cheat here: Then you used these other accounts to try and evade your ban: There is no appeal for the original account, so you have been trying to evade your ban with other accounts.
  8. Varme


    This thread will be closed then if you're resubmitting. Be sure to follow the unban appeal template this time and use a site like https://steamrep.com/ to look up your SteamID.
  9. Ban has expired, therefore this appeal is irrelevant.
  10. For further context on his recent behavior: Within the span of 10 minutes you managed to tell people to kill themselves 7 different times. Then you had the audacity to walk into Discord and say this. This isn't online COD from 2010, grow up.
  11. Varme

    unban rec

    Works for me. Appeal denied.
  12. Varme

    unban rec

    Thanks for making an appeal. You were originally banned on the 28th on a separate account and tried to evade today with two other accounts within 20 minutes. I've asked the admin who originally banned you to post his evidence when he gets the chance.
  13. Varme

    Unban RQ

    Apologies for the late response and console-quality FPS, the software I use to record evidence from demos was not cooperating today so I had to make do. In the first clip, you're able to keep a perfect lockstep with the player's body, even after he steps behind the tree to the point where you should not be able to see him (red outline). Likewise with the second clip, even when the player is down the street you're able to keep a perfect pace when he tries to jump away. In ALL of these clips your cursor jerks to whoever you shoot in an extremely unnatural and aimbot-esque fashion. Aside from all of this, you were evading a ban you received from another admin not even 2 hours before I banned you on this account: Chad_1.mp4 Chad_2.mp4 Chad_3.mp4 Chad_2.mp4 Chad_1.mp4 Chad_2.mp4 Chad_1.mp4
  14. Application denied, feel free to play on our active DayZ server to get to know everyone and reapply after 2 weeks have passed.
  15. Considering your recent actions and the fact that you're now banned because of it, this application is denied. I hope you work on improving your attitude next time.

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