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  1. Application denied, feel free to play on our active DayZ server to get to know everyone and reapply after 2 weeks have passed.
  2. Considering your recent actions and the fact that you're now banned because of it, this application is denied. I hope you work on improving your attitude next time.
  3. After reviewing it over with the banning admin, it's been agreed on that you should have another chance to play. Appeal is accepted.
  4. As stated previously, there are no records for the steamID you provided and it seems you are able to play on the server again. I'm gonna go ahead and file this under accepted. Enjoy your time on the server.
  5. Varme

    Unban Request HoDok

    Denied for the reason below. This is from your other appeal thread. It's disappointing that you would throw away your goodwill with the staff only a week after you were unbanned.
  6. As already stated, there is no ban in our records for any of the accounts you've mentioned in your original post and you have not followed up on this thread. Going to deny, if you are able to find the account you were banned on you can make another appeal in 2 weeks. Edit: After looking through your brother's thread, I'm instead going to move this to accepted for better clarity and consistency.
  7. Hasn't come back to the site in a month. Denied, feel free to make another appeal after 2 weeks.
  8. No response to the rebuttal, and hasn't visited the site in over a month. Denied, apply again in 2 weeks if you'd like.
  9. Varme

    Unban Request Gecko

    No response to the evidence provided, hasn't been online in over a month. Denied, you may make another appeal in 2 weeks.
  10. Varme

    Unban appeal.

    This was funny to re-read. Denied obviously, you've also not been back for a little over 2 months to check back in. Feel free to make another request after 2 weeks 🙂
  11. Last visit to the site was over 3 months ago, going to go ahead and deny, feel free to appeal again in 2 weeks.
  12. I'm not obligated to disclose how we track accounts for ban evasion. I've already given the necessary information for everyone to understand the situation. This appeal is denied, but you can come back in 2 weeks and make another if you wish.
  13. The first image is the proof of your ban, you were caught by the anti-cheat. Like I said originally, we found you to be evading this ban through 2 other accounts which were promptly banned as well. There's really not much more to it.
  14. So neither of these accounts ring a bell? You were originally banned for cheating last year, and evaded your ban with two separate accounts (0ef and the one you're appealing right now). Lying in your appeal does not make it look good.
  15. This is exactly what skirting the edges is. You were riding on the thin line of "darn I might have to curb my racist inclinations if they start doing something." We did something, and now you're trying to sell us on the fact that you're going to be this perfect, reformed person when there's a very large mountain of evidence that points to the conclusion that there is zero chance you have changed. If there really were no rules, wouldn't you say that you had the freedom of choice to at least put on the facade of a decent human being, but willingly chose to be a racist, anti-Semite, and a homophobe because you couldn't be bothered and/or you were literally incapable of doing so because of who you are as a person? I don't believe a thing you've said in this thread about being changed.

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