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  2. Josh


    So you werent prentending to be Dan
  3. also you shouldnt be able to mug people near npc's or the bank (unless a bank heist is active). "Gangs will chill by the npcs or bank because obviously people are going to npc's to buy or sell something so theyre almost garunteed to get something out it.
  4. Okay i know im still new to dark rp but i dont think that it should be ok if a group breaks into your appartment or real estate and just runs in and kills you. This is probably the worst thing in the game right now. And with NLR we cant even call 911 and report it so basically everyone is running around breaking into houses and kos'ing. I have died countless times to this and it makes me even more discouraged everytime it happens because then they take everything so i have to go back and buy all the shit again just for them to come back 20 minutes later and fuck me in the ass. we need more civilization rules because what are we suppose to do if we cant report them to the police cause we died and nlr
  5. I cant even read this, this long division and shit is harder than my nipples 😏
  6. Im gold 4, anyone want to play ranked?
  7. Create a ban appeal using the ban appeal template.
  8. Hello pink panther, love the movies btw. And your car is lookin fine af. Im also a car guy ; here is my car ;
  9. +1, in the past ramelion has been quite toxic, but, for these past few weeks i have enjoyed playing with ramelion on various games as he is a more mature person and very chill. Best of luck on your application.
  10. Josh

    Unbann request

    Turn quality to 1080p -_-
  11. -1, hasnt been online but thats not the case really. Bad history with peatreat, although he has been here for a while, i just dont see him becoming a member.
  12. Josh

    Unbann request

    1 question though, if you clam to why post an appeal 6 months after you were banned?

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