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  1. terrible liar, attempted to evade 3 times, unworthy of a second chance. -1
  2. I find it also funny how you were banned by the anti cheat a few days ago.
  3. Josh

    Ethan Ban Appeal

    In this clip, after killing the player behind the fence, you lock onto a head and shoot at an unvisible player way far into the distance. With this being the only clip I have on you I am sure that Teddy has more.
  4. 1. In the first clip, it is fairly obvious that you lock onto the players head from aiming mid torso. 2. The second clip you dont lock on right away until the second set of round has been fired.
  5. Looks like you ruined the fun AND the experience for yourself. -1
  6. I agree with this statement, had you not attempted to evade may have made things a bit smoother for you here. However, your honesty shows. Good luck on your appeal. +1
  7. honesty goes a long way, good luck. +1
  8. Josh

    Ban appeal );

    -1, can someone deny this already?
  9. he was also kicked today as a warning for racism. Starting to see a pattern here 0_0
  10. not very cash money of you mr. ox, -1
  11. Friendly and active, would fit in well. +1
  12. Active on server and discord, would get along with george nicely. +1
  13. No explanation needed. +1
  14. While I dont have any issues or problems with you, I do find your lack of intrest in the community and towards your application isn’t where it should be, especially as a member of the community. I also have yet to see or hear of anything from/about you since this application was posted. -1

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