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  1. I feel at this time you dont reach the standards that members of the community are supposed to have. Although you have been active on the server and the discord, from all the toxicity that I have seen from you, I feel that you are not ready to be a member. -1
  2. Nice to see new players engaging into the community. Welcome.
  3. Very active, great player & chill guy. +1
  4. Josh


    Your actual steam id would be nice and maybe some effort into your appeal. -1
  5. Old player with a great sense of humor. Good luck. +1
  6. Very active, Chill dude and great player. Best of luck! +1
  7. I always see you on the server and you're pretty chill. +1
  8. +1, very active, chiil guy overall. Goodluck!
  9. +1, admits to his mistakes, knows he did wrong, in my opinion, if he is sincere abt it, I feel he deserves a second chance
  10. Josh

    Unban Request HoDok

    mad disrespect, -1
  11. Josh

    Unban Request HoDok

    He was using bhop scripts to run away from a cheater, hopefully if his ban is lifted, he wont do it again. +1

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