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  1. Lets start off by taking a look at what a Normal screengrab looks like. As you can see in the images above, these are the results of a Normal screen grab. Now lets take a look at yours shall we? See a difference? there is no image for your screen grab. How about we open the links and see what image your screen gave us? Big difference vs the Normal screen grabs. Before we get to the final decision amongst the CM's or Council I would like to ask what "gmod tweaking software" you are using
  2. We can begin right off the bat, at the start (0:02) you're looking down with your crosshair placed on the cement sidewalk and then swiftly lock on to the individual turning the corner in front of you, and killing him. In the next clip, after killing a player hiding in the bushes to the east of construction, you then lock onto an individual running into the north side of construction (0:11). A few seconds later (0:14) you lock on to the same player that was previously running into construction who is now located at the bottom set of stairs. And finally the last one, (any my personal favorite) you lock onto a different individual running into the northside of construction from the massive ditch. (excuse the quality of the video) I then would like to point out something even more suspicious. You were banned on our server while using an alt account.
  3. At the start of the video there is some semi-realistic/believable sequence of bhops but once you arrive at the stair case you show a lack of understanding when it comes to proper strafing and you tilt your screen half sideways and run into a pillar. This I believe comes from inexperience when it comes to more complicated strafing techniques and not being able to respond to your environment well. Inexperience meaning you have not practiced bhopping for many years and do not know how to properly respond to changes in terrain. This inexperience comes in to play when you decide to bhop down the stairs while standing. Although it makes perfect sense in any other game or gamemode the movement mechanics on this server make it very difficult to properly bhop whilst standing. Ontop of this on every single turn you are hitting perfect bhops on a sloped surface whilst hitting your head on the ceiling and failing to sync your strafes with your movement. There are many other small things that occur in the video that I could point out but there is no reason since at 40 seconds you completely give up on strafing and just use your mouse and w perfectly timing 4 consecutive jumps while gaining 0 speed. Now not only is this an obvious use of scripts but a player who has been experience with bhopping would know to stop bhopping and launch once again since they are gaining no speed and just wasting time and stamina. Instead you continue to bhop wasting all of your stamina for no reason and incriminating yourself at the same time. You are with out a doubt using scripts. Nothing you do makes sense from a gameplay standpoint or from a physical standpoint. -phoon
  4. terrible liar, attempted to evade 3 times, unworthy of a second chance. -1
  5. I find it also funny how you were banned by the anti cheat a few days ago.
  6. Josh

    Ethan Ban Appeal

    In this clip, after killing the player behind the fence, you lock onto a head and shoot at an unvisible player way far into the distance. With this being the only clip I have on you I am sure that Teddy has more.
  7. 1. In the first clip, it is fairly obvious that you lock onto the players head from aiming mid torso. 2. The second clip you dont lock on right away until the second set of round has been fired.
  8. Looks like you ruined the fun AND the experience for yourself. -1
  9. I agree with this statement, had you not attempted to evade may have made things a bit smoother for you here. However, your honesty shows. Good luck on your appeal. +1
  10. honesty goes a long way, good luck. +1
  11. Josh

    Ban appeal );

    -1, can someone deny this already?
  12. he was also kicked today as a warning for racism. Starting to see a pattern here 0_0
  13. not very cash money of you mr. ox, -1
  14. Friendly and active, would fit in well. +1
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