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  1. +1 a bit of a controversial character but overall has been apart of this community for a long time and has been a helpful friend to me and others over the years. I can see him as a valuable member of the CSI community.
  2. I can't agree more with this statement, if we really want to see changes the vets really should be more kind to the new players and give them chances, I've really wanted and pushed for better treatment of fresh spawns/new players that are defenseless and with xav suggestions with helping these players out, im looking forward to a more positive vibe from new players.
  3. Yeah, one TTT server I played on before CSi for a long time was because it was simple in other words, no pointshop/customizations. Maybe just models but just fun maps (trap maps would be nice) and a fun active positive community will bring the server together.
  4. Seeing some really interesting ideas about how to implement a friendly system, an interesting idea I saw Maybe friendly and neutral players can see the heroes but bandits/bounty players can't, a kill on a hero is an insta bandit status and all the negative/positive perks for being a bandit will take affect. Still looking for more ideas to balance out perks for being a bandit/hero. Two ideas I would like to see be implemented... But we should add some more positive quirks for bandits or else everyone will not want to shoot each other . An Idea I had is for every friendly/hero a bandit kills they receive x2 multiplier to $$$$. For example, a bandit kills 1 friendly they get the normal amount 50$ (if they have the money drop perk maxed) then the next kill they get on a friendly it will multiply by two so 100$ and so on and so on. Getting a hero kill will give them a x3 multiplier. One last note, being friendly to random people and players actually made them want to stay and interact with the community and all n all created a more positive vibe to the server, but with no benefit of being friendly most players go headhunting; I really hope this whole Friendly's VS Bandits idea gets implemented to the server its always nice to see new faces return after being treated with meds and $ instead of a 1 tap with an RB.
  5. I've been seeing an interesting idea going around about a hero system. We have bandits and bounties, why not friendly's and heroes? Maybe have perks for the bandits and have perks for only the heroes. For example bandits have to pay more to use the shop but friendlies get discounts at the shop, and little perks like these would make this bandits Vs. friendlies thing interesting.
  6. Piezoola


    When I first had conflict with you at aps your consistent head shots were sus but I brushed it off as maybe a skillful player. With this recording I can clearly see the snapping Solo is talking about sorry homie gonna have to hit you with that -1
  7. I feel as if staying friendly is just as hard as becoming a bounty, Keeping fresh spawns and other low tier looted players alive is risky. If there was a way to implement a reward system (I know a lower respawn time is a thing but in my opinion is not an incentive to make people want to stay friendly) people will only be looking for bandits and bounty players. I know this might seem a bit to hard to implement but if a player hurts you and is not a bandit or bounty you don't lose your friendly status for killing them. IDK just an interesting idea, tired of just seeing really good players killing new players and seeing them get frustrated. Thoughts?
  8. This boi has earned this position its a yes from me +1
  9. Really chill and relaxed guy no negativity from this boi, really enjoyed his company. Learn to spell Pac-Man and maybe you'll get at least third in scribble.io +1
  10. Known this guy for a long time and its always nice to see him on. Hes never upset or mad, just brings an overall positive vibe to the community and always nice to see him on I do have to agree with thunder tho quit hacking +1
  11. Seen him around, known him a while, pretty chill and positive guy seen no negative quirks from my POV I think this boi deserves that vet status. +1
  12. Good friend, good vibes, seen nothing bad from him sense my time playing on the server, what more could you want from a member? +1
  13. Is on a lot and have really enjoyed my time with the lad. +1
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