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  1. Can honestly say I played with this dude quite a bit back in the day. Never really had any problems with the guy. Wouldn’t mind seeing that he got another chance. +1 Good luck.
  2. Hacking is not taken up lightly, whether it be you who did it or your brother. You are responsible for your account. I would like to thank you for making an appeal and also not lying about it to begin with because that would have gotten you no where. Whether or not you or your brother hacked, hacking has consequences and you must face those consequences. I think you should remained ban for a given amount of time -1
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  7. https://gyazo.com/ddd428e1c9c8b8428395a6ab3e99242e You did damage to volt. You did not kill him. The picture says it all.
  8. It seems pea is fighting more for this appeal than Cali himself. In the screenshots above those were both individual kills, both in which were dealt by the hands of Cali. In the ban reason I specifically put ESP. Therefore he is not accused of aimbot nor tracking people through walls. He is being accused of having an unfair advantage seeing people through walls (ESP). With the provided evidence, I feel it is enough to keep him banned(my opinion).
  9. Since it was my ban originally, you know my response. I'll leave this to the other staff to determine the outcome of this ban. Good luck.
  10. For starters I will post a clip provided by one of the members defending the raid. https://streamable.com/98skfy I notice you say "go for lucky shots", after reviewing the clip there is nothing lucky about the shots that were fired. There were little to no misses and you killed 2/3 of the gang through a wall. https://gyazo.com/1d26eb05ca2d005223dcab2a28196b7e https://gyazo.com/feff07b822b811484fc98c03e7088ce1 These pictures are capped when a player deals damage to another player. Its clearly showing you shooting and hitting them through the wall. If this isn't obvious enough, I don't know what is.
  11. Reading throughout this app I can see that you are genuine in your apologies. I personally don't think that you would hack again if granted the ability to join the server. Although what I'm struggling with is the amount of evasions that were attempted before creating this appeal. I think you should be given a duration ban of the staffs choosing due to the amount of evasions as this is an entirely different situation than just hacking. Actions have consequences and ban evading is one of them. -1
  12. I've gotten to know Cyrus over the past few weeks and he seems genuine and sincere about his apology. Given that this was 2 years ago I would be okay with this ban being lifted as he didn't try to evade nor lied about cheating. Everyone makes mistakes and I believe you deserve another chance. Good Luck +1
  13. After reading the previous appeal I understand it now.
  14. I'm not sure we have officially met as I do not remember meeting you at all. I do believe that this appeal is sincere. However, the problem I have personally is the ban evasion attempt that was made recently which has me questioning whether or not you should be unbanned. Given that this evasion attempt was significantly recent, It leads me to believe that this appeal was your last resort because the family sharing would not allow you to play. I'm gonna need more time to evaluate the situation and come to my decision, for now. Neutral. https://gyazo.com/57ffffc77e9ef4cb656773089b28b825
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