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  1. Run

    Unban request

    You have sat out your time and have come back being honest. I am giving you a second chance here. Appeal Accepted
  2. Run

    Ban appeal );

    If you play the video in fullscreen you can see the red entity at the clothing store so its not you snapping to a wall. There is no reason for your aim to behave like this except for using some cheat. You chose not to be honest and others have reviewed and given their opinions. Appeal Denied.
  3. Run

    Ban appeal );

    Your ban is not related to knowing player positions. It is about your aim and there is definitely something not legit about it here. Waiting on other opinions.
  4. Run

    Ban appeal );

    I think you are lying here. This is the evidence and you can definitely see how shaky your aim is with some crazy fast flicks. Also flicking onto some entity in the distance.
  5. Here's the evidence for your ban. What I can see in the clip is your gun starting to point down to the bottom left of the wall then recovering very quickly onto the players head. Due to the nature of the mp5 it's messy but in slow motion I can see a very fast accurate recovery. I'd like other people to review this and give their opinion.
  6. Run

    ESP ban appeal.

    I'm convinced by the evidence, on the first clip you peek in such a way where you are tracing the player before they appear. After you kill the player pushing you from the warehouse there seems to be some sort of aimlock onto the player named Zed through the walls which you try to hide but it messed up because you were desperate to kill the player stabbing you. The last kill on the clip shows you snapping very quickly to head height to get the headshots. I really do not think you were glancing back to check the backpack you just looted, on the video you aren't bothered about the backpack at all just looking straight at the wall as soon as the player starts respawning.
  7. Never had any issues with Teemo and was wondering where his member application was! I've seen him on the server everyday and his recent interactions with other players have been positive far as I can tell. He's been around for a very long time and it would be great to finally see him wearing the tag. +1
  8. I've seen him on the server a lot and whilst quite a new face he is very engaged within the community already. It's good to know you're enjoying your time here. +1
  9. Due to the other clips being scuffed by the spectator bug and from Rolchax's response I am going to lift the ban.
  10. Here's the footage before you were banned. Apologies for the playermodel clipping this is a new bug and I didn't know how to resolve it at the time but you can still see the action. In this footage you do not miss a shot on the first two players you encounter, even nearly killing Bob Jackson leaving him on 10% health milliseconds before he goes into cover with extreme precision. The final kill is what made me ban you. It is very odd for you to start pre aiming that position before he comes into your rendered view. You can see a better version below where he has not appeared yet but you still decide to aim there not to mention hitting all 4 shots at a great distance.
  11. Run

    Unban Request

    It is odd to come and contest the ban after this much time has passed. However, due to the lack of evidence on my part I will lift the ban.
  12. You had multiple reports from players. I got on and you seemed to leave pretty quick.. Only piece of evidence I got on you because of this but how is this FoV achieveable? For comparison I have put my settings here... in the exact same location and I have max field of view. Also I banned somebody before you with similiar increased FoV who had ESP.



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