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  1. Run

    Unban Request

    It is odd to come and contest the ban after this much time has passed. However, due to the lack of evidence on my part I will lift the ban.
  2. Run

    Unban request from world

    You had multiple reports from players. I got on and you seemed to leave pretty quick.. Only piece of evidence I got on you because of this but how is this FoV achieveable? For comparison I have put my settings here... in the exact same location and I have max field of view. Also I banned somebody before you with similiar increased FoV who had ESP.
  3. I've known George many years and introduced him to this community. He has since stuck by, showing dedication and engagement. He has been welcoming of new faces on the server and helping out where he can. With the addition to DarkRP I feel George would be well fitted for the role. Hell, even I learned some stuff from him. He has the experience and knowlegdge behind his belt for this gamemode and would handle scenarios to the highest standard.
  4. Welcome Miguel. I've seen you on the DarkRP server a lot and I'm glad you are enjoying it! Good to have ya.
  5. Knows the roots and has a good personality. Remembering the good old days, great to see you back Chris. +1
  6. Run

    Unban Appeal

    Unbanned. Don't do it again.
  7. Run

    Unban Appeal

    Hi there take a look at this clip. I apologise for my friend talking over. There definitely appears to be some locking on going on here, especially before the last bullet is shot.
  8. Run


    After watching the clips back and forth multiple times from the raw footage, sound blasting out, there are some sounds that don't appear to be in the rendered version of the clips. It's very minor but may indicate to why you push and look at certain places at that specific time but this doesn't take into account some of the other places you watch which is deemed odd. I tested this specific spot with a player and while very difficult to make out, it is possible to see a tiny slither of a player moving. The thing is it's hard to judge because whilst spectating you there were no green visuals on the player at this point and you seem to judge his movement and direction quite early on. Whilst killing him also you stop shooting exactly as his movement stops which could also be deeply questioned. https://gyazo.com/b885cbb162c4277ba78d0d5a2b0b28a4 -- CTRL + Scroll wheel for zoom in https://gyazo.com/8fc5d7dcc4e9d3ee6e2704413d62aad6 A lot of your steam accounts seem to be also VAC banned which is a concerning but I do know you have a lot of experience on XMP and from what I have seen a lot of players seem to recognise you. The experience carried from this along with your play-style may have misjudged some events. To everyone, I apologise for the lack of evidence on my part. I'm going to accept this appeal. Of course, we will be watching you closely.
  9. Josh is a very active member and has shown his passion for the community over the years. He's displayed positive qualities of what surrounds the administrator role. Much like Dan I do not know you that much personally but I'm sure that will change. From what I've seen you are considerate for others, resourceful and independent which helps in assessing situations. I think you have a lot to bring to the table through your inventiveness and think an opportunity should hopefully arise.
  10. Kalder has been with us a long time and has shown dedication throughout. He always maintains a positive attitude whilst proving adaptable to different situations in good manner. I've witnessed him help out players where he can utilising his vast experience and knowledge from his time in the community. He's considerate, friendly and easy-going. Overall I think he would be a great fit and shows a lot of potential.
  11. Run


    Hi there I've uploaded two clips and want the community to review it. Unfortunately some of the other clips didn't save due to disk space. I remember you killing a lot of players and I had several reports on you. Also why the VAC?
  12. Run

    Unban RHID2

    Hi there the ban was put in place from the footage below. At first whilst walking to the building you seem to have your target in place, by looking perfectly where he is located through wall where he is out of sight. You enter the school building and go straight up to the floor where you previously saw him. There seems to be parts in this clip where you trace him through the walls very often and there is some odd cross-hair movement about 22 seconds in to the clip. Going to need other members opinion on this.
  13. Run

    Unban Whopperjr1?

    I like the honesty in your appeal about you using hacks although the thing is you were with a friend (Rezx) who was also going around killing everyone with blatant hacks. This tied with your appeal does not make the best of sense and points to a bunch of possible excuses thrown in. You both have VAC bans and it just seems like you are a duo who go around making hell for other players on different games. Especially looking at all of these alt accounts with VACs (except whopperjr3): Not a good sign, I am going to need others input on this appeal so far its quite negative on my end as I see you doing this again, especially with that terrible mindset you describe while playing our server. Everyone starts somewhere, improve yourself over time not with shitty hacks.
  14. Run

    Unban LK-520

    I don't believe any of it. The fact you say "I am not a hacker" and your profile has a VAC ban, although quite old it's still relevant to this topic. After digging through video files since this ban was invoked nearly over a month ago which really shows your determination to get back on; I found the evidence I collected. Haven't included others as they are being blasted by music in the background. You are heading off in the opposite direction and then just backtrack as you see me through the walls. It's so blatant and you do this numerous times where your turns are too convenient. It's a no from me.
  15. Run

    Hello there

    Nice to meet you Joe, glad you enjoy the playing on the server. I'll see you around!

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