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  1. I think that he went completely overboard with the flaming in global chat and then continuously spamming Ramelion in his Discord DM's and that really wasn't necessary. Just because you got killed and lost your items in-game, doesn't mean you should flame other people and repeatedly call them names. +1 Next time a similar situation occurs, try to keep a cool head. At the end of the day, you're here to have a good time, not tilt into oblivion.
  2. Well said. Best of luck to you obtaining that certification and finding employment. ❤️
  3. +1 He's a great person to chat to, is friendly to others, and is always on the servers and helping people out every day. There's no doubt in my mind you'll be accepted.
  4. Thunder

    CSGO Team

    I'm down, for sure man
  5. +1 It's been a long time since Peatreat has been banned. Ever since the bans were wiped and the server reopened last year, he hasn't done anything bad and I know this because I've played alongside with him, seen him on the Gmod server and discord server and haven't seen anything bad happen between him or anyone else. I feel like most people who -1'd his application are either still holding the same grudge for what happened in the past, or are just going off of what they've heard from other people. I understand that he might have a bad history, but there's people who haven't had a bright history with the community at the start, yet still have been given the chance to become a member. In a nutshell, I'm pretty much saying that all the bad history is in the past and people change. Peatreat has shown no signs of negativity and should be given a chance to represent the community. Good luck.
  6. +1 Active player and always a swell person to team up with and play games with.
  7. After the server regained it's popularity, I've only seen you on the server once and I don't see you active on the forums or the discord server. I would like to see your activity increase before I can consider giving you a +1. Neutral for now.
  8. The best thing you could have done during that time of the situation was to just simply mute them in game (If you press tab and click on one of their names, it'll mute them and you won't be able to hear or get messages from them) and/or private message the admins by using the @ symbol. Every time you keep giving trolls a reaction, it'll only provoke them to do it more. Ignore them and they'll stop since you're not giving them any of your attention. Try doing this next time a similar situation occurs.
  9. +1 They definitely deserve to get banned, shit like this is definitely not tolerated around here. Edit: Changing vote to -1. I originally +1'd because I didn't thoroughly read the chat logs, but after reading it a second time, it seems like there's just bickering back and forth between you all, and this could have easily been avoided if you just simply ignored them, instead of talking back to them, thus fueling this pointless ordeal to an unnecessary point.
  10. Name: Thunder/Ramy. Steam Name: CSi. Thunder Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:87790870 Age: 18 How long have you been playing on our server(s): I first started playing on January 1st, 2015. Which server do you play the most: Dz_Chernarus How often are you available?: Monday through Friday I am available from the afternoon, starting from 2:30PM up until I go to sleep which is usually around or before midnight. Saturdays and Sundays I am usually available throughout most of the day, unless something personal comes up. Have you ever been banned? If so, tell us why: No. What is your experience as an Administrator?: I’ve been a moderator for two DarkRP servers before they both shut down in 2017. What are you able to bring to the Administration Team?: Knowledge of the server, maturity around the community, warm welcomes to anyone who is new to the CSi. community and assisting them in any way possible and being an overall level headed person. Reputable names that recommended you as an Administrator: CSi. Josh CSi. Dan ~ ~ ~ ~ Scenarios ~ ~ ~ ~ What would be the best way to handle this situation?: You see a fairly new player go around and begin telling players that RDM is punishable in the server and will lead the player to receive a permanent ban.The player also states that safezone camping doesn't exist. (On EvoCity) Answer: I would state in global that RDM is not a punishable offense, along with informing him/her that safezone camping is not possible. After that has been cleared up, I would personally message the person that brought up the RDM issue and ensure they understand that RDM is not a punishable offense and explain to them clearly how the access to safezone works. What would be the best way to handle this situation?: You witness a fellow admin abusing his/her powers by no clipping for loot multiple times. Not only does he/her noclip for loot, but kills people while being noclipped as well. Answer: If I witnessed a fellow admin using his/her powers in a negative way, I would either record or screenshot it and share the evidence with either Teddy or Xavier. What would be the best way to handle this situation?: A player begins stating that he's going to grab another player's IP address after being killed in-game. That's all the information that is provided. Answer: I would inform them that if he continues with his actions, he will have to be punished. If their actions persist, the player would be banned and given the chance to appeal on the forums. Threatening someone with their personal computer information such as their IP isn't a joke and will not be taken lightly by me. What would be the best way to handle this situation?: You see a CSi. member harassing players and being an overall toxic player to other players within the DayZ server and teamspeak. Answer: I would explain to the member in that they represent the server and the community while wearing the tag. If they continue harassing/being toxic to players, I would mute them and give them a maximum of two warns. If they continue their actions after the given warns, I would issue a temporary ban depending on the severity of their actions.
  11. I'm gonna stay neutral until the evidence is posted.
  12. Very active player within the server and on discord. Talked to him myself for a couple of days and he's a very chill person with a great amount of dedication to the server, from my experience. It's a +1 from me.

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