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  1. Skull Kid

    Unban Appeal

    Well I commend you for not being disrespectful. Ill give you a +1, but kept on close watch if you do get unbanned. I can't say whether or not my +1 will make much of a difference. That's going to be up to everyone else. Good luck and don't have me change my mind.
  2. Skull Kid

    Unban Appeal

    I see your love for CSi. to be genuine, but I don't think you're being completely honest with us. If you'd like to explain yourself regarding what Run Just presented it will determine what I decide to do with +1 or -1'ing you. Keeping myself Neutral for now.
  3. Wish you submitted this sooner, but better late then never. +1 😄
  4. The 2nd vid was meh, but the inside of stalker mili basement on the first vid was enough to give this fat -1. who stares at the ground like that in a gunfight? I was gonna let it slide to you just holding tab and checking on the player count or whatever, but the enemy goes to a bag in the basement and then you suddenly rush? That's way too coincidental. The very bottom of the basement when you chase him you are just eye fucking him behind that wall and under the floor as well.. yikes. Good luck on your appeal.
  5. Its an outfit you get from training your agility. You collect Marks of Grace ( which is currency to get the outfit) throughout your trips on a course. Your best bet is to get your agility to 40 (while still collecting the marks of grace) then doing Canifis agility course since its the fastest marks of grace drop (as far as I know) no matter what, you want to just do Canifis till you have enough marks of grace for full graceful. The droprate of marks of grace slows down after 20 lvs of being on that course so you could do Canifis to 60 for your marks of grace, but you'd have enough by 54-55 agility. When you have 61 agility Canifis is pretty much useless and the drops for the marks of grace slow down. After that you just want to train agility at the best course, but stay in canifis only for the marks of grace. The Graceful outfit replenshes your energy faster as well as slow down your energy usage. Many if not all players use it to save them energy when they're running around alot especially for quests. If there's anything I left out then sorry for not mentioning, but I think that should be all you need to know. Hope this helped!
  6. Skull Kid

    I Am Bored

    lmfao this is too good
  7. The guy is a chill dude and he has been with the community for awhile now. I personally don't see a problem with seeing him become an admin. Whether he becomes one sooner or later, I wouldn't mind. I'd like to see you more on like this and you are funny as hell. +1 Good Luck man! ❤️
  8. I'd like to see a clip or two besides this one I'm sorta unsure with this one. Neutral for now
  9. I'd like to say what you are saying isn't a complete lie, but there are probably one or two things within your apology that isn't true whatsoever. I think you would have used the hacks more for your benefit and not just to "start off", but the fact you got caught it only makes sense to make up a reason. Considering you have a VAC ban record also shows you didn't learn your lesson before as well. Lucky for you I'd like to believe you can change this time and if you weren't as sorry then you wouldn't go this far to make an appeal. Ill +1 you for this one, but I can't control the others decision. Good luck and if you make it through the appeal don't make me look bad if you return. Hacks are for losers and you can make yourself better then that. Good luck
  10. Great story on your situation, but Im going to have to -1 this. Good luck on your appeal.
  11. yeah lets do it. Even though I never used it, it was goofy af to use and could get some laughs out of using it. Can't wait for it. Maybe make it a crossbow.
  12. there were no edits. All I do is cuts to the sus actions you make. Its not sound that was weird my dude it was literally the way you reacted when he approached and you were aiming ready for him to pop and this isn't the only time you've done this.
  13. Through Multiple clips you seem to know exactly where the players are coming from and you are always cautious once the player you don't see comes close. You follow the kids on their movement and when they approach you back up. Here is an example of you killing Russki and then easily seeing KillerofZeus who is not in view. Good luck on explaining this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbHb8urQ2KY

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