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  1. EPIC GAMER MOMENT. That’s awesome vixsem 😄😄
  2. Hey there! I’m Miguel. I just recently came into the community upon the Dark RP server releasing and I’m absolutely loving the server as well as the community! I’ve found the cop job to be one of my absolute favorites so that is most likely what I’m be RPing as. I’ve played Garry’s Mod for about 2 or 3 years now and started Dark RP servers for a little over a year. I currently work as an Armored Truck Cash Transport Security company, so I may not be as present during the week days, but on the weekend I will most definitely be around! I look forward to meeting more people and integrating with the community! See you guys on Dark RP 🙂
  3. +1. Vixsem is literally the nicest person on the server. Always asking questions when they don’t understand something or a rule so they can learn better.
  4. Nice! This is going to be awesome.

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