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Nathan's Cool Suggestions 2: Electric Boogaloo

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1. Slightly nerf Delicate Fingers
It's pretty much silent in its current state.

2. Walkie Talkies
Allows group members to communicate via voice across map.

3. Slow down that airdrop!
The current airdrop speed especially on the more swirling city map makes it insanely hard for the person that called it in to be competed for it. 

4. Buff knives slightly
Current damage takes 3 backstabs to kill a zombie, it should take 2.

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Nerfing delicate fingers would make the perk basically useless and a waste of 110k or 1000 credits. Walkie talkies are completely useless since we have discord and teamspeak. Slowing down the airdrop would let more players go over to it but it would just be a slayfest basically whoever gets there first would get the loot and camp it like they already do but with more players and freshspawns being involved. Buffing knives would make buying violent background useless basically nerfing another perk.

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I remember players used to not get any weapons on spawn, and we didnt have fists either. DV2 is already a huge nerf on violent background, and there are so many machetes around the map that it isn't really that important imho.

I can see airdrop time increasing because the buildings kind of block all vision when it drops, but the same issue can be remedied by a pillar of smoke similar to the flare. Perhaps do that instead of increasing fall time?

Delicate fingers is still fresh and not many have it yet. It's hard to determine the meta shift and actual benefit that it provides in the map vs other players, so only time will tell. Nerfing it immediately wont help much sincce the sound decrease isnt much for bags and really only seriously affects world drops, which are still slightly audible.

Discord, Skype, TeamSpeak 3, Ventrilo, RaidCall, literally trading phone numbers and calling each other. Theres already enough filler loot.

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My Personal Input On The Topic

1. ) i believe delicate fingers is 100% fine as it is, i understand its kinda OP but not really if you think about it is pretty balanced considering the price that it is going for....

2. ) I like the idea of it but i'd kinda just rather use discord or type in Group Chat ( By Pressing U then typing what u want said )

3. ) I believe the Air Drop Speed is fine at least in my opinion....

4. ) i sort of agree for the zombies portion but i have a machete so i don't really understand the struggle..

~Zerg ( VAULT )

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