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  1. phoon

    Unban Request

    Appeal accepted. Keep in mind second chances are given but never third chances. Best of luck hope you can enjoy the server without the use of cheats!
  2. phoon

    Unban Request

    Hello. Originally you were banned for cheating more specifically but not listed anti-screengrab. You can see here the borders of your screen are hidden which is a type of anti-screengrab cheaters use. You have been honest in your appeal and upfront so I am willing to revoke the ban with some consideration from the other staff members first. Best of luck +1
  3. +1 Very active and always working to make the community better by reporting cheaters.
  4. Hey. You were originally banned for ESP. You have admitted to cheating but there happens to be an issue. You were a donator on our server and attempted and were possibly successful on a charge back attempt (I haven't checked just know you did). This is a breach of our TOS. So this appeal will be denied.
  5. Found it STEAM_0:1:457019695
  6. Your SteamID isn't correct. Can't do anything with your appeal without it.
  7. phoon

    Unban Appeal

    I'll be accepting this appeal. Your ban will be reduced to a week. Following your unban your main account's membership status will be revoked. You will be eligible to reapply for member in 6 months. As I am sure you are aware there is second chances given but never thirds. Hoping to leave this in the past and move forward. Best of luck.
  8. phoon

    Unban Appeal

    Just out of curiosity. You said that your cheat was left injected without you knowing since you were on another server cheating and had forgotten it was on. There really isn't much interest in cheating on a DarkRP server without the use of ESP yet you had no recoil and anti-screengrab on? Why even risk being caught with anti-screengrab if you weren't using ESP? Then remains the question to whether or not it was intentional cheating and the possibility that you had ESP enabled while playing which would debunk the claim of it being an accident. The logic collides. Why legit cheat to the point you are only using anti-recoil and anti-screengrab? At that point it is giving you a pretty insignificant advantage for a game mode designed around base building and knowledge of the location of entities (which esp would help with a lot). That or you had ESP enabled and it wasn't an accident. Just looking for some clarification or a better explanation.
  9. phoon

    Unban Appeal

    Hey, you were originally banned for anti-recoil and anti-screengrab. Those being the 2 easiest things to prove as they are both pretty easy to see. Here is a youtube video of some evidence. It has been edited for convenience since at the end of the day it doesn't really matter since you were using some variation of a anti-screen grab. I'll give a little breakdown with some time stamps. All of your fights in the ~15 minutes I was spectating you have been included. Clips to point out: recommend slowing them down to 0.25x 0:12- can be slowed down you have 0 recoil with a RB even after firing several shots in a row 1:13- no recoil on RB once again 2:33- you are literally spam clicking the RB 3 shots in succession with 0 recoil your crosshair makes no movements vertically Evidence of alt account: Evidence of anti-screengrab: Here are three different screengrabs taken during your session on the day you were banned And here is a screengrab on the same account on a earlier date During this session your capturable screen size decreased hiding all of the borders of your screen and your HUD. Only on the day you were banned of cheating this occurred. With that being said I'll leave this appeal open for replies since it's a pretty hot topic on your ban. Like to hear some input from others but from the evidence I've gathered I still remain convinced.
  10. phoon

    Unban requests

    Denied. Put in some effort into your appeal next time. Appeal again in 2 weeks if you wish.
  11. phoon

    Unaban me pls

    You were originally banned for ESP and Anti-Recoil. Seeing as your ban was a long time ago and I no longer have the evidence for the ban I will be revoking the ban. Just keep in mind second chances are given but never thirds. Welcome back!
  12. phoon

    ban appeal

    Once again this isn't typical for me to accept bans this quickly but I hope you can enjoy the server without the use of cheats. Keep in mind there are second chances given and never thirds. Best of luck, Appeal accepted.
  13. phoon

    Ban Appeal

    Although its not very typical I unban players this fast after an appeal the server has quite a lot of people on right now and it was brought up to me politely. I am willing to unban you since its been such a long time since your ban. Just keep in mind second chances are given and never thirds. Welcome back! Appeal Accepted.
  14. phoon


    I think enough time has passed from your original ban to give you another chance. You seem apologetic. Hopefully you can enjoy the server without the use of cheats. Keep in mind there are second chances given never third chances. Have fun!
  15. phoon


    Unable to find your original ban. It would help me out a lot if you could get the correct STEAMID.
  16. phoon


    It has been quite a long time since your original ban. I am willing to give you a second chance. Hopefully you can play the server legitimately without the use of cheats. Keep in mind that second chances are given but never third chances. Best of luck, have some fun :D.
  17. You show an interest in the community and seem to enjoy playing on the sever. Sorry it took so long! You are now officially cool and a member of the CSI Community! I will get you your role on the forums and in discord as soon as possible (feel free to remind me) hope you stick around!
  18. You were originally banned by Rolchax for ESP. You chose to evade your ban which is what this ban was for. You may not have been cheating at all. However you still evaded which is against our rules and warrants you a permanent ban. I set the reason as cheating since that's essentially what your original ban was for. If you want to genuinely enjoy the server without the use of cheats I recommend appealing after 2 or more weeks. With that being said I am going to close this appeal. Hopefully you make better choices in the future if you wish to continue playing on our servers.
  19. Denied. Feel free to make another appeal in 2 weeks if you wish to do so.
  20. Believe Ryu has been around for quite some time. Glad to see you active once again in the community! Best of luck and congratulations on becoming our most recent member!
  21. Known Brandon for quite some time. Heard he plans on working himself up the ranks. Best of luck to you and congratulations on becoming a member!
  22. I don't think I have had a chance to meet you in game but judging by your appeal you seem like a pretty cool guy. I am just gonna play it safe and go neutral until I get a chance to know you a bit better but I am leaning towards a +1. Good luck! See you on the server.
  23. I am going to just move this appeal to accepted. I am not sure what ended up happening but this doesn't seem relevant anymore. If this is not the case please contact me on discord phoon#5161.
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