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  1. You show an interest in the community and seem to enjoy playing on the sever. Sorry it took so long! You are now officially cool and a member of the CSI Community! I will get you your role on the forums and in discord as soon as possible (feel free to remind me) hope you stick around!
  2. You were originally banned by Rolchax for ESP. You chose to evade your ban which is what this ban was for. You may not have been cheating at all. However you still evaded which is against our rules and warrants you a permanent ban. I set the reason as cheating since that's essentially what your original ban was for. If you want to genuinely enjoy the server without the use of cheats I recommend appealing after 2 or more weeks. With that being said I am going to close this appeal. Hopefully you make better choices in the future if you wish to continue playing on our servers.
  3. Denied. Feel free to make another appeal in 2 weeks if you wish to do so.
  4. Believe Ryu has been around for quite some time. Glad to see you active once again in the community! Best of luck and congratulations on becoming our most recent member!
  5. Known Brandon for quite some time. Heard he plans on working himself up the ranks. Best of luck to you and congratulations on becoming a member!
  6. I don't think I have had a chance to meet you in game but judging by your appeal you seem like a pretty cool guy. I am just gonna play it safe and go neutral until I get a chance to know you a bit better but I am leaning towards a +1. Good luck! See you on the server.
  7. I am going to just move this appeal to accepted. I am not sure what ended up happening but this doesn't seem relevant anymore. If this is not the case please contact me on discord phoon#5161.
  8. Recently I have seen you on the server but I don't see you interacting with other people or in the discord much. Neutral.
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  10. phoon


    I am going to have to deny this appeal due to lack of replies. I see you around from time to time but not enough to be significant. I recommend just getting to know other people better and bringing up your appeal more if possible without being a sellout.
  11. phoon

    SodoMaZo Apply

    Due to lack of replies I am going to have to deny this appeal. Try showing more activity in the community and branching out. If you wish to apply in the future I recommend showing a presence in the server, discord, and forums if you wish to have a good chance at being accepted.
  12. You haven't shown any activity or interest in any form towards the community. For that reason I will be denying this appeal. If you plan to appeal in the future I recommend showing a presence in the community for at least 2 weeks before considering applying again if you want a chance at being accepted.
  13. After consulting with the rest of the staff team you will be receiving an unban. We have a new permanent mute system to exclude members of the community who can't get along with others. I don't think it will need to be used I have high hopes for you. Keep in mind there are second chances but never third. That being said welcome back from your exile enjoy your stay :D.
  14. phoon

    unban Markovka

    Teddy originally banned you for ESP. You were completely honest in your message, which means a lot. Of course, in the end you were still cheating, but I am totally in favor of giving you a second chance. I will contact Teddy since this is his ban and ask him if he agrees if I unban you. Keep in mind that if you are unbanned, you are given a second chance, but not a third. So take this opportunity and enjoy the game as it should, without any cheats. You have my support.
  15. Denied without the chance of an appeal in the future. You were given another chance at honesty and you failed to do so.
  16. Haven't seen you on the server in a long time. I have only seen you on southside a handful of times. I would like to see more activity out of you. Neutral.
  17. Although this application has only been open for a few days you show a lot of activity in the server and in the Community. I think you would make a great member so I am happy to accept this application! Welcome to the community!
  18. Appeal Denied. You can appeal in 2 weeks if you wish to do so.
  19. Not sure exactly how I am misinformed when we just were informed that the demo was bugged.
  20. Wasn't off of suspicion. You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about and contribute absolutely nothing to this appeal. I do however think that landing that while crouching is possible and warrants an unban. Not sure why the demo showed you standing because that would make that sequence of jumps down the stairs nearly impossible, which is the main reason I thought you were scripting. Since you were indeed crouching I do not think there is enough evidence to keep you banned or to prove you are cheating. I do not believe that you are cheating and you now have my support towards you getting unbanned.
  21. I am more than aware of the multiple different techniques that can be used to bhop. When going down the stairs you either extremely poorly attempted a half side ways bhop or you just have very bad sync. I also witnessed you on your alternate account bhopping from the safe zone staircase and around the main entrance multiple times in a row without missing any jumps, not that it matters much since I didn’t bother to clip it but it definitely adds some context and something to compare to. Previous to your ban there was also a player named ni who was banned for scripts who might’ve been on at at the time you were on which raised my suspicion having someone bhop around safe zone just after he was banned. I am going to once again state that going down that staircase while standing and very poorly attempting a half side ways bhop is pretty unrealistic. Especially since the speed was maintained throughout your journey to the bottom of apartments. Never the less I would like to have more opinions on this appeal but for me I do think something is going on in the background past it being just “skill”.
  22. phoon

    ni's ban appeal

    You were originally banned by me for BHOP Scripts and ESP. I was able to come to the conclusion that you were using bunny hop scripts because of our movement limits on the game mode that can only be outdone by auto hop. Your strafing patterns are to wide to have any effect whatsoever without auto hop. You also bunny hop up a staircase in the video bellow which is not an easy feat especially with our movement and steepness of the stairs. Just for anyone who has nothing to compare to I will show you a video of me bunny hopping on the same server with the same movement limits as ni. Despite the high speeds achieved by run boosting and bullet boosting with a SR-25 I am still not able to strafe as wide as him without losing all of my speed. This is because I am not using auto hop. Another thing he does in the demo I have recorded which I will show you bellow in a moment is perfectly land a jump on a very steep slope going downwards. Not only does he land it 2 different times when going up a slope he also times it perfectly when going down a slope which is extremely difficult and unrealistic to do consistently with perfection. In this demo bellow he is only seen stopping to 1. Dodge bullets and hide from another player and 2. Because he runs out of stamina. He does not miss a single jump this entire demo. On top of this he glances to his side about half way through the video and bunny hops directly towards a player who is behind a wall for the entirety of his bunny hopping down towards him. This is when I concluded he was using ESP as well as scripts. With all of this being said you are with out a doubt using scripts and esp. If all this wasn't enough you also decided to attempt to evade your ban. Therefor you will not be able to make another appeal in the future because of your dishonesty and attempt to avoid the ban you had been rightfully given. This appeal is denied without a chance at another appeal in the future.
  23. I am going to go ahead and deny this appeal. You will be allowed to apply again in 2 weeks. There are second chances given but never third chances so I recommend being entirely honest in your next appeal and if you are to be accepted choose to play legitimately.
  24. Don't think I need to say anything else. I am going to leave this open for my own entertainment. Looking forward to some juicy replies.
  25. I was the admin who originally banned RennieS/Wongus back in May shortly after I was instated. This situation exposed a lot of weak spots in our system when it comes to evasions which is very helpful. Wongus was always a nice person to be around despite being banned for cheating months ago. I do think majority of the interactions with other players and staff members was genuine looking back to when we talked which helps your case. Truthfully if you were to make an appeal for your RennieS account without us knowing that you were Wongus you would have been treated quite harshly because our stance on hackers being unbanned in the past. I completely understand why you opted to use an alternate account instead of appealing, but of course I still cannot agree or stand by what you did. There is no telling if relationships within the community will ever be the same. I do believe if you are to be unbanned which I am putting my support towards that it will take time before those relationships are healed. A great example of this is one of our current staff members who was originally banned for cheating in 2018. Of course it took time for people to look at him as just another regular player but now he is on the staff team which is great. I do believe you can recover from this and work your way back into the community. With all of that being said I wish you the best of luck on your appeal and hope to see you back ingame soon. +1