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  1. 1. Slightly nerf Delicate Fingers It's pretty much silent in its current state. 2. Walkie Talkies Allows group members to communicate via voice across map. 3. Slow down that airdrop! The current airdrop speed especially on the more swirling city map makes it insanely hard for the person that called it in to be competed for it. 4. Buff knives slightly Current damage takes 3 backstabs to kill a zombie, it should take 2.
  2. 1. Buff Scavenger This also applies to finding weapons with ammo in general, but finding 1-4 bullets when it's an assault rifle is basically nothing and you might as well have not found ammo. 2. New Skill "Sugar Rush" Basically the drunk melee boost except for sodas and speed. 3. New Perk "Heaven Sent" Spawn in with a Scroll Of Safety. : )

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