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  1. Met him a couple days ago from my inactivity, i immediately want to combine my genetics with him. +1 Really good guy :^)
  2. I havent seen much of you, i see you on but you never talk or anything from what ive seen but everyone else has positive experiences with you so i suppose so +1 should be more out there while this app is up
  3. +1 i love you \ my trader apprentice
  4. +1 Youve been around for a while and youre a pretty chill guy
  5. +1 Tom is someone Ive fucked with heavily throughout my years holy shit I wish I never met him he’s so dumb
  6. That’s literally his job to direct you to appeal same as everyone else
  7. I like the idea as i understand why you would suggest this but the camping situation on the server is just too much and this would just worsen it
  8. Medinator

    Zjex unban post

    Thought it was unlimited? If not then I guess maybe make a new thread, that’s what I’d guess
  9. Medinator

    Zjex unban post

    Edit your post and put everything onto this template
  10. Ew. +1 Pretty cool man, very active and I haven’t had any bad experiences with him
  11. We secretly know each other from another community 😉 Good to see you here bro
  12. Sorry for late but yes yes yes +2 has been around for a good bit of time and is fairly active
  13. He meant 2 weeks not 2 days (checked the time thingy) but he did come back and appeal with honesty this time With him coming back again that says to me he is truly interested +1
  14. Medinator


    I recommend just remaking this appeal as this is a ban request and not an unban appeal template
  15. shut up

  16. When submitting a ban request, please use the following template and fill out the fields in a way that will give us the most information to discuss your request. Username: CSi. Medinator Steam ID (STEAM_0:0:00000000): STEAM_1:1:63855153 What time & date was the occurrence: 2:50-3:30 PM Central Time Zone range-ish? What server is this for?: DayZ Was an Admin/Moderator online?(if so, who?) : Josh and Thunder How long have they been playing on our server(s): Since the last map at least Have they ever been banned? If so, tell us why: Not from what ive seen
  17. +1 dirty camper but has been very active and so far pretty positive with the community
  18. +1 Yeah you’ve been a really active and chill dude so far Wish you best of luck
  19. Shit from our argument agreement does this mean I gotta apply for staff now but uh yes +1 sexy dude
  20. +1 you’ve been pretty chill so far and quite active
  21. Okay, this is way off topic and irrelevant at this point, i never told har to leave in fact i supported his unban but you came into the forums waving your dick around trying to a prove a point that never even existed, yes im gonna call you a retard for turning this whole thread into some huge side topic and from how youre treating me id like to let you know im not even staff. But oh well, sorry if you got offended or something i would say more but i really dont care enough to dissect everything down lets just move on from this Now lets keep this thread on topic ye
  22. +1 Has been around for a long time since the last map really chill dude
  23. Bruh if you slow down the video and look closely right as the video start you begin shooting right before any form of his is visible When being spectated, it shows everything you see and not a single gun or flashlight is seen poking through at 0:06 going into 0:07 you aim right at him as your in that corner edit: looking back at the 0:06 into 0:07 it wasnt even game sense of you peeking you perfectly adjust yourself directly over his body and as you re-peak the corner, your crosshair stays on him
  24. Please stop spamming and wait for the staffs response