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  1. The evidence was already posted, you were proven to be cheating. Please don't come back. -1
  2. -1, spamming forum, being a dumbass.
  3. -1 Literally got banned for hacking, could've sworn he was hacking the day he got unbanned.
  4. Did you get to global using data or
  5. yes it is my opinion thank you for noticing x
  6. -1. Man man has an almost 100% success rate in b-hopping and uses less than fair techniques like jumping on friend's heads to accelerate him forward. Something is fishy.
  7. +1 good guy wouldn't mind him as a member
  8. -1. Dunno why this wasn't insta-denied.
  9. You've made like three appeals in ~1 week, in my opinion you should be forum banned.
  10. -1. Ban should remain intact.
  11. -1. People don't change in a day, mistakes can happen but to learn from them takes time. Especially instead of appealing once you got banned you decided to threaten, I may +1 a later appeal.
  12. Knives serve no purpose being in loot tables, batteries should also have a lower chance of spawning. ❤️ Oh yeah and reduce mystery goo weight 2 medkits weigh less but can do more healing than a mystery goo, kinda cringe.
  13. I'm not gonna respond to individuals here but I will end on I don't think the ban should be permanent but should definitely be in place.
  14. +1. Active as hell, literally bought me VIP in return for nothing, not even in-game items. Cool dude to play with.
  15. -1. Don't use donations as a plea for your appeal and this seems way too soon. Especially given you were a part of the same "clan" it seems more than likely someone knew about the events going on and especially the response warrants your ban.
  16. For any other winners @Medinator's discord is actually: Medinator 🌠#2828