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CSi GModZ (X15) 5000 Credits Package Giveaway!


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How To Enter: Leave You're Discord Contact Info In The Comments! (winners will be selected via google random number generator and i will be posting evidence that it is entirely random)

everyone is welcome to enter. however i am reserving the right to "POSSIBLY" exclude players from the contest for any of the following reasons!

(i am supposed to be including my reasons here but read the following comment and to why i didn't post them)

To Be honest i cant be bothered to go in depth about every restriction and possible exemption for those restrictions to ensure only legitimate players are eligible to enter the contest. so basically to sum it all up, here's my thoughts!

i just don't want these gift packages to fall into the hands of someone who is just going to end up getting banned for whatever reason. EVERYONE is welcome to enter: HOWEVER i am reserving the rights to exclude players from the contest and deny them the winnings should there name be drawn as a winner for the sole reason that i don't trust you're going to remain a both legitimate and active player. decisions on who is excluded will be made solely by me with (hopefully the help of investigatory bodies) to ensure the winning players legitimacy.

with that being said i cant really think of anything else to say. hopefully you get the point. if you're not planning on sticking around or already play the game but you do so once in a blue moon. please don't bother entering and leave the entries to those who would actually appreciate it and get some use out of it. Thank you and best of luck everyone! ❤️

(i will be doing the draw on Christmas eve to allow players to realize the contest was happening, unless a lot of people join quickly and then hardly anyone begins to join the contest for a good period of time, in which case ill do it sooner) draw will be done saturday december 5th at 12 pm atlantic standard time.

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