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  1. +1 Used to play with him a lot when i was 7-10 years old and an an extremely friendly guy
  2. Player Name: CSi. Tom Cruise Steam ID (STEAM_0:0:00000000): Age: 14 Which server do you play the most: dz_chernarus How long have you been playing on our server(s): 7 years Have you ever been banned? If so, tell us why: I've been banned 3 times. Once for Exploiting, The Second and Third time for racial slurs. What are you able to bring to the CSi community: Im able to bring a great fun environment to everyone as im kind of a meme at this point with everyone and im able to bring a fun impression for new players as i do team with new player
  3. +1 I played with you for awhile before the server got ransomware hacked and it’s good seeing a returning face to csi
  4. my brain hurts reading this -1 if you obviously don’t cheat then why were you banned for cheating xd the admins would have some evidence about you cheating
  5. +1 even though I haven’t been active lately whenever the dayz server was at like 5-10 players he would get on and snowball it to have more players and is very active and would be a good admin. Also there’s not many admins coming on dayz
  6. surprised this hasnt been accepted yet with all the +1s and people supporting him
  7. Seems like you've been banned for awhile and a pretty old player of csi id say you'd have learned your lesson +1

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