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    unban request OMA w

    then does the gmod setting have anything do with it because i made everything on low and also changed a lot of things in the setting i just want to make sure its not the gmod setting the reason i changed the setting is to stop gmod from crashing everytime i joined the server. Even if you guys don't believe me i will still hope that the server doesn't die and hope it will stay on for a long time even if you think i cheated which i didn't I'm ready to give away all my inventory and stuff in the bank to all the people who needs it in the server and i don't know if you can check my bank but it has 90K and 27 medkits and more than 25 pills and a lot more (yes i have been hoarding :( ) and I'm ready to do anything to prove my innocence PS: i forgot to thank you for hiding my IP address thanks a lot
  2. OMA

    unban request OMA w

    source film maker and also it was the first poster that i ever made here is the spray that i told you about edit: forgot to mention the gun the name of it is the baby face blaster
  3. OMA

    unban request OMA w

    can you send me the jpgs because i just googled about this and it says that the anti-screengrab should show you my spray and i just want to see if its it because my spray is the the scout from tf2 behind a waterfall and he is wearing sun glasses + el jefe hat + the flat jacket i know it sounds confusing but these are the names of the cosmetics and also it was made in source fill maker
  4. OMA

    unban request OMA w

    wHAT THE FUCK I SwEAR ON MY LIFE I DID NOT EVEN DOwNLOAD ANYTHING i swear if you want we can talk on discord about this because im between 2 things its either someone copied me or something is wrong with my gmod so please i don't want to stay banned on anything like that +no aimbot you can even ask the players or just anyone and no one even said im hacking + i DO NOT HAVE FPS SHOwING UP ON MY SCREEN im so confused and also scared i don't want to be perma banned we need to solve this this please you can see my activity log and everything and even ask simply or just anyone so they can prove im innocent
  5. OMA

    unban request OMA w

    steam name:OMA steamID :STEAM_0:1:426155873 Reason: false ban ban length: perma server: CSI dayZ so i was playing today on the server everything was fine and i was having fun then got perma banned by phoon and the reason waas anti-screengrab i don't even know what is an anti-screengrab but i think he got the wrong person btw i came back to the server like 5 or 4 days ago after i left it for a long time and i would really be thankful if this report is handled and done really fast and thanks for your time



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