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  1. My discord is JoJ#0789 thanks for the giveaway!
  2. In response to both Groovus & Booted opinions: I can see where you both are coming from, I still think nades/betties should be more accessible, but I like Booted's point where they can severely increase the spawn for the airdrops cause it makes the most sense that it is guaranteed from the airdrop just like the mp5k basically is. As for the MP5K, i agree with their points and like I said is basically a no-brainer to remove it from airdrops and put it in the normal loot pool. And as for Groovus additions, I agree the spawning near players needs to be fixed or tweaked cause It happens all the time and whether to me or me spawning next to someone. thank you guys for the responses I will be hoping to add more!
  3. +1 been playing with him, honestly not toxic at all (at least now lol), would be great addition to CSI.
  4. hello everyone. I know everyone right now is excited and just waiting for the damn update to come out so they can have a reason to join back. Although I do believe it is time for the server to receive some type of update again, there are a couple of good changes that can be just as effective as receiving a new update. Below are only a couple of ideas that I can going back to but this list will continue to get updated as I gather more opinions from the community! This post is also meant to be openly discussed and I encourage people to input their opinions or ideas that way we can have a balanced list from minds all around. LOOT TABLES: 1. The MP5K should be removed from airdrops and be just as common as the other mp5's spawn rates. 2. Increase spawn rate (again) for the grenade and bouncing betty in normal spawns or better yet, increase them highly for airdrops in exchange of the common ammunitions that spawn in. 3. Increase spawn rate for Airdrop Flare (I'd say to whatever spawn rate the grenades/betty's are right now). PRICES: 4. Airdrop prices need to be REDUCED heavily from 25k down to at least 5-10k MAX. My Opinions as to why (tldr in the end of each reasoning): 1. The MP5K admittedly is a good gun, but is it good enough to be airdrop rarity? not even the m249 which is pretty damn good is only found through airdrops... and lets just say that it is good enough to be airdrop only spawn, its rarity does not correlate properly to the shop as it sells for max 100 bucks, you still have to buy a 30 round clip attachment to justify that it is just as good as a mp5a5 or mp5sd, and with how trading is now and days no one is paying top dollar (which is max like 1k if the person likes it) for the mp5k like back then. I know there's literal people that don't even know about the MP5K so adding to the loot pools along with the other mp5's would be like adding a new weapon for people to have access to. Personally I think this is a no brainer addition to the game mode, let me know what you think. tl;dr: Great gun that not a lot of people have access to and should be just as common as the other mp5's as it doesn't sell for much/ justify it being airdrop rarity only. 2. Ok, so I know we already complained to Xavier like this and I believe it (has?) been increased as I see some people getting access to it, but honestly no one has the balls nor money to use them freely as intended. I feel like when I ever find one of them through a kill or table, I always have to hold on to it because its still too valuable to use and can be better off used to trade off to some dude, who will just hold on to them anyway cause he paid a shit ton for it. I STILL have yet to see it be used in-game more than a handful of times as intended but seen it a lot to be desired for trade, meaning that its still too rare for people to not care about prices/hoarding and to just use it like its meant to be. I don't think it is extremely OP and requires skill to use properly (especially grenades). I can also agree on maybe severely increasing grenade spawns & slightly increasing betties since betties takes less skills to get a kill? idk. but ideally both of them need to not be rare anymore, it would add some diversity to the combat/pvp. tl;dr: cool weapon/tools in the game that is never utilized cause people like hoarding it as a trophy or to trade for cash due to its rarity still 😕 . 3. Ok, so I have noticed that as of right now the server does not spawn random airdrops on its own enough times, ESPECIALLY when its dead. So an alternative to increasing the amount of times the server automatically spawns in a airdrop, why not make the damn airdrop flares a bit easier to find? Its been quite a minute since I have seen people trade away flares or find them as of recently, and even if people want to trade it instead of using it, not many people around to just buy 20k airdrop flares anymore. so why not make it easier for the PLAYERS to find the airdrop flares and have a choice to either sell for cash or use it with their teammates! it'd bring something new for the newer players to look forward to! tl;dr: Flares are too damn rare to find or even buy off others that do find it. 4. This is the one that caused me to make this forum post all around. I am not exaggerating when I say its literally impossible to make your money back off of an airdrop. honestly even if you drop it from 25k to 10k, IT STILL is difficult to make your money back, unless if you are stupid lucky and find the right buyers for the rare items, because a lot of the real good stuff that is worth "money" or is "rare" will not correlate to what the shop will pay you for it... and instead of making Xavier recalculate what everything should be worth, why not just lower the airdrop prices. It is a complete waste of money unless if you REALLY want something that only spawns in airdrops, but chances are it is hard as hell to find in spawn and you'd overpay 10's of thousands for it hoping to get what you want (in which at that point look for someone who has it and buy it off them). On top of that, this is another good alternative to having to search for flares and wont necessarily decrease flare prices when it comes to trading because the flares lets you choose where it goes, the 25k option doesn't. And lets be real, unless if you are a damn sweat like me or the other CSI members, chances are you don't have 25k laying around or 6,250 between a max of 4 teammates to split the airdrop with, because you are saving up for other things like the expensive perks and attachments AND cause you know you will never make your money back unless if you got BMG + M82 + insert other rare shit all at the same airdrop and found a buyer to pay top dollar for it! oh and that's considering that you fought off the hoards of people that chased after the same airdrop as you because it is not common to see them at all. I understand airdrops aren't supposed to spawn every damn 10 minutes, but holy crap what I don't understand is how overpriced and un-accessible it is to players who aren't fortunate enough to sweat everyday and spend a lot of IG money for shits and gigs like me and others. tl;dr: because it is too damn expensive for the common and newer players to buy and/or to make profit, and it'd bring more fun/pvp to the server (and honestly players too if they knew more airdrops and better loot is spawning). PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, share this with other members or friends within the community, lets get some ideas or arguments going, if you agree! +1 and say why you agree! this is the only way it'd get some attention that it deserves instead of spamming in discord general chat about suggestions. Also if you have any other ideas in addition this list, PLEASE TYPE IT OUT so we can have the list grow! #MAKEDAYZGREATAGAIN thank you 😛 - JoJ (0101)
  5. +1, ive seen him active all around recently and no issues in terms of that! good luck!
  6. +1, plain and simple perks that can be good additions to the game for everyone to use. 1 can be tweaked to work for sure 2 is a no brainer that should be added in already 3 is cool but would probably not appeal to a lot of people.
  7. +++1 what wongus said, i really believe there should be more events. most of these can work fairly well being automated and it would encourage it to happen more often since it alleviates the need of an admin+ to go out their way and host them manually!
  8. Extra information: STEAM ID: STEAM_0:0:47630404 needed for donation page. contact to work out a deal through my discord - JoJ#0789 (i am frequently in the csi discord server) or just reply here too lol
  9. GREETINGS! I am in dire need of an in-game player model! I have *INGAME CASH* to offer in return. PLEASE READ BEFORE CONTINUING, please give this forum post a read as it is a statement on Xavier's stance on trading in-game items in exchange for donation store purchases. https://csiservers.com/index.php?/topic/835-trading-of-in-game-items-for-donation-store-purchases/&tab=comments#comment-4003 And for the safety of both parties within the transaction, I will only be doing such a trade using a middleman (can vary as long as their position is admin or higher within the community). Now that the T.O.S and warnings is out of the way I have a lot of in-game cash. I was initially going to trade Csi. Zerg my 400k in exchange for a in-game skin but we both ended up not doing it due to the recent drawing contest. i had high hopes of winning but people cleary made better stuff sooo, MY INGAME CASH IT IS :D. LEAVE down below how in-game cash you are willing to buy in exchange for $20-25 dollars worth of credits :]!
  10. me again, i was planning on coloring my submission and submitting it earlier, i thought i would just drop this here anyways even though technically it is past the deadline. I don't have colors, markers, or paint irl so i kind of tried to do it through ms paint but i really didn't like how it was coming out, and tbh i liked the black and white look more than a painted version since i personally depict the map colors to be really bleak, so if i painted it all brown n stuff it would've came out bad (at least when coloring it digitally). but hey this is what i was going to submit afterwards before the deadline but i gave up on it since i didn't like it. i was going for a black and white depiction of the gamemode/map anyways. enjoy the half way done "painted" version :D!
  11. HELLO, this is my hand-drawing depiction of CSI Day-Z. It isn't completely accurate (pointed out by george) as to the actual map but its supposed to be a roof camper headshotting another player. the location is supposed to depict the northern east side of the map infront of the pawn shop and bar. hope you all enjoy it! p.s: i uploaded 3 pictures, 1 of them to prove that i hand drew it myself, second one is a closer up un-processed photo, then the last of em is the processed version to make it clearer/brighter. i was planning on coloring it digitally since i dont have any colors irl to utilize but i think it looks WAYY better being in black and white. thanks and hope ya enjoy it! - 0101 (JoJ)
  12. Player Name: 0101 (or JoJ) Steam ID (STEAM_0:0:00000000): STEAM_0:0:47630404 Discord username (user#1234): JoJ#0789 Age: 19 Which server do you play the most: the Day-Z server How long have you been playing on our server(s): it has been a while, i cant say exactly but it's been a couple of months. Have you ever been banned? If so, tell us why: no 😄 What are you able to bring to the CSi community: Another friendly face and represent sportsmanship, i never really rage or get pissed off at people, i feel like i capable of representing the community positively in-game and out of the game! I also trade a lot in-game :]. Who (if anyone) referred you to apply: The one and only "George". He was the one who encouraged me to create an application a week ago! Any other information you want to include is welcome: I have no other information to include really other than my other alias is JoJ, I trade a lot, im very active, and i am excited to see what the csi member think of in regards to the idea of me being a member in the community. thank you for reading!
  13. HUGE LIST OF SUGGESTIONS (not complete) that can be good additions to the server! || by: 0101 (or JoJ on discord) notes from me: before i continue to write this list, i made this list originally for the dayz-wishlist section in the discord and was suggested to post it here so it doesn't get buried there, and some of these ideas were inspired from some suggestions in global chat in-game during a discussion yesterday. I can't recall who said what or came up with ideas but i think it will be good to have a big list of suggestions for the community to look at and discuss about! That being said this is my first forum post and my first time seeing the suggestion tab, so i will be taking a look there as well and adding any things to this list that i believe would be good additions as well (and give credit where is due of course!). i hope you all enjoy the read and please leave any criticism and even your ideas below! (also excuse my grammar if i make any errors, i just want to get this out there!) now on too the list. - 0101. 1. Player Based marketplace/auction house (Separate from the marketplace) -- Inspired by and similar to ESCAPE FROM TARKOV'S marketplace. This is basically a place where rarer items or scarce ammunition can be bought and sold. For example: I have m21, i give it to the npc to sell it on the market with MY desired price (or can setup an auction with a buyout and timer to take highest bid) THEN once sold, the seller can go back to the NPC and collect the cash whenever, and the buyer of course receives the item upon purchase. Why? -- Brings a new mechanic/aspect to the game. EXTREMELY encourages the trade of rarer items or ammo in bulk. Helps those who do trade not have to sit in safezone and SPAM messages in global chat, so it can save them that time and allow them to actually participate in the game/pvp or save time and do things IRL instead! issues -- (brought up by phoon) players can just list items to insane prices and be able to store items separate from storage crate and just remove them when they wanna use them. 2. Zombie Hoards // Zombie Hotspots -- Just have like a transparent red circle on the map to indicate that it is a hotspot for zombies. This hotspot means that there are more zombies than usual and it can switch locations to another place of the map once it is cleared out. Why? -- Well it won't be day-z without zombies, I have been seeing a lot of people in global chat mention that there is not much zombies. It would be a good addition for those who desire a group of zombies whether it is to farm some XP OR farm some cash (for those who have the skill to gain money from killing zombies!). It also just adds another mechanic to the game and it can also encourage pvp in the sense that multiple people may chase those incentives. and for those fresh spawns, they gotta watch out with that area unless if they can handle all of the zombies with a knife. issues -- In my eyes, the only issue ive seen with adding more zombies in general into the game is probably performance issues, which if its just limited to certain places around the map then it wouldn't just be increasing zombies overall and just in those zones. Tom Cruise also mentioned that if its a hotspot then there should be some more incentive (better loot/more loot in that hot spot since zombies only really give xp and money). if that is really an issue and the normal amount of xp/cash given from zombies isn't enough, then maybe also increase those rewards for only hot spot zombies? idk lmk what you all think! 3. Item (or multiple items) of the hour/day/etc. -- As title says, just have it when you access the marketplace, it is listed on the top or side the hot items at the moment, meaning that it can be sold for more than usual. Why? -- It would be a cool feature that could add some spice to the marketplace, and maybe make items that people usually find to be worthless be worth something such as a milk or orange juice, or maybe some ammo/weapons! It can encourage people to think twice about when selling their items or hold on to it and sell for more (way more depending on how much more things will sell is up to the devs). issues -- none really, i think its really can spice things up and possibly give things value that people overlook ingame. 4. New Weapons / More attatchments -- This might be a longshot (and a very repetitive suggestion). Personally I don't know much about our current weapon pack or if there even is things to add, but if there is I really don't see the reason not to add some weapons into the game whether in spawns or only airdrops! Why? -- Spices up things, brings something new to the gameplay, and always receives a good response from the community, for example last time new weapons were added and everyone got excited for it and player count rose due to the update! issues -- none, maybe the tweaking of some weapons to balance things out? 5. Daily (or hourly) Challenges! (PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) -- As title says, just have a list of challenges that players are able to complete, it can go from simple tasks (lower rewards) to harder tasks (higher rewards). rwards can be anywhere from cash, xp, or items (if up to me, i'd have it mainly be cash and xp n include items for harder ones). Challenges can vary, it can be like kill a certain amount of zombies, kill a certain amount of bandits, loot 10 of a specific item (something stupid like 10 orange juice or something to give it another reason to be looted), sell a certain amount of things, etc! Why? -- Brings a new mechanic/aspect to the game THAT BRINGS MORE GOALS to accomplish within the gamemode!! It also provides playeers more of an incentive to hop on and complete challenges in exchange for rewards! issues -- I really wan't this mechanic to be implemented, I see no issue in this other than it may be require a lot of time to come up with enough challenges and not have it repetitive, and people might take a bunch of challenges at once and complete them all quickly. I forgot who brought up that issue, but i feel like that can be solved by just having a list in the npc of challenges to choose from and only be allowed to choose one or two out of the list and can not take more challenges until the selected ones are completed! 6. Maybe add accessories that can be purchased with cash/credits and have some limited to vip tiers to be purchased -- Personally i love the addition of skins, but i find it too expensive. I don't want to say to lower their prices because it should be limited to those who choose to donate (or grind out bounties for credits). therefore accessories (similar to like pointshop ones i guess? idk) should be purchasable by ALL players with either cash or credits. then just have some ONLY for vip/donators for them to purchase or just have instantly which will give another incentive for people to donate! Why? -- Idk, I feel like people would like to add some cool hats or glasses to their playermodel so they can differentiate from others and not just be the same skin but also make changing their entire player skin be a rarity for only those with a lot of credits whether thru the grind or donating! issues -- more downloads? may be an fps issue? lmk down below! notes from me: I am not going to lie, i spent a while re-writing and reading my suggestions so i am just going to post this to get it out there then im going to read other suggestions later on and add it to here and give credit where is due. But please leave feedback downbelow. also i don't expect all of these to get added in, especially since there is still some bugfixing to do, but this can really add some more spice to the gamemode that i feel like many players right now would appreciate and enjoy to the fullest! thanks for the read!



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