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  1. In response to both Groovus & Booted opinions: I can see where you both are coming from, I still think nades/betties should be more accessible, but I like Booted's point where they can severely increase the spawn for the airdrops cause it makes the most sense that it is guaranteed from the airdrop just like the mp5k basically is. As for the MP5K, i agree with their points and like I said is basically a no-brainer to remove it from airdrops and put it in the normal loot pool. And as for Groovus additions, I agree the spawning near players needs to be fixed or tweaked cause It happ
  2. +1 been playing with him, honestly not toxic at all (at least now lol), would be great addition to CSI.
  3. hello everyone. I know everyone right now is excited and just waiting for the damn update to come out so they can have a reason to join back. Although I do believe it is time for the server to receive some type of update again, there are a couple of good changes that can be just as effective as receiving a new update. Below are only a couple of ideas that I can going back to but this list will continue to get updated as I gather more opinions from the community! This post is also meant to be openly discussed and I encourage people to input their opinions or ideas that way we can have
  4. +1, ive seen him active all around recently and no issues in terms of that! good luck!
  5. +1, plain and simple perks that can be good additions to the game for everyone to use. 1 can be tweaked to work for sure 2 is a no brainer that should be added in already 3 is cool but would probably not appeal to a lot of people.
  6. +++1 what wongus said, i really believe there should be more events. most of these can work fairly well being automated and it would encourage it to happen more often since it alleviates the need of an admin+ to go out their way and host them manually!
  7. Extra information: STEAM ID: STEAM_0:0:47630404 needed for donation page. contact to work out a deal through my discord - JoJ#0789 (i am frequently in the csi discord server) or just reply here too lol
  8. GREETINGS! I am in dire need of an in-game player model! I have *INGAME CASH* to offer in return. PLEASE READ BEFORE CONTINUING, please give this forum post a read as it is a statement on Xavier's stance on trading in-game items in exchange for donation store purchases. https://csiservers.com/index.php?/topic/835-trading-of-in-game-items-for-donation-store-purchases/&tab=comments#comment-4003 And for the safety of both parties within the transaction, I will only be doing such a trade using a middleman (can vary as long as their position is admin or higher
  9. me again, i was planning on coloring my submission and submitting it earlier, i thought i would just drop this here anyways even though technically it is past the deadline. I don't have colors, markers, or paint irl so i kind of tried to do it through ms paint but i really didn't like how it was coming out, and tbh i liked the black and white look more than a painted version since i personally depict the map colors to be really bleak, so if i painted it all brown n stuff it would've came out bad (at least when coloring it digitally). but hey this is what i was going to submit afterwards before
  10. HELLO, this is my hand-drawing depiction of CSI Day-Z. It isn't completely accurate (pointed out by george) as to the actual map but its supposed to be a roof camper headshotting another player. the location is supposed to depict the northern east side of the map infront of the pawn shop and bar. hope you all enjoy it! p.s: i uploaded 3 pictures, 1 of them to prove that i hand drew it myself, second one is a closer up un-processed photo, then the last of em is the processed version to make it clearer/brighter. i was planning on coloring it digitally since i dont have any colors irl to u
  11. Player Name: 0101 (or JoJ) Steam ID (STEAM_0:0:00000000): STEAM_0:0:47630404 Discord username (user#1234): JoJ#0789 Age: 19 Which server do you play the most: the Day-Z server How long have you been playing on our server(s): it has been a while, i cant say exactly but it's been a couple of months. Have you ever been banned? If so, tell us why: no 😄 What are you able to bring to the CSi community: Another friendly face and represent sportsmanship, i never really rage or get pissed off at people, i feel like i capable of representin
  12. HUGE LIST OF SUGGESTIONS (not complete) that can be good additions to the server! || by: 0101 (or JoJ on discord) notes from me: before i continue to write this list, i made this list originally for the dayz-wishlist section in the discord and was suggested to post it here so it doesn't get buried there, and some of these ideas were inspired from some suggestions in global chat in-game during a discussion yesterday. I can't recall who said what or came up with ideas but i think it will be good to have a big list of suggestions for the community to look at and discuss about! That be

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