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100k Giveaway (4 Winners 25k each)!!! (GModZ)

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In celebration of the CSi. CityRP coming out in the past week ive decided to host a giveaway of 100k total to 4 winners which will be split into 25k each 

If enough people enter this random drawing ill probably buff it up to 6 winners for 25k each or 8 winners 25k each 

To enter the giveaway you must fill these requirements- 

- Join the discord so i can contact you https://csiservers.com/discord

- Comment your in game name and a cool fact about yourself :^)

and bam just like that you're in 

This giveaway will end next Sunday 10:00 PM Central 10/18/20 




List:   (Will edit)

1. Eris

2. El Funador

3. DanFMN

4. Zerg

5. Lynchy

6. Knightly

7. Vebnei

8. Jordan

9. SpaghettiFTW

10. Kheyre

11. Northgate

12. Whacks2

13. Uwuu

14. man man

15. phoon

16. Noire

17. Kyle

18. HollyOily

19.  whacks2


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On 10/13/2020 at 4:26 AM, Zerg 萧条 said:


I make clothing, I'm learning to play the guitar and I'm trying to buy a 350z for as a project car right now.

Aye, 350z is pretty noice. I just bought a G37 S

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