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  1. Northgate Tatütata. Fire Recruit, like playing Gmod sometimes. Lack a lot of brain cells.
  2. Yeah, that's absolutely fair. It's usually just having to tell one friend he can't join the team which kind of sucks, but it's alright. Still would like to see something regarding this at some point, which would be awesome.
  3. Current party size (4) is a tad bit small. When you get some cool people who aren't in your party, but you still team up with them things can get confusing. Since there are no rules against teaming, I don't think there should be a cap to the total party size at all. While obviously, forming a party makes things a lot easier (like identifying friend from foe + group chat), having it capped will and has already lead to some players just being excluded from the fun, especially if they die. There's two ways to handle this: Either increase cap to a much higher amount (5-9) o
  4. Title says it all. I think I played here some time ago, maybe around the Chernobyl era. I haven't been playing Gmod in a long time now, but CSI got me hooked for the time being. I play a good amount of Arma 3 and got my community there. Other than Arma, I'm excited for Cyberpunk 2077 and the AOE3 remaster. I also am a huge fan of the MOTHER / Earthbound series. Overall, I'm happy to be around here friends. Hope to have some cool moments with all of you!

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