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  1. This issue has been fixed. Closing thread.
  2. Thank you for reporting this. I will try and have this fixed today.
  3. 8/19/2019 Added ambulance to medic job. Fixed vehicle upgrades not equipping after purchase. Increased the fence 2 crafting requirements by 1 wood. Fixed scoreboard tags for administrators. Disallowed selling if the player can't accept money into inventory. Disallowed mining if the player can't accept the ore into inventory. Disallowed woodcutting if the player can't accept the wood into inventory. Wood cutting trees now display the wood type on the HUD. Disabled pick pocketing for developer accounts. ( sorry sometimes we test things live that require in-game $ ) Fixed an error related to the DXans container. Fixed some misc errors related to timers with the weed tent and weed rack. Updated the descriptions for weed items so they're more user friendly. Fixed door groups for police. Tazer rounds can now be refilled in the PD. Players receive 75% of their realestate purchase back on disconnection. Bump total ores on map from 75 to 90.
  4. Next time, hopefully there isn't a next time, use the ban appeal template. For now you will have to wait out the two hour ban. Denied.
  5. 8/18/2019 Potentially fixed an error where tent would be nil for weed pot Added a Police Vehicle Repair NPC inside the PD Garage Potentially fixed error related to weapon skins. Adjusted some of the crafting requirements for ammo. Changed sort order so seeds are displayed first in market. Added a medkit and bandages to paramedic job. Removed police vehicle from Cadet. RPName is now showed by default on scoreboard. Hover to reveal steam name. Reduced cuff time to .5 seconds. Arrest reward has been knocked down to $20. Potentially fixed exploit to quick enter cars. Bail has been reduced to 300 per year. Pickpocketing has been fixed and takes 12 seconds to successfully pickpocket. HUD will now show jail time remaining. Players will now automatically be put into a cell upon jailing. Fishing prices have been adjusted. Water loss for weed plants reduce 40% slower. Job salaries have been adjusted and should now work.
  6. 8/17/2019 Fixed a potential error with the fishingrod when missing content Disabled vehicle damage Fixed max allowed not tracking correctly for farming plot Fixed players being able to add stone and coal to furnaces Fixed potential duplication glitch with furnaces Increased baterringram level to 46 Force exit vehicle seats when vehicle is picked up with LALT + E Add vehicle recovery system. ( Vehicles can be respawned if there's no players in it ) Increased 35 River RD price to 10k Fixed some errors related to the door display Bumped the starter cash to $1,750 Increased some mining levels for some ores Add crafting support for LED light Reduced XP Boost time to 30 mins ( Sorry this is to help increase total play time) Changed market overhead to Purchase & Sell Items Added spike strip to police officer and sergeant Increased level requirement for officer and sergeant Added taser to police officer and sergeant Increase fishingrod crafting requirements ( 1 more iron bar ) Fixed bank exploits.
  7. The DarkRP Beta will be updated frequently. I'm going to use this forum post as housing for note worthy changes. You can click "Follow" in the top-right corner of this post to get notifications. Disallowed Police from using a furnace/woodcutting Removed pistol from Cadet Buffed Arrest Speed and dragging Speeds Added approximately 40 spawnpoints for mining near the river Fixed farming plot water overflowing during rain Reduced smelt time from 100s to 50s Police will receive XP every paycheck Increased Walk/Run Speed however reduced stamina xp reward by 20% Potentially fixed furnace errors
  8. *************************************************************************************************** General Keys to Know- -Q -Opens/closes the inventory -E -Pick items up/Open doors/Interact -ALT + E - Picks up vehicles/placeable entities -F -Turns on flashlight -(must have miner helmet equipped) -Tab -Shows the scoreboard *************************************************************************************************** Chat Keys and Shortcuts -Y -Opens proximity chat [email protected]<message> -Sends a message to all online administrators -/p <message> -Sends a message in proximity chat -// <message> -Sends an OOC ( Out of Character ) message in chat -!p <player name> <message> -Sends a private message to a specific player -/911 <message> -Sends a message to all police and paramedic players /r <message> -Sends a message to everyone on the same radio frequency -(must have radio turned on) *************************************************************************************************** Weapons -C -Opens/closes the weapon stats menu -R -Reloads/Pumps the weapon in hand -E+R -Changes firing mode of the weapon *************************************************************************************************** Until a fullscreen map with waypoints gets added, you can use this as a reference:
  9. Ladies and Gentlemen the time has come! Our DarkRP server will be releasing this Friday on August 16th. Here's a quick little montage of the server and some of it's features. We hope to see you there. Another official announcement will be made when the server is up.
  10. If I notice a change between now and the decision of this application I will surely +1. I understand you should be allowed to say whatever you want whenever you want, however when you wear the tag of Can't Stand Idiots and are representing the community, we can't have ties to such language. It's unacceptable.
  11. I'm currently neutral on your application. I don't really agree with some of the vocab I've noticed you and other members have been picking up as acceptable.
  12. I feel as if he should've been accepted already.
  13. Dan

    Dayz unban request

    Changing to neutral after viewing Xavier's response.
  14. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen. Development has been smooth and big features are being knocked out. We're getting closer to the refinement stage of the development process. The gamemode shall be out soon! I hope you guys are enjoying these Dev Blogs. I'm having a lot of fun making them. Covered in this Dev Blog: Marijuana Wood Cutting Farming Introduction Screen Skill Viewer Referral System Task System
  15. Hello everyone. We're getting very close to release! I can't stop thinking about how much fun it'll be to play this with all of you. Xavier and I have been pouring our souls into this gamemode, so do not expect anything less than success. We're getting closer to the end of phase 1 development, so expect more news soon! Covered in this Dev Blog: Inventory System Bank Heists XP Boosts Mining System

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