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  1. Dan

    My Unban request

    You immediately left after you friend was banned ( KyKNos, STEAM_0:1:71787806 ) However at the same time I was able to take a screenshot of your screen and this is what I saw. Two buddies using the same cheat. You tried to get on an alt account to avoid your ban and lied in this appeal. You will be banned permanently from all of our servers. https://steamcommunity.com/id/WhatBruhBruh/friends/
  2. +1 He's a nice guy. Haven't had any issues.
  3. I love Dried Sponge. He's a great guy. +1
  4. YT/DanFMN I've been playing guitar for 7 years.
  5. Dan

    Tru's Member App

    +1 Tru has been very helpful with finding bugs on CityRP. I haven't experienced any signs of negativity.
  6. +1 I've known Insekto for some time now and has been a pleasure to chat with. I'd like to see you as a member.
  7. It is in fact you who is shown in the screenshots. Lying in your appeal will keep you permanently banned with no chance to appeal in the future.
  8. Dan

    Unban Request

    Here's an additional screenshot of you admitting to cheating.
  9. Dan

    ESP ban appeal.

    Reopening your ban appeal. It is not denied or accepted.
  10. We currently don't have any set ban lengths for anything other than cheating. Most often ban lengths are decided by the admin that executes the ban. I personally believe the ban length should be extended, so I will be increasing it to a week. If the player completes their ban length and returns with the same toxic behavior, we can surely increase it to a permanent ban. Also thank you for submitting your original ban request.
  11. Dan

    Unban ItsProxy

    It's turned off by default. You'd have to manually bypass it to turn it on.
  12. Dan

    Unban ItsProxy

    I don't know what evidence phoon has in regards to your permanent ban, however you did have sv_allowcslua set to 1, which allows for clientside lua ( which often times is used for cheats ) to be ran.
  13. Thank you for applying for member. Congratulations, your application has been accepted! Please contact a Council member to get your member tag in discord.
  14. Thank you for applying for member. Congratulations, your application has been accepted! Please contact an Administrator to get your member tag in discord.
  15. Hello, Are you still interested in becoming a member?
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