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  1. There maybe some form of problem on our backend actually looking further into things. I can see your ban in our logs, but can't find it online. I'll let you know if I find out any more information in regards to your ban.
  2. https://bans.csiservers.com/index.php?p=banlist&searchText=STEAM_0%3A1%3A64401658&Submit=Search After searching under the Steam ID which was provided, there are no bans listed under that Steam ID. Kitty, can you please double check you're providing us info for the right account? Unless I'm doing something wrong, I don't believe we have any ban on record for that Steam ID.
  3. There's no bans under the steamid you provided. Can you please double check you've provided the correct steam id?
  4. Ban Appeal accepted. Welcome back.
  5. Unfortunately it appears you attempted to avoid your ban by using an alternative account through steam family sharing. Since you have done that, we will not be be able to revoke your ban, however there is still a chance the ban can be reduced if no evidence shows you were cheating.
  6. The ban has been in place for over a year, you've admitted to cheating and are now unbanned. Appeal Accepted.
  7. The last thing we want to do is ban an innocent player. After reviewing these clips it puts me under the assumption that you are in fact cheating. The first clip sells it for me. Your cross hair placement at around 16 seconds makes it seem as if you're tracking the player through the wall. A few seconds later you land shots and kill a player that is not visible due to the fog. Additionally it's also suspicious that you immediately stop shooting after the player dies. At that distance I don't believe there would be any visual indicator of the player dying, for the bag falling would not be visible. I'll leave this open for additional responses. I believe you're cheating, but you do deserve an opportunity to defend yourself.
  8. Since the last update DarkRP has experienced about 978 changes. As much as I'd love to write down everything we've done, it would be simply too much to read. Here are some highlight changes that I think are worth noting. Xavier's Changes: Added backbone support for multiple maps. Added hurt and death sounds. Fixed rare bug where players would go invisible due to alt tabbing. Added a new minimap that now supports waypoints and GPS path finding. Added icons for locations with significance on minimap. Added a Gang System. Dynamic Rank Structures can be created. 125 Gang Icons. Gang Chat. Added big map which can accessed by M. Optimized vehicle metadata saving. Added Markers for vehicle upgrade shop. Optimized and fixed inventory pop in issues. Rewrote and improved delayed item switching for clothes and weapons. Added a damage indicator. Automated me messages will now hide from the overhead chatbox. Optimized and improved item categories. Morale will now save across logins. Dan's Changes: Added a tutorial system. Disabled Police interaction with illegal items. Added an evidence locker which rewards xp and money when items are turned in. Evidence can be obtained by picking up illegal items such as weed tents as police. Added several theft protection upgrades to vehicles. Added a chopshop NPC which can take out vehicle engines in exchange for scrap metal. Added in luck that is based on morale which can increase rewards for certain actions such as wood cutting, mining and more. Weed soil may have to be replaced after weed harvest. Morale is now effected by the following: Xanax Weed Stealing Items Gambling Reviving Players Killing / Mugging Food Items Active Job Added a fresh and detailed skill progress viewer menu. Removed the previous weather system. Added a Camera Drone. Added weapon attachments that are randomly given on weapons crafted. Added an interaction menu that can now be accessed by holding E on certain entities. Props can now be repaired and health can be viewed from the interaction menu. Balanced several buy and sell prices for items. The locked status of a door can be viewed from the interaction menu. Rewards and unlocks will now popup when a skill is leveled up. Added more daily tasks. Items can now be put up for sale which can be purchased by any player for a price set by the owner. Added a metal detector business entity. Improved Job Recruitment UI Active weapon skins now save and will be reapplied after reconnection. Added a food and drink shop. Added 14 more shirts that will slowly become available. Skills can now reward one time rewards on level up. Added several weapon skins. Added a RPG. Added an Olympia. Added 2 new vehicles. Added a street racing system. Vehicles now consume fuel. Added Stat tracking for every weapon. Weed can now be smoked from a bong. Added a Charms System with 16 Charms. Added Taxi System. Added Casino System and Gambling Skill. Added Hunting System. Animals will now spawn randomly in certain parts of the map. Animals can be harvested with a cleaver for resources. Added Cooking System. Added low health screen effects. Added a wrench that can be used to repair vehicles without vehicle parts. Started work on a centralized automated online/offline marketplace
  9. Your application has been approved! Congratulations welcome to the CSi. crew!
  10. Dan

    DarkRP Map Change

    Decided to change the map to Florida V2
  11. Dan


    Insufficient evidence. Ban appeal accepted.
  12. Dan

    DarkRP Map Change

    I've posted a map I believe we may be switching to. I recommend downloading it and checking it out. Feedback would be appreciated!
  13. As many of you know our current map truenorth is very big compared to most maps. Unfortunately starting off with a small population of players, even when there’s 20 people on the server it can still feel empty. To compromise and work with what we have I believe it would be beneficial to have a map change. I will be searching for some good maps that I believe will be fun to play on. I would like suggestions on what map we should use, however there are some requirements that need to be met for the map change. What we are looking for: Areas within the map that support our skills system. Fishing, Woodcutting, Mining etc. Has an area that could be easily used for our bank robbery system. Has property variation. Houses, Apartments, etc. Has a Police Department with jail cells. Big enough that cars have a purpose. Some things that would be nice to have, but are not mandatory: Dedicated Casino area. Gun Range. Source for map is publicly available. Here is a map I found that is somewhat large, however isn't split into two parts and transitions smoothly across each area. Florida V2
  14. Dan

    Money Printers

    To be clear the money printers are a side job that I was doing live on stream. The printers are NOT going to be on the server.
  15. +1 has shown dedication to the community since day 1. He has helped a lot in bringing players into our community as well. I think he would make a great addition.

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