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  1. Your application has been approved! Congratulations welcome to the CSi. crew!
  2. Dan

    DarkRP Map Change

    Decided to change the map to Florida V2
  3. Dan


    Insufficient evidence. Ban appeal accepted.
  4. Dan

    DarkRP Map Change

    I've posted a map I believe we may be switching to. I recommend downloading it and checking it out. Feedback would be appreciated!
  5. As many of you know our current map truenorth is very big compared to most maps. Unfortunately starting off with a small population of players, even when there’s 20 people on the server it can still feel empty. To compromise and work with what we have I believe it would be beneficial to have a map change. I will be searching for some good maps that I believe will be fun to play on. I would like suggestions on what map we should use, however there are some requirements that need to be met for the map change. What we are looking for: Areas within the map that support our skills system. Fishing, Woodcutting, Mining etc. Has an area that could be easily used for our bank robbery system. Has property variation. Houses, Apartments, etc. Has a Police Department with jail cells. Big enough that cars have a purpose. Some things that would be nice to have, but are not mandatory: Dedicated Casino area. Gun Range. Source for map is publicly available. Here is a map I found that is somewhat large, however isn't split into two parts and transitions smoothly across each area. Florida V2
  6. Dan

    Money Printers

    To be clear the money printers are a side job that I was doing live on stream. The printers are NOT going to be on the server.
  7. +1 has shown dedication to the community since day 1. He has helped a lot in bringing players into our community as well. I think he would make a great addition.
  8. Dan

    Jeffy App

    Gonna go ahead and deny this application. Not what we’re looking for in a member.
  9. Dan

    Dan's Introduction

    That's awesome. Thank you for your service man. Army was my second choice.
  10. Dan

    Dan's Introduction

    6’2” as of recent 😉
  11. Dan

    Dan's Introduction

    I needed help and I just started asking him questions. He kept giving me direction and guidance so I kept asking. We developed a great friendship throughout it all and I haven’t stopped coding since.
  12. There's a lot of new faces here and the new forum unfortunately doesn't have my old introduction so I've decided to make a new one. For starters my name is Daniel. I prefer to go by Dan as of recent. I'm 19 years old and live in the United States. I've been coding for about 3 years now and have started and stayed within garry's mod. I have big dreams. I want to one day start my own successful app development company and own a few castles. I've graduated high school and am unsure of whether or not I want to go to college. I previously enlisted in the Air Force and unfortunately got medically discharged, however I believe it was a very key part of my life, for it made me realize everything that was important to me. Ever since I've gotten back I've been on the grind trying to make my dreams come true. Starting the DarkRP was one of the first steps for my mission. I have so many exciting ideas for CSI and can't wait to implement them. For those of you who might not know I started playing on CSI's DayZ back in 2013 as a random player. Since then I've grown so much and I don't believe anything is going to stop my momentum. I hope to bring great things for the community and make you boys proud. If you have any questions feel free to ask!
  13. Dan


    Your previous ban is here. Are you stating that you weren't cheating and the ban was not correct? Why do you believe we should lift your ban?
  14. Dan

    Unban Request

    Ban Expired.
  15. Appeal denied, however ban length was reduced.

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