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  1. Where’s the ointment
  2. Yes, when we had our conversation, the ban was fresh and I was in my emotions. Yes ,I lied to you and for that I apologize. After calming down I decided to come clean. Your right, I have been playing since 2017, long enough to know better. My friend had shared his esp settings with me so I copied them, which it is why it is configured. Like I mentioned, 90% of my gameplay is recorded, so times where I’ve earned bounties, for example I got 38 kills the other day etc, it’s all there recorded for you to see. Id ask if you have any further evidence of me hacking any other time besides a screenshot, but I know for a fact you don’t have it. I’ve never hacked at any other time. I know how it looks, “I’ve hacked for a day” sounds like bullshit, but it’s the truth.
  3. Yes that is correct, I didn’t figure out how to “toggle” it besides restarting gmod 🥴. Phoon has a screenshot of me afk in spawn with which I can put here
  4. Steam Username: RennieS Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:23097789 Link to ban request (if there is one): N/A Which server are you banned from?: CSI DayZ How long have you been playing on our server(s): 2-3 years give or take Have you ever been banned before (this includes other servers)? If so, tell us why: Before this, never. If you have been banned, how many times?: Once Why do you think you were banned?: For ESP Why should we lift your ban?: I'm going to be honest from the get go, at the time of the ban I had citizen hack. My mate had sent me a link to Citizenhack, being bored in quarantine i thought I would give it a go for the shits and gigs. Today at about 12:00 roughly, I left and rejoined to toggle the hacks. Once I had rejoined, I got a few kills with it (3-6 roughly), but something had came up so I had to go afk for quite some time. I thought i'd stay on the server when afk to help with server numbers, as it was fairly dead at the time. When i returned I was met with a ban, rightly. I have been a player for 2-3 years of CSI and have thoroughly enjoyed the server, both for the game play and the community. There is something so empowering and addicting about stabbing people with a machete, and hearing them plead for their lives. I was HOOKED. I still am. I have made a lot of new friends from the server since rejoining and it really shows what a great community you have here. In all seriousness, It was a silly decision and I regret trying to hack on the server and I would love to be able to come back. I have uninstalled the hacks and will not be touching them again. I realise the severity of my actions I am ashamed and embarrassed. My name is now stained and that can never be undone. As a caught hacker, even if it was just for a few hours I realise I have no right to being unbanned and I don't expect your forgiveness. Since I started playing again from the 29th of April, I have recorded 90% of my game play which I am happy to share if it will help my case. I realise nobody wants to sit through hours of my gameplay, but the option is there. I want to give a big shout out to Phoon, within a FEW HOURS he had already got evidence and banned me accordingly. I had a handful of kills with it on, maybe 3-5. For that I applaud you for keeping the community clean. Server needs more admins like you.
  5. RennieS


    +1 Great guy, always fun to chill with and is very active
  6. As the title says, i think if you put the bullets in to blowing up a vehicle to kill someone the kill should be yours. Not sure if this done intentionally or not but i think we should have them. Let me know what you think ~RennieS
  7. STEAM_0:1:23097789 Fun fact, i can make an obnoxiously loud clicking noise with my tongue. gl to everyone



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