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  1. 2019-03-30 16:16:15 JakeTheSolidSnake teddy Permanent
  2. I got banned a LONG time ago you'd be surprised. I think it was a different map too. Thanks for the input though!
  3. Thanks for the speedy reply. Is there any way for me to know how long till I could play again?
  4. When appealing your ban, please use the following template and fill out the fields in a way that will give us the most information to discuss your appeal. Steam Username: JakeTheSolidSnake Steam ID: JakeMayPossiblyBeASnake Link to ban request (if there is one): Which server are you banned from?: Gmod DayZ How long have you been playing on our server(s): Two Days or so Have you ever been banned before (this includes other servers)? If so, tell us why: No. If you have been banned, how many times?: 0 Why do you think you were banned?: I was suspected for aim assist because I was using third person mode, before it was removed. Why should we lift your ban?: I would like to play with my friends now, and the ban happened a long time ago, if you were to unban me you would notice no issue with aim assist suspicion in the future.



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