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  1. Was that you with that raccoon? JK But for real, this is a serious issue with a lot of darkrp servers. There used to be a lot more when I started playing 3 years ago. They follow the same formula and fail.
  2. I feel happy for bringing this server to the attention of a lot of people from servers like Monolith and Superior Servers. They felt disenfranchised due to the rude treatment of their staff and developers from both communities. It is imperative to understand the playerbase and improve upon the server to satisfy the community. Communities like Superior Servers take advantage of their playerbase as piggybanks and make minuscule efforts to satisfy their community. After realizing the meta that I have been blind to for 3 years, I left and tried to bring some friends with me to this server, but most of my efforts were futile. I see this server as a means of improving upon darkrp, and I would be glad to contribute ideas that enhance the players' experience. Coding wise now, I am limited.
  3. Arghmenuts

    Name change

    I don't know where to put this, but I want to change my name to Harry on the forums.
  4. Hey guys. I appreciate the support. You helped me a long ways in terms of coding. I used to be timid, still to an extent, but I made my first hud, and there is a lot of progress to be made so thank you.
  5. I am going to remain neutral for reasons that cannot be told here.
  6. Consider this. Instead of it printing actual money, it prints counterfeit that you have to sell to an NPC. The only way you can make money off a printer.
  7. With good models and coding, that would be different.
  8. So I made a post on the DarkRP subreddit on how to improve printers in DarkRP. What I think I suggested would change the overdone meta of money printers. Could I have some feedback on this?
  9. Height or penis size?
  10. +Support I've been around you for a while. Don't come off as a neckbeard. Chill guy.
  11. How did Xavier pick you to help code for him? @DanDid you approach him and ask?
  12. Arghmenuts


    Ok so let me get this straight after reading through all of this. So...someone is impersonating Dan you say, breaking the rules, and you also had to go and break the rules yourself? That's just... insanely bad judgement. -1
  13. Seems knowledgeable about the rules and doesn't do anything stupid. Always nice to talk to. Yeah, I'll give you my support.

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