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  1. yea my gmod is basically broke rn, it just opens into the logo screen then my pc turns off, and I think that was a meme lol
  2. I've already topped your new one with what I've created 🙂
  3. O I can top that definitely B)
  4. idk if you fall under that yet, but just a heads up.
  5. There's a HK UMP that's FAS, I linked it in the weapons section. It pretty good. They're a bunch of other SMG's: Stern, UMP, etc etc. But a buff would be great if new ones dont get added.
  6. World of Warcraft by a long shot, In total I have hours 15725 across all my characters (Probably rage quitting 25% of that time). I've played this game for more than 10 years, and at the start I had no idea what I was doing (mostly cuz I was like 6 when I started playing the game). Now I'm a top ranked Monk healer, and in a heroic only guild that I've been in for 2 years. I use to do PVP all that time, but since stopped for cuz it got boring without pvp gear and such, and because I've already gotten the highest kill count achievement in the game . As of now my favorite WoW expansions (including classic because I've played private servers for that) Has been WotLK, Legion, and MoP (yes the panda expac). Character I played until MoP: Character I've played since MoP: (Incoming "tf are those names" comments) Now im waiting on WoW classic to release 🙂
  7. True, but I still would like to see atleast a new SMG or buff the old ones cuz they're useless :\/ And the other ideas I told could be possibly added?
  8. No pointshop? 😧 That's like my favorite part of TTT
  9. yea the CW are iffy, but the other 3 links are FAS weaponry that still could be used to expand the server arsenal 🙂
  10. As the Title suggests this is my giant suggestion list, some of this is just what I'd personally like to see and others are things I've seen players suggested. I know the game is all about the PVP experience, but that gets old really quickly and new players aren't gonna see a big end goal with just the PVP, and old players might get tired of just the PVP too. I've also been playing a lot of Hunt: Showdown so that also might change the way I view the game. Nevertheless any feedback is appreciated. There are 5 sections currently and more being added. Each one shows a different section of the game I think could be improved. Section: 1-------------------------------------- Zombie Types: Prowlers: In the past there were those really big zombies that stood in the streets. They were a cool zombie type and should be re-added Spitting/Ranged Zombies: The Melee aspect of the zombies is pretty outdated since everyone has a gun, but a rare ranged zombie would be a cool addon which would allow the PVPVE element set in rather than just a PVP (with some environment) Tank Zombie: (No not the l4d zombie) A Zombie that has a big health pool and hits really hard, very rare spawn rate, basically a boss enemy that spawns around the map, could even have a ping or something to tell everyone it spawns. When you kill it, it drops a rare item or two. Running Zombies: Zombies is be able to sprint at you but only deal mediocre damage, maybe add some HP to it's health pool so it's actually threat. Suicide Zombies: Zombies that explode upon death causing a AoE damage. Radiation Zombies: While alive the zombie causes a slow damage over time that doesnt go away until killed. Burning Zombies: If this zombie hits you it will cause you to catch on fire dealing damage over time. Section 2:-------------------------------------- Armor/Gear Types: I know armor is kinda a iffy when people talk about it, but I think if there balanced just right it could work. Unlike Ghillie suits you cannot bank any armor, but you can pick it up off of dead bodies, but it will have a durability before it breaks. "Ice Pick" Vests: Reduce machete/DV2 stab damage by % SAPI Vests: Reduces SMG/Pistol Damage by % Interceptor Body Armor: Reduces SMG/Pistol/Rifle Damage by % Improved Outer Tactical Vests: Reduces SMG/Pistol/Rifle/Shotgun/knife Damage by % I feel like any extra versions of this would make it too OP and to stocked up. Gas Mask (Basically a radiation suit): This can be used for the radiated zones (look in World Events section) to allow you to walk through without taking damage. Does not give any armor. (Lasts 15 minutes in radiation before wearing out) Section 3:-------------------------------------- New Common Guns: All the new weapons added are rarely ever seen because they're all rare EX: ToZ, Hand Grenade, Barret, M21, M14, SR-25, ect. All of the new common weapons, MAC-11, UZI, Silenced MP5, even older guns like the Bison and the regular MP5), are pretty much pointless if you get a AK, but guns should be used differently for different play styles rather than, ak and RB for long range. Some of these weapons in the extended packs could help differentiate the gun playstyle. EX: Sterling can be used as a quick way to breach a area because of it's rapid rate of fire, or the 50 round LMG can be used to hold down a corridor, and It only has 50 round which is 4 more than the RPK so it's not like a OP 300 mag LMG. Examples: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=331962825 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=648096785 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=462119296 Section: 4-------------------------------------- World Events: Saw this on other servers, we already have a slight version of this with the airdrops, but more things would be cool to add as a RNG event system. Examples I've created: Armory Access in old SZ: The room in old SZ that only has 2 beds could be locked until the event takes place, once it does the door unlocks and inside is a bunch of ammo, and a few guns. You can get any ammo that exists in the game, but you need to be quick before someone else shows up. Supply Caravan at Military Base: (I know the only NPC enemies are zombies but just hear me out) When this starts, the military base becomes controlled by NPC people that have guns, they don't respawn and there's a certain amount that spawn. Once you take them out you can loot their caravan of supply. If you wait to long they leave with their supply. Elite Zombie: Somewhere on the map a special zombie spawns. This zombie can have special abilities like throwing a AoE poison that linger where it lands, or it spawns zombies to help them. What ever ability, when you kill it you get money and credits like it was a bounty. Radiation Zones: This doesn't have to be a timed event, but places like Sewer have radiation breaches all over the floor, this could allow some places have better loot, but you'll take damage being there. This is a concept from Metro & Division, when you go into the radiation zones you dont immediately die, but you take damage over time. If you have enough medical supplies you can travel through these zones without a gas mask, but a gas mask would allow you to travel through for a set amount of time without taking damage. Note: there shouldn't be many of these places and the loot there should have a longer respawn rate to prevent camping. Reactor Overload: The generator in Bunker has overloaded, while in there you will take radiation damage. Higher quality gear will spawn there, but so will more dangerous enemies. Gauntlet Running: Periodically throughout the day a bounty (Not a kill streak bounty) spawns. It shows on the map where it spawned. Once someone picks it up, there's a constant dot where they are, no fade away like the kill streak bounty. While you have this bounty you have a timer that tells you how long you need to last with the bounty, if you live all the way through you get a certain amount of credits awarded. On the other hand you also take 15% more damage from all sources, but have a 5 hp regen per second to counteract it. If you die and someone else picks it up the timer resets, thus preventing someone waiting for the last second to steal it. Only the person with the bounty can see the countdown. If possible, have the event where everyone outside of a building is hurt overtime, turn on randomly possibly every 2 hours just to make things interesting. Section: 5-------------------------------------- Some stuff that could use a buff: Helicopter: The helicopter dies in one and a half mags, this is too little for this game mode, Giving it maybe 35-40% extra of it's current health pool might help it, but wrenches also need to be buffed/not break in one hit. I know it's suppose to be balanced so you can't camp, but not even being able to go across a street without dying is ridiculous. Dv2: Something about the hit reg just needs to be fixed, it's horrible. Might as well just give people a bat instead to spawn with. DLM Perk: Buff the % of chance you can DLM a weapon, remove food/machete/dv2 from being able to DLM. --------------------------------------------------------- 🙂
  11. Adding these 2 together make the most sense to me, if you're killing freshies you should get 0 reward for doing it, and should mostly be penalized for doing it. This one could also work just for seeing people in the distance. I feel like this one just wouldn't work, If you can clearly see the enemy has a gun and you go to shoot him and end up dealing damage to yourself to they might be able to kill you just by luck (and the hit reg being doo doo sometimes 😉 ). Maybe if they have a gun with ammo instead of "Unless they shoot first" would be a better way of keeping it balanced? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also if there's a way of fixing the retarded Dv2's hit registry I think that would also help new players, Example: I went to back stab someone standing still, and it didnt even register I hit so I ended up dying.
  12. Just wait until teddy throws a entire Supply drop at you, then you've got something to complain about.
  13. I think some type of combination of these 2 ideas would be a cool idea for bounty system rework.
  14. Lich King


    So you learned how to make your cheats less visible? lul -1
  15. STEAM_0:1:81303519 Fact: Jack Black is the greatest singer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3b1acvZRvV4