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Player Name : XannyDanny

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:66628964

Age: 17

Which Server Do You Play The Most: CSI DAYZ

I Have Been Playing For About 2 Weeks But I Play Everyday For Hours on Hours 

I Have Never Been Banned :D But im good at pointing at cheaters (seriously)

I want to be able to help or solve problems that any players may have and represent CSI while doing it. 

Extra Info:
My name is Daniel, people call me XannyDanny and i am from New York. I really do love this server and play it for hours and hours everyday and i would love to be even the smallest part of staff, seeing how kind the staff is and how much they love playing on this server. That is the kind of motivation i have for this server. Even though i am not a member right now, whenever someone needs help or has a problem i try to help them and give them as much information they need about this server so they can continue on and enjoy, especially new people. I really know you wouldnt be making a mistake by making me a member, so please take it into consideration. Thank you.


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