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  1. Chingu


    - 1 : For the obvious reasons.
  2. + 1 : Had some fun times breeding animals and giving them names!
  3. Oh, there’s the titties.

  4. Chingu

    Unban Appeal

    + | - : You aren’t being honest, it would’ve given you the better hand. However, it does look like you do enjoy the server as Phoon says. If you are unbanned, there will be close eyes kept on you.
  5. Chingu


    - 1 : In the Stalker Mili video, I’ve noticed in the beginning that his crosshair is constantly towards the ground. When standing near the main stairs, his crosshair remains near the enemy’s entity and pointed at the ground. As for the enemy, he went to stand near a bag to loot, I couldn’t hear any looting from the distance he’s in, yet just so happens that he (suspect) rushed when he (possibly) noticed the enemy looting the bag? (Also, notice when the enemy does go loot the bag, his crosshair flicks to the enemy’s entity and rushes.) As for the video of outside of Stalker Mili, it is odd from the way you’re “blindly” shooting towards the enemy, even behind solid concrete, yet still follow his entity. Could this be ESP? You could call me stupid, retarded, etc. but I’m just basing things from the way I see the evidence.
  6. Put this sucker in the dark rooms of school.
  7. Chingu


    I’ll be waiting for the administrators to pull up their video/photo evidence. Their reasons are usually never wrong, better hope it was a mistake, because if you’re lying upon your appeal, it’ll be quickly denied.
  8. What exactly is graceful?
  9. Oof, I do not remember what agility consisted of. Just remember an obstacle course. Lol. I heard Slayer was also a good money making skill?
  10. Where are the titties?

  11. Hello, you only needed to edit your previous application, but thank you for following the template! Good luck on your application!
  12. There’s a specific guide order? Does any of the quest require super high skill levels? But I’ll look into that! I’ll wait until I’m on pc, been on mobile.
  13. I’m about to start my membership trial, because why not? What should be the first thing I do? [-afteridothewaterfallquest?-]
  14. Hasn’t logged in since the 19th. Curious, too! HMM.
  15. • Zelda Ocarina of Time (Actually terrifies me, but loved it.) • 007 Golden Gun • Perfect Dark • Zelda A Link to the Past • Pokémon Stadium • Pokémon Ruby / Sapphire • Pokémon Yellow • Smash Bros • Oblivion • Skyrim • Fallout 3 / 4 • CSI GmodZ 😉 • All Mario games

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